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Sociocracy. Sociocracy is a system of governance, using consent-based decision making among equivalent individuals and an organizational structure based on cybernetic principles.[1] The most recent implementation of sociocracy by Gerard Endenburg,[2] also known as Circular Organizing, was developed as a new tool for governance of private enterprise, but has been adopted in many different kinds of organizations including public, private, non-profit and community organizations as well as professional associations.


Origins[edit] Sleeping Through the Night Is a Relatively New Invention. At the High End, Investment Success Is Luck. Depending on which economist you ask, big inequalities in wealth are either an essential engine for growth—the reward that motivates people to work hard, innovate, and prosper—or a ticking time bomb capable of unleashing mass misery, social upheaval, or even violent revolution.

At the High End, Investment Success Is Luck

The academic researchers who study inequality are forever arguing about where that tipping point lies, and how much inequality is too much. Many observers wonder if we’ve begun to tip already, pointing to the surprisingly strong support enjoyed by the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders in the recent United States presidential election. But what no one can deny is that in many countries around the globe, inequality has reached eye-popping extremes. In the U.S., for example, the top 1 percent of the population holds 42 percent of the national wealth. And the top 100 individuals now have an average wealth roughly 45,000 times the national average. 405 LIBROS GRATIS SOBRE PERMACULTURA Y AGROECOLOGÍA! Robots should be given ‘electronic persons' legal status, EU committee suggests.

The European Parliament has urged for the adoption of EU-wide rules that determine the use of robots and artificial intelligence and guarantee a standard of safety and security.

Robots should be given ‘electronic persons' legal status, EU committee suggests

A draft report by the European Parliament outlining the legal framework to robotics-related issues such as liability, safety and changes in the labour market, was approved last Thursday in a 17-2 vote, with two abstentions. Among the draft proposals is the possibility of creating specific legal status of “electronic persons” for the most sophisticated autonomous robots. The goal is to clarify responsibility in case of damages caused by robots.

BBC Radio 4 - Cutting Up the Cut-Up. Why real-world governments don’t have the consent of the governed – and why it matters. The Declaration of Independence famously states that governments derive “their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Why real-world governments don’t have the consent of the governed – and why it matters

But, sadly, this is almost never the case in the real world. If it is indeed true, as Abraham Lincoln famously put it, that “no man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent,” that principle has more radical implications than Lincoln probably intended. Why feminism is bullshit. If believing in equal rights for everyone, equal wages for the same job across the board, marriage equality for all, and believing that woman, well, men too, should never be raped makes me a feminist, then I guess I am a feminist.

Why feminism is bullshit

But personally, I think that’s bullshit. The fact that the above has to be classified as a ‘movement’, or a ‘thing,’ or an ‘ism’ of any kind is just out right wrong. What is wrong with society where marriage equality, and equal pay is not the norm? Pirate Bay Founder: ‘I Have Given Up’ “The internet is shit today.

Pirate Bay Founder: ‘I Have Given Up’

This Neuroscientist Argues That Addiction Is Not a Disease and Rehab Is Bullshit. Fresh supplies from a needle exchange.

This Neuroscientist Argues That Addiction Is Not a Disease and Rehab Is Bullshit

Photo via Flickr user Todd Huffmann Marc Lewis traveled the long, tenebrous road of opiate addiction, but he emerged out the rabbit hole a neuroscientist, science writer, and author. His best-selling memoir, Memoirs of an Addicted Brain, chronicled his descent into substance abuse, splicing the narrative with neuroscientific lessons about the brain's reaction to each chemical. His latest literary endeavor, The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not a Disease, asserts labeling addiction a disease is not only specious, it's downright harmful. VICE caught up with the University of Toronto Professor Emeritus, and current faculty member at Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands, via Skype. Legalize All Drugs. Transcript Question: Why should we legalize all drugs?

Legalize All Drugs

How to Understand Israel's National Security Strategy. Israeli national security strategy can seem baffling.

How to Understand Israel's National Security Strategy

Many observers in the United States and Europe, for example, wonder how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could have warned for years that Iran’s nuclear program posed an existential threat to Israel yet has balked at the international community’s attempts to defang it. By raising concerns about the nuclear deal between Iran and five great powers without offering a convincing alternative, Netanyahu has appeared to oppose any solution at all. Instead, as Philip Hammond, the British foreign secretary, said in July, Netanyahu is acting as though he would prefer a “permanent state of standoff” with Tehran.

Nor do Israeli leaders seem to have a clear answer in mind for how to solve the country’s conflict with the Palestinians. What lies behind the absence of a constructive Israeli national security agenda, however, is neither illogic nor confusion but rather a belief that there are currently no solutions to the challenges the. Vamos lá trocar umas ideias sobre o assunto. Infographic: Are stereotypes keeping women away from science? - Curt Rice. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are fields showing a particularly strong gender imbalance.

Infographic: Are stereotypes keeping women away from science? - Curt Rice

This should concern us both because we effectively lose the resources women could bring to the challenges that these fields will solve, and because STEM careers pay relatively well and the absence of women in these areas contributes to an overall skewing of income levels between men and women. 50 Things I Will Tell My Daughter. 50 Things I Will Tell My Daughter *I performed this at Empowerment’s annual production of The Vagina Monologue’s at Marquette University. I was told by many people that they were so moved by my monologue and asked if I could post this somewhere where everyone can enjoy it. So here it is! My child, You have probably already heard all of this, multiple times, in various rants. Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded - Dadeland. Owning Your Shit. Hi there. I don't claim to have a particular political stance. I'm coming from a position of curiosity. I'm in the process of watching your YouTube videos after seeing you featured in VICE'S 'women of the men's rights movement'.

I will mention I believe civil rights should be equal across the board. The PC revolution devours its own « Nick Cohen: Writing from London. The PC revolution devours its own Posted on Updated on A shorter version of this article appeared in Standpoint. The problem with sexed-up statistics. ‘Statistics tell us nothing until we understand what is being counted in the first place’ Men think about sex every seven seconds. Eighty-four per cent of women are emotionally unsatisfied with their relationships.

Single people in the United States have more sex than married people do. Sixty-nine per cent of people over the age of 35 have had extramarital affairs. People have 40 per cent less sex now than they did 20 years ago. The Shallow Culture of Co-Working Spaces - The Billfold. Uk.businessinsider. If you can't choose wisely, pick at random – Michael Schulson. Chamaram-lhes retornados. Unmournable Bodies. Getty's In Focus exhibition snaps the birth of the middle class. While the Industrial Revolution upended the social and political order in Europe and America, it also created ungodly working conditions, including 16-hour workdays, almost nonexistent safety standards and child laborers whom factory owners considered disposable.

It wasn’t until 1833 that labor laws finally began to appear in the UK (with the US soon following), and workdays were limited to ten hours. Why gonzo journalism is crucial to our understanding of cities and their tribes. Political correctness devours its own children « Nick Cohen: Writing from London. Why Public Education Fails (From My Sisters HS Newspaper) Political correctness devours its own children « Nick Cohen: Writing from London. Hate Speech Is Free Speech. Many People Use Drugs – But Here’s Why Most Don’t Become Addicts. Drug use is common, drug addiction is rare. The Equal Pay Day Reality Check - AEI.

On Women, STEM and Hidden Bias. A Discussion of Alleged Misogyny in Anime. Life. The Harried Life of the Working Mother. The Equal Pay Day Reality Check - AEI. Meet the New Kid on the Block: Male Studies. In Defense of the Fistfight. The Education of a Libertarian. The Privilege of Checking White Privilege. How the Free Speech Movement Stopped Moving. The international media is failing to report the Syrian war properly. The Forgotten History of Black Republicans. Like Mohammed Emwazi, I was radicalised. So I know how extremists exploit grievances. Theconversation. Sociological Images. The Libertarian Treehugger. Why hasn't Japan banned child-porn comics? 15 Great Essays by Joan Didion. Many people use drugs – but here’s why most don’t become addicts.

Why jihadism appeals to religiously illiterate loners. Digital Dualism versus Augmented Reality. This video was filmed inside a real, huge, empty city where only robots will hear you scream. The Fappening Has Revealed a New Type of Pervert. A vítima perfeita. A cultura de direita em Portugal. From Deleuze to LOLCats, the Story of the BuzzFeed