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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Specifications, Features, Price in Nepal. General Design Display Hardware About.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Specifications, Features, Price in Nepal

Huawei Watch GT 2 Overview, Features, Specs, Price in Nepal. About The new Huawei Watch GT 2 can be considered a huge step forward compared to its predecessor.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Overview, Features, Specs, Price in Nepal

The main improvements with the Watch GT 2 is the performance, stability, health tracking, and battery life. The GT 2 isn’t a massive upgrade from the GT but the improvements that have been made are enough to be recommended. Design. DJI Osmo Action with Dual Screen - Overview, Features, Price in Nepal. About The DJI Osmo Action is one of the fantastic little gadgets that runs circles around other GoPro copycats.

DJI Osmo Action with Dual Screen - Overview, Features, Price in Nepal

It also gives the Hero7 Black a serious run for its money and also manages to hold its own ground even against the Hero8 series. It has great image quality, plenty of shooting modes and that selfie screen. If your vlog needs a lot of movement, needs steady video and don’t want to pay GoPro prices, the DJI Osmo Action is the best alternative. MI True Wireless Earphones Specifications, Features and Price in Nepal.

About The new MI True Wireless Earphones is Xiaomi’s best headphones yet.

MI True Wireless Earphones Specifications, Features and Price in Nepal

The earphones are liked by many due to its simplistic and minimalist nature. This is the Xiaomi’s attempt to make a truly wireless earphones at a much cheaper price point so anyone can afford it. This new model is truly wireless with addition of the active noise-cancelling and has all the high-end earphone features like the touch gestures, splash and sweat resistance at only €80. Design The MI True Earphones come in a small case which is very light and compact. On the front of the case you will find a small white LED which blinks in various patterns to denote things such as pairing and battery status. The pair of earphones have the earbuds at the tip to stay in ear without falling even on intense movements and also to aid the noise-cancelling mechanism. GoPro Hero 8 Specification, Features and Price in Nepal.

About The GoPro Hero 8 is the best GoPro till today but it is only a minor update on its predecessor.

GoPro Hero 8 Specification, Features and Price in Nepal

The Hero 8 offers a more streamlined design, new microphone and improved app. It also provides a higher bit rate and a 1080 p live streaming. It is heavy duty and waterproof. The GoPro Hero 7 Black was a major return to make the best action cam king. Build Quality The build itself feels very rugged and sturdy for travel purposes and it feels ready for any environment. JBL Flip 5 Features, Specificaions and Price in Nepal. Specifications for JBL Flip 5 About.

JBL Flip 5 Features, Specificaions and Price in Nepal

Powerbeats Pro Features, Specifications and Price in Nepal. About Powerbeats Pro is a high-performance workout earphone that claims to revolutionize a person’s workout.

Powerbeats Pro Features, Specifications and Price in Nepal

Previously owned by famous rapper Dr. Dre, the Beats headphone company is now under Apple. All the beats earphones now are very compatible with all the Apple products. MSI GL63 9RDS Overview, Specifications and Price in Nepal. When we think of MSI, we mostly imagine it has high-end specifications and most powerful gaming laptops but MSI also manufactures gaming laptops with limited specifications according to the budgets of the buyers.

MSI GL63 9RDS Overview, Specifications and Price in Nepal

The latest addition of GL- series is MSI GL63 9RDS. It is limited to some regions and not widely available. MSI GL63 9RDS Specifications MSI GL63 9RDS Performance We can’t exactly call it a strictly budget gaming laptop, but we can’t get a lot of budget gaming laptops in this price. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Specifications, Features and Price in Nepal.

The major upgrade Xiaomi MI band 4 is color AMOLED display.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Specifications, Features and Price in Nepal

The Xiaomi MI Band 3 was a huge hit who kept a good record in global sales. The company managed to sell over 1 million units in India alone. A recent report from IDC Worldwide Quarterly Wearable tracker revealed that Xiaomi has the second biggest market share when it comes to wearable and smartwatches and managed 6.6 million units of sales in Q1 2019. The reason why the company decided to bring the successor MI Band 4 was MI band 3 became quite old and it was losing its charm in terms of sales. But what has not changed over the years is its affordable price tag. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Specifications Description The MI Band 3 display was monochrome by nature which was 0.78 inch. So in addition to deep black contents, We can also look some colorful watch faces. Amazon Echo 3rd Gen Overview, Specifications and Price in Nepal. Overview Dimensions About Amazon just came up with the new Amazon Echo 3rd Gen which introduces hands-free Alexa voice control.

Amazon Echo 3rd Gen Overview, Specifications and Price in Nepal

In this 3rd Generation model. The Alexa voice assistant is better that ever and latest which uses the same acoustic design as the Echo Plus with all the drivers. Design. Apple HomePod: Features, Price in Nepal. The HomePod is Apple’s smart speaker that is controlled using Siri and is designed primarily for high-quality music playback.

Though, it is not merely an AirPlay speaker. It has a Siri build in, which you can use it for many tasks – just as you can with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Apple Watch Series 4 - Full phone specifications. Like a baby learning how to walk and talk, the Apple Watch can finally stand on its own two feet and proudly say “Look world, I’ve arrived!” In hindsight, it’s clear Apple at first didn’t know what it wanted the Apple Watch to be. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the smartwatch as “the next chapter in Apple’s story” at the tail end of its iPhone 6 event in 2014. With each new Apple Watch model, Apple started to key in on what differentiates the smartwatch from an iPhone.

Above all else Apple has emphasized fitness and wellness, and with the new Apple Watch Series 4, the company is going even further, positioning it, at least partially, as a medical device that watches your health so you can live a healthier (and hopefully happier) life. The Apple Watch Series 4 stays connected to the outside world via Wi-Fi or a wireless Bluetooth connection to your iPhone. Samsung Galaxy Earbuds Features, Specifications and Price in Nepal. Quick Overview on Samsung Galaxy Earbuds About the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds Samsung has released its new ear set, the Galaxy Earbuds, as a complement to its trio of Galaxy S10 devices that was launched at the Samsung’s February Unpacked event.

It was to be expected that Samsung had focused on features that Apple hasn’t even yet to brought to the Air Pods to stay ahead of the curve, some example is, by introducing wireless charging and integrated voice assistant support. Samsung Senior Marketing Executive Elina Vives said that “the Galaxy Buds are smarter, more efficient, and better sounding than ever,” during Unpacked event. Elina Vives also claimed that “they’re the first companion to your S10 whether you’re working or working out.” JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review, Price in Nepal. General Features Dimensions Battery Review JBL Clip 3 is the product of an American company as they are wireless mini speakers produced by JBL. JBL is possessed by Harman International Industries, a subsidiary of South Korean company Samsung Electronics.

Apple Watch Series 5 Features, Specifications and Price in Nepal. Body Display Platform. Insta360 One X Price in Nepal, Review, Key Specifications. Insta360 One X has been into the eyes everyone nowadays, as it provides very high quality 360 videos with smooth stabilization and this product has taken the market with a storm and is here to stay for a long run. When it comes to producing great video, we just need is capturing the action and slick editing; Insta360 would be the great choice. MI Soundbar Review, Specifications, Features, Price in Nepal. One of the biggest disadvantages of TVs going slimmer is that the quality of audio from them has deteriorated. Thankfully, this gave birth to a new category of products that worked as a plug and play accessory to the idiot box. These products, called soundbars have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Xiaomi has brought a soundbar for us i.e MI Soundbar.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglass specs, features, price in Nepal. US Audio Giant developed a pair of sunglasses called Bose Frames, which have a unique speaker tech in them so you can listen to your favorite tunes without having to bother with earphones. Let’s get into its details. Samsung Galaxy Watch:Specification,Review,Features. Fitbit Inspire HR - Review, Key Specifications. The Fitbit Inspire HR offers a decent set of fitness features at an affordable price – and its heart monitor takes things to the next level.

It logs your sleep, snags notifications from your phone and thanks to Connected GPS is the perfect partner for a couch-to-5K programmed. LG Watch W7 Hybrid Smartwatch Review, Specifications, Features. The LG Watch W7 Hybrid looks like a traditional watch at first glance with its stainless-steel case and its physical hands. Dell XPS 15 Review, Specifications. Dell’s XPS series are considered the gold standard when it comes to premium notebooks. Dell XPS 15 is one of the most powerful laptops available on the market. Dell’s XPS 13 laptops: Specification, Review. Dell’s XPS 13 laptops is one of the most well-known in the business.

Loaded up with Intel’s powerful 8th-Gen core processor, the XPS 13 is even faster and more powerful than ever. Plus, Dell finally got rid of the nosecam. However, the combination of a 4K display and a power-hungry CPU puts the battery life at just under 8 hours, which can be a detriment to mobile professionals. Sony A7 II: Specification, Review. 2013 was the year when Sony marked an important milestone in the history of photography, as they announced worls’s first full-frame mirror-less cameras, the Sony A7 and A7R. And then by now many models of that camera has been there in the market and one of them is Sony A7 II. The Sony Alpha 7 II is the follow-up to the Alpha 7 and adds 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization to its 24MP full frame CMOS sensor. HP Omen (15-inch) Gaming Laptop: Specs, Review. The HP Omen range of gaming laptops offers an unmistakable design style that leaps out at you. Dolby Dimension: Specification, Review.

Canon IVY Wireless Mini Photo Printer. GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Review, Specifications. Best SSD of 2019: Faster storage for your gaming. Oculus Go: Top Features, Review, Price in Nepal. Alienware m15 R2 Review, Key Specifications. Sony PlayStation Classic: Specification, Review. PlayStation 5 News, Rumors. JBL Flip 4 Price in Nepal, Review, Specifications. Echo Plus (2nd Gen): Specification, Review, Price in Nepal. DJI Osmo Pocket: Specificattion, Review, Price. DJI Mavic 2 Pro: Specification, Review, Price. DJI Phantom 4 Pro Review, Specifications, Price in Nepal. GoPro Fusion Price in Nepal, Specifications, Review.

GoPro Hero 7 Price in Nepal, Review, Specifications.