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Veganism & the Environment | Your Daily Vegan. There is a terrible secret that the industries who use animals don’t want you to know; they don’t care about the lives of the animals they use to fill their bank accounts. They use words like “happy” and “humane” to make you feel better about what goes on behind the industrial-sized barnyard doors. These are undercover investigations made at factory farms and slaughterhouses- they show the truth.

There’s no hiding behind a pretty green-washed version of how nicely the animals are treated in these videos, and it’ll change the way you view our commercial food system forever. These undercover videos are so powerful that the meat and dairy industry will do anything to keep you from seeing them. In 2011, several bills to prohibit undercover videos, photographs, and sound recordings were introduced in several state legislatures in an attempt to censor whistleblowers who expose animal welfare abuses on factory farms and slaughterhouses. Here are a few websites to find more information. In the courts: vegan rights in the UK - Lawyer 2B. In May this year an NHS Trust in London advertised a vacancy for an Occupational Therapist (OT) in eating disorders and made it clear that vegans should not apply.

The International Vegan Rights Alliance (IVRA) challenged the ad as unlawfully discriminating against vegans. The advert stated: “Unfortunately, OTs with vegan diets cannot be considered,” In the detailed job specification they elaborated: “NB Veganism or other highly restrictive eating practice cannot be accommodated.” In response to challenge the Trust quickly apologised and altered the ad to remove the restriction. It is important that vegans living in the UK are aware of their rights, in order that the can advocate clearly and confidently when their rights are not respected. Vegan rights: veganism as a protected belief or conviction Most people are unaware that vegans in the UK have the same legal rights as people who hold religious beliefs. Discrimination against vegans Claims by vegans Brexit and vegan rights.

International Vegan Rights Alliance.