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Home Sheep Home. Love. Online Games. Boxhead: More Rooms « Gambrinous Games. Our Review Boxhead: More Rooms is a fantastic action shooter with a very simple premise- you are Jon Bambo (a strangely boxy character) and you must shoot boxy zombies to survive as long as you can.

Boxhead: More Rooms « Gambrinous Games

Pick one of the 'rooms' to play in, and start blasting those zombies (zomboxies?). As you rack up a higher multiplier by killing zombies in quick succession you are awarded new weapons and powerups (hit P to see the full list), but the zombie hordes get more and more numerous.. and watch out for those boxy devils! Our Rating: 3.5 / 5 Description. 521 of the best flash games. Big List! Fetchfidos Free Online Games - Eskiv. Useboxmen.html from Multitask. Obsolete Gamer.