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Buscador de bolsas de estudos do Partiu Intercâmbio. Vegana Bacana. Fernando Pessoa’s Disappearing Act | The New Yorker. If ever there was a writer in flight from his name, it was Fernando Pessoa. Pessoa is the Portuguese word for “person,” and there is nothing he less wanted to be. Again and again, in both poetry and prose, Pessoa denied that he existed as any kind of distinctive individual. “I’m beginning to know myself. I don’t exist,” he writes in one poem. “I’m the gap between what I’d like to be and what others have made of me. . . . That’s me. In his magnum opus, “The Book of Disquiet”—a collage of aphorisms and reflections couched in the form of a fictional diary, which he worked on for years but never finished, much less published—Pessoa returns to the same theme: “Through these deliberately unconnected impressions I am the indifferent narrator of my autobiography without events, of my history without a life.

This might sound like an unpromising basis for a body of creative work that is now considered one of the greatest of the twentieth century. The facts of Pessoa’s destiny are briefly told. Abrir arquivo CDR sem Corel e SVG, EPS, AI, PDF sem Illustrator - Luisa Ambros | Luisa Ambros. Resumo: Como abrir arquivo CDR gratuitamente sem o Corel Draw e como abrir EPS, SVG, AI, PDF sem o Adobe Illustrator. O Inkscape é uma boa opção para quando precisamos abrir arquivos vetoriais como SVG, EPS, AI, CDR, PDF e não podemos ter o Corel Draw ou Adobe Illustrator, que são programas vetoriais pagos. O Inkscape é um programa open-source gratuito que tem apenas 33mb. Ele abre/salva/exporta em inúmeros formatos de arquivos vetoriais. Veja também: Como abrir EPS no Inkscape Como o suporte ao EPS não é nativo no Inkscape, para abrir arquivos EPS nele no Windows, é necessário instalar um plugin adicional: o ghostscript. Aqui tem instruções de como habilitá-lo (tutorial em inglês, mas bem ilustrado com screenshots): Inkscape em Português!

Inicialmente ao executar o instalador, é pedido que seja escolhida um dentre poucos idiomas disponíveis. Estas plantas são bombas de oxigênio: tenha pelo menos uma delas para purificar o ar de sua casa. As plantas são uma forma de controlar a qualidade do ar da sua casa ou do seu trabalho. Elas podem limpar o ar, eliminando toxinas e mofo, e criar um ambiente perfeito para a vida. Estas plantas agem como um filtro do ar. Elas purificam o ambiente, eliminando, por exemplo, toxinas de tintas, material de construção e poeira. Aqui está uma relação com seis plantas que você deve ter em sua casa para melhorar a qualidade do ar: Babosa (Aloe vera) - Esta planta é ótimo para aumentar o nível de oxigênio em sua casa.

Também absorve o dióxido de carbono, monóxido de carbono e formaldeído. Uma única planta babosa pode conseguir o que nove purificadores de ar podem. Ficus-elástica, também conhecida como árvore-da-borracha ou falsa seringueira - Esta planta é muito fácil de manter, porque ele não precisa de muita luz. É eficaz quando se trata de livrar o ar de formaldeído. Mas tenha cuidado se você tiver crianças pequenas ou animais de estimação porque as folhas desta planta podem ser venenosas. 2 Cursos online e gratuitos sobre Horta Caseira - Mapa de Cursos Online. *Importante: Inicialmente o texto abaixo indicava 4 cursos online gratuitos, no entanto com o decorrer do tempo ocorreram algumas mudanças: o curso DIY – Como fazer uma horta em casa do Learncafe passou a ser pago e o curso EcoHorta Online – Curso de Produção Orgânica de Alimentos da Universidade Estácio de Sá saiu do ar.

Portanto, resolvemos remover as recomendações dos dois cursos citados anteriormente e agora indicamos somente dois cursos online que ainda estão disponíveis gratuitamente, a saber: Curso de Horta do Canal do Youtube Borellistudio e Como fazer uma horta do Minicursos Acessa SP. Estes são alguns benefícios de ter uma horta em casa: produção e consumo de alimentos saudáveis livres de agrotóxicos, contato com a natureza, economia de dinheiro e decoração do ambiente. Para você adquirir conhecimentos a fim de fazer sua horta caseira indicamos 2 cursos online e gratuitos que abordam este assunto, a saber: 1 – Curso de Horta do Canal do Youtube Borellistudio Comentários Relacionado.

7 Houseplants That Clean Your Air | Kitchn. We all know the basic premise: Plants transform carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis, creating healthy, breathable air outdoors and in. What may be less known is plants' capacity to eliminate air pollution from our indoor living spaces. Even just the addition of one of these easy-to-care-for plants will help keep your indoor air sparkling clean — especially in the winter when windows stay shuttered in many parts of the country.

Or double down to increase the efficiency of these hard-working toxin killers and beautify your home in the process. Win, win, and win. The circulation of harmful gases — formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, pesticides, and loads more — in enclosed spaces can create problematic allergic reactions, headaches, and much worse. But there's hope. Below is a list of some of our favorites from the NASA study, along with the best conditions for growing them. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

The Fastest Way to Get Cold Beer. The only time and place for drinking warm beer is your parents’ basement when you’re in high school and it’s the best you can do. You’ve come a long way since then (right?). So here’s a trick for getting your hands on ice-cold beer faster than you ever thought possible. You can chill beer in just two minutes using nothing but salt, ice and water. ① Mix salt into ice water in a large bucket or container, and stir to dissolve. ② Place beer cans or bottles into the salty ice water. ③ Crack open a cold one in two to three minutes. RELATED 13 Refreshing Fruit Beers That Are Guaranteed to Please » Adding salt to water reduces the freezing temperature, which means the ice will melt faster, and surround the cans or bottles with cooler water.

Take note that because the ice melts faster, you’ll quickly find yourself with a bucketful of water and no ice, which could heat back up again. Discover the Kitchen Style for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type — Life in the Kitchen. If you've ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test, you know that afterwards every aspect of your life takes on immense clarity. Qualities that were previously irksome are now essential to your personhood; habits become lifelines to deeper understanding. You are that four-letter formula! Everything makes sense now. We are fascinated with trying to define ourselves, but it's okay, because today that fascination led you to this: a totally scientific, totally foolproof guide to your personal kitchen style, as identified by your Myers-Briggs personality type and this editor, who was given inspiration from above to make the connections known to you.

Prepare to be enlightened. Previous image Next image ISTJ: The Inspector: Your kitchen style is Restaurant-Inspired. ISTJ: The Inspector You in a nutshell: Responsible, neat, and orderly. ISFJ: The Protector You in a nutshell: Compassionate, loyal, and grounded. INFJ: The Counselor INTJ: The Mastermind ISTP: The Craftsman ISFP: The Composer. O machismo das ausências — CartaCapital. Whatismymovie? Website uses intelligent search technology to find films | The Independent. 1/30 Hail, Caesar - 5 February The Coen brothers' latest film might be their most ambitious yet. Telling the story of a Hollywood fixer struggling to keep A-listers in line, it has a movie within a movie, an amazing cast, and, judging by the first trailer, some luxurious visuals 2/30 Deadpool - 12 February Comic book superhero movies have been getting slowly more self-referential and self-parodic lately, and Deadpool looks to be taking itself even less seriously than Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man.

It looks as though fans will finally be getting the comic book-faithful, foul-mouthed version of the character they wanted, but it remains to be seen whether Deadpool will actually be funny, or just descend into toilet humour 3/30 Zoolander No. 2 - 12 February Zoolander's return was derailed somewhat by backlash over a trans/gender fluid character played by Benedict Cumberbatch. 5 Tips for Starting a Morning Meditation Practice | Kitchn. It's Monday morning. Images of the weekend flow through your mind as you snuggle deeper into your pillow, reliving them. Then you open your eyes, see the clock, remember the presentation you have to give in an hour, and, heart racing and teeth clenched, you rush to the kitchen to make coffee.

That's one version of Monday morning. Here's another: You set the alarm 15 minutes earlier and ease into the day by simply paying attention to your breathing. How I Got into Meditation I started meditating when my kids were in middle school. Since I couldn't change the situation (i.e., two teens who didn't want to wake up for school), I had to change me. Initially I cringed at the thought of giving up that quarter-hour of shut-eye, but eventually I did because the screaming was killing me.

I couldn't believe I hadn't done it before — and my family couldn't believe I wasn't going to erupt. Ready to give it a try? 1. Having a single point of focus — my breathing — really works for me. 2. 3. 4. 5. Why Are People Being So Nice? - Journal #77 November 2016 - e-flux. Affect is the new Trauma. —Lauren Berlant (or her “bitchy colleague”) If affect is the process by which emotions become embodied, it’s worth asking why everyone is being so nice. “Nice”? Here’s Webster: giving pleasure or joy: good and enjoyable : attractive or of good quality : kind, polite, and friendly We don’t imagine that an always-sunny side of human nature is emerging because things are going so well; unless you are part of the so-called 1 percent, things are probably not going so well for you.

The social pressure to be nice goes far deeper than an imperative for good neighborly relations. The art world is perhaps a special case. Jean-Augustin Franquelin, Response to the Letter (La Réponse à la lettre), date unknown. In the experience economy, a primary mission of museums has become the promise not of cultivation and contemplation but rather edification and amazement, for visitors from toddlers to the elderly and for people of every social class. Wilhelm Amberg, The Maid, 1862. Skillshare - Knife Skills 101 with Plated FREE CLASS:... Here's How To Give Your Vegetable Scraps A New Life. Goodful - How To Grow Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps...

Editing Your Home to Happiness: Our Best Decluttering Strategies — Best of 2016. Clutter, probably more than cleanliness, affects our sense of well-being at home. And in a place where we should feel relaxed, refreshed, and most like ourselves, it's imperative to shed anything that makes us feel otherwise. Here are our top tips for sorting through and shedding the clutter energy-zappers that drag us down. Cheers to a clutter-less fresh start! Lists of Things to Purge Right Now Decluttering begets decluttering.

Cultivating a Decluttering Mentality Without a sharp eye on creeping clutter, it takes over before we know it. Decluttering Maintenance and Shortcuts While decluttering no doubt leaves us breathing easy, most of us would rather minimize the amount of time we spend doing it. Changing the dating narrative for women – P.S. I Love You.