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Welcome to the Jungle - Le guide de l'emploi. Mode(s) d'emploi, le monde du travail décrypté par RegionsJob. Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume. These days, the first set of eyes on your resume may not actually be eyes.

Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume

Especially at larger companies, recruiters and hiring managers often use applicant tracking systems to do a first pass at resumes, using keywords and algorithms to find applicants who seem to be a fit for the open position. We know, we know: You're so much more than those words on a page. But here's some good news: With a few tweaks to your resume, you can make sure the system sees you for the awesome candidate you are.

Check out this infographic to learn more. Infographic courtesy of HireRight. Can We Send You a Helpful Email? More articles like this one, job opportunities you'll actually like, and advice that doesn't sound like it was written in the '80s. Success! Check your inbox for your first installment of Muse goodness. Scott Dockweiler crafts witty headlines, writes fun articles, and generally lends a hand to the editorial team at The Daily Muse. More from this Author. Homepage. Creative CV Templates. Digikaa, créateur de rencontres entre Talents & Entreprises du digital. Boost Your Interview Chances.

Optimize your resume keywords and get past resume screeners.

Boost Your Interview Chances

Applying to a job online almost always means that resume screening software stands between you and a job interview. To land an interview, you need to know what the resume screener is looking for. Jobscan does. Our tool will analyze your resume and tell you whether it’s a good match for the job you want. Just paste in your resume and the job description and you’ll get instant feedback telling you what to prioritize, what you might be missing, and what changes you can make to get past the resume screeners.

Try it now I have gotten interviews for jobs that I applied for using Jobscan and have recommended the software to family and friends. " Startup Jobs in Sweden. Find a new job at a Stockholm startup – Join Startups. Search Jobs, Career Advice and Company Profiles at The Muse. Vancouver Startups List. 3 Free and Easy Tools to create standout CVs. When it comes to writing a CV, few people go at it with excitement and enthusiasm.

3 Free and Easy Tools to create standout CVs

Luckily, the internet is full of useful tools that can help you with putting together your CV! We found 3 great, free tools you can use to make sure your CV stands out from the crowd! 1. This tool (which is pronounced “I need a resume”) lets you create slick, great looking CVs in less than 10 minutes! Whether you need to start from scratch or want to upgrade your current CV to the next level, this neat little tool is an easy way to get a great looking CV. Check out the tool here: 2. This tool lets you put build not just a CV but gives you the ability to tell your entire story. Check out the tool here: 3. Ineedaresume. - Find Jobs build a better career. International, non-profit, ngo, government, and development jobs.

Internships and Graduate Jobs - Graduateland. Where Swedish startups connect. The Local - Sweden's News in English. English Jobs in Sweden. Job Source: The Local Source Link: Job Location: Lund, Sweden Job Deadline: 12th March, 2014 Job Description: Sony is a leading global innovator company with focus on audio, video, game, communications and information technology products for both the consumer and professional markets.

English Jobs in Sweden

Search Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing, Sony Mobile Communications The overall goal of team Digital Performance & UX, Digital Marketing, is to ‘design, display and maintain valuable consumer interaction on and across digital channels’. Responsibilities The Search Marketing Manager is responsible for search visibility of the brand, products and strategic digital communication. Some of the key responsibilities are - Search Marketing Strategy: Create, own, improve and execute the aligned Search Marketing Strategy for paid & organic search - Agency management: In close collaboration work with and manage the agencies for paid and organic search respectively. Qualifications Personal skills. Untitled. Marketing Jobs, Careers. StartUpers startup jobs. Marketing Jobs, Media Jobs, Design Jobs, Toronto, Vancouver, Canada. Job Board for Startup-Jobs.

H-1B Work Visa USA. - Explore Opportunities in Newfoundland and Labrador. Working in Canada - Home. Job Search Canada. Job Search Engine. Find Jobs: Search Job Listings, Find Job Openings. Search millions of jobs now. Search Jobs in Australia. Social Recruiting.

Lettre de motivation : modeles et technique. Ce n'est pas un résumé de votre CV, c'est un complément mettant en avant vos atouts spécifiques.

lettre de motivation : modeles et technique

Il est donc important dans sa lettre de motivation de soigner le vocabulaire. Dans tous les cas, le recruteur sera plus attiré par une lettre vivante et positive que par une simple demande de rendez-vous. La lettre doit donner envie au destinataire d'aller plus loin. D'abord, lire votre CV puis vous recevoir. C'est un outil par lequel vous allez vous vendre. Il est important de montrer que vous écrivez au recruteur en connaissance de cause et non par hasard, que le poste et l'entreprise vous intéressent et que vous êtes le bon candidat. Usez donc de clarté, soyez précis et surtout, parlez à votre interlocuteur en évitant les phrase toutes faites. Qu'est-ce qu'une bonne lettre de motivation ? - Mettez en avant vos points forts et votre motivation pour le poste et l'entreprise. . - Votre lettre de motivation doit refléter votre caractère et votre capacité à vous intégrer.

50 Ways To Use Twitter as a Job Search Tool. Everyday more people are using Twitter to find jobs. Not only are people on Twitter to look for jobs but employers are also looking for people to hire. Some are on Twitter specifically to recruit. Twitter can be a very lucrative way to search for a job, get involved with the community and help others out. SFBay Tech Recruiters - Workbridge Associates. Glassdoor - an inside look at jobs & companies. Créez gratuitement un CV design et efficace. Post Job to 40+ Job Boards with One Submission. eJobs Consult... Africa's No 1 Free Job search Portal.