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Remedio ecológico y casero para evitar los hongos en los semilleros y mejorar el enraizado. Muchas veces los semilleros o planteles no salen adelante porque los hongos paran su crecimiento y terminan matando a las plántulas.

Remedio ecológico y casero para evitar los hongos en los semilleros y mejorar el enraizado

Con este remedio ecológico, casero y muy sencillo no tendrás ese problema. Además, también ayuda al desarrollo de las plántulas, ya que, favorece el crecimiendo de las raíces. El moho blanco es una enfermedad causada por el hongo Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, el cual genera una capa sobre la tierra y aparece por exceso de humedad. How to Make Seed Bombs. Seed bombs are neat little packages of seeds, compost and clay.

How to Make Seed Bombs

They’re fab to make and even better to spread and watch grow. Cast them throughout your yard, garden, or neglected stretches of your neighborhood. Think of it as an opportunity to green things up, especially if you choose native seeds. Starting Seeds Indoors. Select your work area—a surface at a comfortable height and close to a water supply where you’ll have room to spread things out.

Starting Seeds Indoors

Assemble your equipment: seed-starting containers, starting medium or soil mix, watering can, labels, marking pen, and seed packets. Choosing Containers You can start seeds in almost any kind of container that will hold 1 to 2 inches of starting medium and won’t become easily waterlogged. Once seedlings form more roots and develop their true leaves, though, they grow best in containers that provide more space for root growth and have holes for drainage.

You can start seedlings in open flats, in individual sections of a market pack, or in pots. Square or rectangular containers make better use of space and provide more root area than round ones do. Excellent seed-starting systems are available from garden centers and mail-order suppliers. You can reuse your seedling containers for many years. Going Super Vertical: How to Build a Copper Pipe Trellis (Without Soldering) This year we’ve been going up…up…and UP.

Going Super Vertical: How to Build a Copper Pipe Trellis (Without Soldering)

For a few reasons: we’ve run out of horizontal space in our small 1,700-square-foot garden, and we needed a tall structure for one of our favorite young plants, Passiflora edulis, to climb and bask in the afternoon sun. The 13 Best Gardening Websites To Explode Your Growing Skills. Haz tu propio jardin vertical. Xeriscaping. A xeriscape (from the Greek xeros, meaning dry) is a water-saving garden designed for a dry region.


Xeriscaping is especially useful in the western half of North America, where little rain falls in summer and gardeners depend heavily on irrigation. Savvy gardeners have been incorporating some of these principles in their own gardens for years. The idea gained more widespread notice, and an official name, in 1981, when the Denver Water Department developed the concept and the policy of xeriscaping as a way to deal with the West’s chronic water shortages. Even Eastern gardeners in areas of relatively dependable rainfall can benefit through an offshoot called mesiscaping, or planning a garden that is only moderate in water use.

Water-Saving Principles Xeriscapes do not have to be desert gardens. 1. 2. Inspirados por origamis, designers criam vaso que cresce junto com a planta. Cultivar uma plantinha, seja dentro ou fora de casa, é uma delícia, mas nem sempre é uma tarefa fácil.

Inspirados por origamis, designers criam vaso que cresce junto com a planta

How to Grow Air Plants. Cómo conseguir que las plantas den más flores. Vertical Pallet Garden Plan - Gardening. Use these step-by-step instructions and build your own vertical pallet garden, perfect for growing your own food in small spaces.

Vertical Pallet Garden Plan - Gardening

Greenbomba, plantas aromáticas para tu cocina. Si eres un amante de las plantas o la jardinería, seguramente sabes qué son las plantas aromáticas.

Greenbomba, plantas aromáticas para tu cocina

Plantas de este estilo son muy recomendables para poner en el interior del hogar, ya que inundarán el ambiente donde están con su olor. La cocina es uno de los mejores lugares en donde colocar plantas, que le darán más vida. Kokedama: cómo hacer un jardín colgante paso a paso. 6 plantas curiosas para incluir en el jardín o tener en casa. El periodo de descanso de la semilla antes de la germinación y los tipos de siembra. La semilla es el embrión de la planta una vez ha alcanzado la madurez.

El periodo de descanso de la semilla antes de la germinación y los tipos de siembra

Cultiva suculentas o crasas como un jardinero profesional. Las suculentas o plantas crasas son un tipo de plantas con formas, portes, alturas y con flores muy vistosas de colores muy variados, de hecho, hay unas 60 familias diferentes de suculentas.

Cultiva suculentas o crasas como un jardinero profesional

Learn Succulent Garden Design in: Stunning Succulent Arrangements. Make stylish container compositions with gorgeous succulents! Create bouquets, terrariums, wreaths and more. Renowned succulent expert Debra Lee Baldwin shares the secrets to caring for these low-maintenance plants and explains why they lend themselves well to container arrangements. First, create a color wheel container composition and stress your plants to reveal beautiful hues. Then, make a gorgeous floral-style arrangement and add dimension and interest to your piece. Do you only have shade to give your succulents? Lesson plan Lesson 1. Meet your instructor, Debra Lee Baldwin, as you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of succulents. Meet the Man who Grew a Sacred Living Temple in New Zealand! Meet Brian Cox, a man who has has grown and created a living tree-church in his own backyard in New Zealand… If that wasn’t special enough, would you believe that he did it in only 4 years?!

Being very careful about his selection, Brian crafted his sacred space out of some very specific trees in a very wide variety to capture the perfect vibe. He used some trunks that are stone-colored to emanate a “classic stone church” feel, as well as some others that have a very light amount of foliage, ensuring that the space would always be very well luminated, and not drowned out in shadow. His secret? How to Establish a Small Space Intensive Food Garden. Editor’s Note: This post is a good reminder to ensure you take good before, during and after photos as you implement projects! Case studies like this become an awesome portfolio for yourselves, and help people to see the practical potential in permaculture.

It can be totally inspiring, and help get people moving on the ground! Case Study – Noela’s Garden, as installed by Geoff and Nadia Lawton. Meet the Man who Grew a Sacred Living Temple in New Zealand! 33 Shades of Green: Making Hypertufa Pots. *Today I am sharing my guest post that was posted last week over at Remodelaholic. I made these hypertufa pots after seeing this article in the March 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. My Mom and I made hypertufa pots a few years ago using a similar method. They were larger than these and not quite as cool! When I saw this article I knew I had to try again. Cómo hacer macetas de cemento: 12 pasos. Como hacer una maceta con cemento. 7 UNEXPECTED WAYS TO DECORATE WITH PLANTS. Home Remedies for Ingrown Hair. Ingrown hair means a type of hair which is appeared on the skin suddenly or from the childhood and is also named as razor bumps.

Commonly that type of hair have curled around and grown back into the skin rather than rising up from it. An ingrown looks like a raised, red bump just like a pimple occur on the skin. Sometimes, there may be pus gather inside the bump and the condition gets worse. Along with it, redness, swelling, inflammation, pain and irritation in that area also appear. The reason of ingrown hair and its chances start to develop on the skin when people shave the areas where unwanted hairs are found like beard area, legs, underarms and bikini area. 1. Enciclopedia de Plantas Medicinales. Desde Salud de la botica del señor, que compartimos en el post: Curar con plantas, no caía en mis manos o disco duro tan buen libro, es didáctico, con mucha información y muy bien diagramado y presentado. How To Easily Grow An Endless Supply Of Onions On Your Window Sill ! First, let’s have a quick glimpse at the incredible health benefits of onions: Did you know that onions have been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and heal infections?

What is a Materia Medica? - Herbal Academy. Every field of study employs its own language, words and phrases that become an integral part of engaging with the discipline. In herbalism, one such phrase is “materia medica,” which comes from Latin and literally means “healing materials.” More specifically, a materia medica is a body of knowledge that describes how plants have been used therapeutically throughout the ages. These published works span from ancient times all the way to our modern texts.

Alimentos y plantas que nos ayudan a desintoxicar y depurar el organismo. La salud es, fundamentalmente, una cuestión de armonía. Formas de obtener aceites esenciales de plantas medicinales. Untitled. Sortir de la solitude / La Fondation de France agit contre les solitudes / En France / Aider les personnes vulnérables. Le lien social se crée au quotidien. Cola de caballo, propiedades y usos medicinales. El jardín más grande del mundo: más de 45 millones de flores. A Guide to Drying Herbs and Spices. A Guide to Drying Herbs and Spices. Los jardines colgantes de Fedor van der Valk.

DIY Hanging Herb Garden Brings Fresh Herbs Indoors - DIY Vertical Herb Garden ~ Part 1. DIY Hanging Herb Garden Brings Fresh Herbs Indoors - DIY Vertical Herb Garden ~ Part 1. How to Grow and Harvest Lavender. Green Walls May Cut Pollution in Cities. Método para germinar semillas más rápido. Alibaba Group. Cultivar caléndula o maravilla. Manual-de-bonsai.pdf. Kokedama: cómo hacer un jardín colgante paso a paso. Sustrato para plantas en macetas. Jardines verticales, más verde. Cómo hacer maceteros de cemento en forma de manos.

Using Wood Ash in the Vegetable Garden. 5 Urban Farming Laws That Need to Change—Now! Slideshow Details. 7 Tips for Container Gardening. Plant Incompatibility – What Plants Should Not Be Planted Together. Organic Landscaping on a Budget: Organic Gardening.