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Ford’s 10 trends expected to influence consumers and brands in the coming year include: 1. Innovation’s Quiet Riot: Fast-paced and disruptive innovation is becoming increasingly institutionalized and ubiquitous – fundamentally changing the way consumers work, play and communicate The Hidden Persuader The Hidden Persuader
A Source Of Inspiration A Source Of Inspiration The author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged has a new life on the web. AynRand.org has now evolved to a more complete experience, with personalized content and even online classes available. Created by Blitz Agency, with a mobile-first strategy, the new digital presence also renewed the social destination on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to provide […] Andy Whitlock, Katy Theakston and Ben Tomlinson of Poke London, created one of the most fun ways to do fundraising: Guilty Pledgers, a Spotify app where you create or join a party, crowdsourcing the playlist by pledging your musical guilty pleasure. Also posted at Osocio.

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Blogging is not only amazing, it is creative also. It is an excellent way to help companies exhibit their personalities. It’s also pretty wonderful for individuals who want to start individual and personal blogs. Nevertheless, there is more to a blog than simply having the blog. You also need readers. ADivertido / Interactive Ideas /