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How Ebola changed the world. Image copyright Mark Georgiou, BBC One year ago the World Health Organization officially declared there was an outbreak of Ebola across Guinea.

How Ebola changed the world

The disease had already claimed dozens of lives and was on its way to neighbouring countries. This tiny virus, invisible to the naked eye, went on to kill more than 10,000 people across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in the 12 months that followed. Numbers are now going down - but we are still far from zero. And the viral menace has left a permanent mark on the world. Image copyright Getty Images The humans who couldn't be touched Ebola relies on intimate social interaction to ensure its continued survival - it is passed on through close contact with the bodily fluids of infected individuals. This means people who care for the sick are most vulnerable to the disease. The most simple human touch - a handshake or a hug - was quickly discouraged across the three worst affected countries.

And the fabric of the final goodbye changed too. Lost knowledge. After the Fall. Khe Sanh, May 1967 Navy corpsman Vernon Wike hunkered down with Golf Company at the base of one of those numbered South Vietnamese hills near Khe Sanh, watching Hotel Company move up under heavy fire from North Vietnamese riflemen tucked in bunkers called spider holes.

After the Fall

Minutes later Wike and his buddies began inching up the incline; 15 feet in front of him, the 19-year-old medic saw a Marine take a bullet and go down. Wike ran to the Marine, found the entry wound on his left side and recognized the man as “Rock,” a Puerto Rican from New York he’d met earlier in the day. They’d chatted on a ridge. Rock told him he had just 60 days left “in country.” Alexa Clay. I think whether LARP is a Western indulgence at a moment when a lot of the world is fighting for survival is an interesting question.

Alexa Clay

Part of my humbly wondered, the extent to which terrorism could be an extended LARP. for many, it is an escapist performance driven largely by middle class muslims trading in unfulfilling roles in a materialist society for idealism. It is an extreme example. But the more that we can see cultures as forms of play and performance the better we can see why they are “sticky.” We have to get better at seeing culture as something engineered - through rituals, belonging, community design, values articulation. Culture isn’t stagnate. Palliative Care and the Science of What It Feels Like to Die. “Do you want to know what will happen as your body starts shutting down?”

Palliative Care and the Science of What It Feels Like to Die

My mother and I sat across from the hospice nurse in my parents’ Colorado home. It was 2005, and my mother had reached the end of treatments for metastatic breast cancer. A month or two earlier, she’d been able to take the dog for daily walks in the mountains and travel to Australia with my father. My secret life as a high-functioning drug user. It’s Saturday night and I’m having dinner at a friend’s house.

My secret life as a high-functioning drug user

After dinner has been cleared, someone produces a small bag of cocaine and begins to cut it into lines at the table. I take a gram of cocaine and another of MDMA. I smoke some weed and drink three to four glasses of good red wine. We dance. How to Criticize with Kindness: Philosopher Daniel Dennett on the Four Steps to Arguing Intelligently. By Maria Popova.

How to Criticize with Kindness: Philosopher Daniel Dennett on the Four Steps to Arguing Intelligently

Stanley Kubrick on Mortality, the Fear of Flying, and the Purpose of Existence: 1968 Playboy Interview – Brain Pickings. By Maria Popova Besides being one of the finest filmmakers of all time and mastermind of the greatest movie never made, Stanley Kubrick (July 26, 1928–March 7, 1999) was also a keen observer of culture with ceaseless curiosity about the human condition, dancing between the hopeless and the heartening.

Stanley Kubrick on Mortality, the Fear of Flying, and the Purpose of Existence: 1968 Playboy Interview – Brain Pickings

From Stanley Kubrick: Interviews (public library) comes this layered meditation on purpose, mortality, and, as Carl Jung once put it, the art of “kindl[ing] a light in the darkness of mere being,” from a 1968 Playboy interview by Eric Nordern: Playboy: Thanks to those special effects, 2001 is undoubtedly the most graphic depiction of space flight in the history of films — and yet you have admitted that you yourself refuse to fly, even in a commercial jet liner. Why? Kubrick: I suppose it comes down to a rather awesome awareness of mortality. Why feminism is bullshit. If believing in equal rights for everyone, equal wages for the same job across the board, marriage equality for all, and believing that woman, well, men too, should never be raped makes me a feminist, then I guess I am a feminist.

Why feminism is bullshit

But personally, I think that’s bullshit. The fact that the above has to be classified as a ‘movement’, or a ‘thing,’ or an ‘ism’ of any kind is just out right wrong. What is wrong with society where marriage equality, and equal pay is not the norm? Teddy Girls: The Style Subculture That Time Forgot. On reflection, the paring of the aristocratic flamboyancy of an Edwardian gent with the rebellious attitude of American rock and roll shouldn't have worked – but it did.

Teddy Girls: The Style Subculture That Time Forgot

This sartorial hybrid, engineered by the Teddy Boys of the 1950s and later adopted by their feisty female counterpart, Teddy Girls (also known as Judies) – created a strangely alluring visual identity, one which set them apart from their contemporaries in a decade where youth culture was finally carving out an aesthetic of its own. Sharply-suited Teds (whose name derives from ‘Edwardian’) might look remarkably smart to a contemporary eye – particularly when positioned against fellow groups of teenagers, like the punks who threatened to puncture the fabric of society with their safety pins – but their reality was more rebellious than it initially seems.

Working GirlsMost Teddy Girls left school at 14 or 15, taking secretarial jobs in London, or working in factories on the outskirts. The Birth And Death Of Privacy: 3,000 Years of History Told Through 46 Images — The Ferenstein Wire. Increased urban density and skyrocketing rents in the major cities has put pressure on communal living.

The Birth And Death Of Privacy: 3,000 Years of History Told Through 46 Images — The Ferenstein Wire

“We’re seeing a shift in consciousness from hyper-individualistic to more cooperative spaces…We have a vision to raise our families together.” ~ Jordan Aleja Grader, San Francisco resident. Why Stoicism is one of the best mind-hacks ever – Lary Wallace. We do this to our philosophies. We redraft their contours based on projected shadows, or give them a cartoonish shape like a caricaturist emphasising all the wrong features.

This is how Buddhism becomes, in the popular imagination, a doctrine of passivity and even laziness, while Existentialism becomes synonymous with apathy and futile despair. Meet the psychedelic honey-hunters of Nepal / Boing Boing. "One month a year, giant Himalayan bees, the biggest bees in the world, come to collect nectar from a poisonous flower, giving the honey they make certain medicinal, aphrodisiac, and hallucinogenic properties. " In this short documentary, filmmaker Raphael Treza meets with a Nepalese tribe to learn about this honey, and how they use it. During the making of the film, the translator eats too much of the honey and falls unconscious.

The honey harvesting is dangerous because the bees make their colonies on the face of a cliff. The harvesters use handmade rope ladders to climb up and get to the honey. [via] Stoned man who called 911 found surrounded by junk food. Darley and Batson: Good Samaritan Study. Darley, J. M., and Batson, C.D., "From Jerusalem to Jericho": A study of Situational and Dispositional Variables in Helping Behavior". JPSP, 1973, 27, 100-108. This is the famous seminary experiment about the Good Samaritans. Previous studies have failed to find a link between personality traits and the likelihood of helping others in an emergency.

However, changes in the # of people present did have a big effect on behavior. Ray Bradbury: "I Am Not Afraid of Robots. I Am Afraid of People" (1974) Anyone remember Michael Crichton’s Westworld (or the Simpsons parody)? In this dystopian 1973 sci-fi, tourists visit a triumvirate of fantasy theme parks staffed by robotic historical re-enactors: Roman World, Medieval World, and the titular West World, with its “lawless violence on the American Frontier.” When a virus infects the parks’ androids, James Brolin must fight a ruthless robot gunslinger—played by a stone-faced Yul Brenner—to the death. The film may look laughably dated, but the fears it taps into are anything but: 2001, Terminator, Battlestar Galactica, I, Robot, and even a Westworld remake in the works—the perennial theme of man vs. machine, as old in film at least as Fritz Lang’s silent Metropolis, becomes ever more relevant in our drone-haunted world.

What Crack Cocaine Is Really Like. “Using it even once can make a person crave cocaine for as long as they live.” —Peter Jennings, “ABC World News Tonight,” September 8 When it comes to crack, politicians and pundits literally do not know what they are talking about. Most of the journalists covering the so-called “war on drugs” have at least tried marijuana. So have many of the rugged young officials now in charge of said hostilities. I once tried to cheat sleep, and for a year I succeeded.

The 8-Hour Sleep Myth: How I Learned That Everything I Knew About Sleep Was Wrong. Photo Credit: Shutterstock March 5, 2012 | Onde mandam as mulheres? Ainda é onde os homens querem. Em Portugal, nenhuma das empresas do PSI 20 tem uma gestora como CEO e só 34% dos cargos de chefia são ocupados por elas. Perguntámos a sete mulheres que opinião têm sobre as quotas de género e temos uma resposta Da próxima vez que for ao cinema, faça um teste. O filme que está a ver tem duas mulheres que falam uma com a outra sobre qualquer assunto que não diga respeito a um homem?

Empire of Drugs: Vintage ads for when cocaine and heroin were legal. Pope Leo XIII’s longevity as Pontiff of the Catholic Church (the third longest in church history) may have been down to his favourite tipple Vin Mariani. Confessions of a Mortician — Matter. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. The age of loneliness is killing us. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

Many People Use Drugs – But Here’s Why Most Don’t Become Addicts. Drug use is common, drug addiction is rare. Digital Dualism versus Augmented Reality. The Myth of Trafficking - Marijke Vonk. Originally published on Marijkes Praktijken. Author Marijke Vonk. What being a mortician taught me about dying. Terence mckenna - How To Take Psychedelics Pt.1. Wait But Why. Final message of woman executed in Iran for killing 'attempted rapist': 'Dear mum, don't cry' - Middle East. 26 Marvelous Bruce Lee Quotes. Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal. Cold Sweat: My Father James Brown and Me excerpt: James Brown's daughter, Yamma Brown, reflects on growing up with domestic violence. We can refuse to view James Foley's murder, but Isis has still infected our minds. Bits. Bits Everywhere! With MIT Media Lab's Nicholas Negroponte.

Attempts to stay anonymous on the web will only put the NSA on your trail. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Watch Curious Alice, Perhaps the Worst (Best?) Anti-Drug Film Ever Made. Why Time Slows Down When We’re Afraid, Speeds Up as We Age, and Gets Warped on Vacation. Rilke. Crash. #Love: Thanks, Porn. Gabino.oliveira - Webmail. Melissa Gira Grant: 'I got into sex work to afford to be a writer'

D. Watkins. Sobreviver à ansiedade. The drug revolution that no one can stop — Matter. WHO AM I? (TRIPITENA'S SONG) LYRICS - LOU REED. Search. Iconic Psychiatrist Carl Jung, Born on July 26, 1875, on Human Personality in Rare BBC Interview. Memories, Dreams, Reflections: A Rare Glimpse Inside Iconic Psychiatrist Carl Jung’s Mind. What Does It Mean To Be Human? A Historical Perspective 1800-2011. Martin Luther King: Montgomery Improvement Association advice for riding desegregated busses.

I had a black dog, his name was depression. Creepypasta is how the internet learns our fears – WIll Wiles. The Tyranny of Guilt: An Essay on Western Masochism by Pascal Bruckner. Freakishly realistic telemarketing robots are denying they're robots. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. 'I'm Supposed to Be Dead Anyway': An Interview With a Teenage Convict. How Many of Your Memories Are Fake? - Erika Hayasaki. How Our Ancestors Used to Sleep Twice a Night. Motorola "Steam Punk" I Hope My Father Dies Soon 11/23/2013.

Philip Gould: a good life and death. Adrian Steirn Fine Art. Sapolsky Breaks Down Depression. Estive num hotel de quatro estrelas para toxicodependentes. Io9. The Japanese men who prefer virtual girlfriends to sex. 40 Must-See Historical Photos. ‘Skatedater’: Ultra-groovy film about sidewalk surfing from 1965. PANGEA PROGRESS - Blog. Galt's Gulch Chile. Casa do Vapor - Um dia a casa virá abaixo [Webdocumentário] On Moral Education - Herbert Spencer. SOS na zona pobre. Is the sound of silence the end of the self? – Tim Parks. Basler Totentanz. Jazz funeral. On Moral Education - Herbert Spencer. Myths Over Miami - - News. Not A Hand Up. Templeton Gate 3.0 - Literature - Robert A. Heinlein: The Future History Chart. Social Attitude Test. Myths Over Miami - Page 5 - News. SKINHEADS COMUNISTAS E ANARQUISTAS – SEÇÃO SÃO PAULO. Pinterest. Blogs - Adam Curtis - BUGGER.

Speakerly Women and Scribal Men. What does ‘literally’ literally mean? Speakerly Women and Scribal Men. Giambattista Vico. Giambattista Vico. Pirate Party. Ivan Illich. A Manifesto for Third Wave Feminism.