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Working with technology, the eternal quest for innovation, personal organisation methods and tracking security trends.


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Using OmniFocus. The following list of resources are various productivity articles and sites I’ve come across in the time since writing Creating Flow with OmniFocus.

Using OmniFocus

While it would be impossible for anyone to accommodate, let alone agree with, everything others have written, it is often very helpful to examine, consider, and weigh other opinions in the process of developing our own systems for work. I am certain to have missed several posts and writers in the community. Please do contact me if you know of a post or author or are one yourself and would like to be listed. Probably the best place to begin is not with a tool but with understanding a methodology of work. Lifehacking. Simple Life & Time Management. G.T.D - Next Action Analysis - Process... Lifehacks.

Visualisation Techniques

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