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Chèr-e-s Personnes Cisgenres, Arrêtez De Nous étudier. Genre neutre - Alpheratz. Nommer, c’est exister : Alpheratz et le troisième genre. Les standards de beauté binaires – La vie en queer. Transphobie et émasculation punitive au cinéma (Les garçons sauvages, etc.) – La vie en queer. Pourquoi ne peut-on pas définir la transitude par la transition ? – La vie en queer.

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Les fibres noires. Pediatrics.aappublications. TransTorah > Resources. RITUAL | ESSAYS, SERMONS & POEMS | VIDEOS | ARTRitual and Liturgy A Blessing for Transitioning Genders by Rabbi Elliot Kukla, 2006 A Blessing for Chest Binding by Rabbi Elliot Kukla and Ari Lev Fornari, 2006 Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Wedding Service by Rabbi Elliot Kukla, 2006 A Pre-Surgery (or any other transition) Mikveh Ritual by Max K.

TransTorah > Resources

Strassfeld and Andrew Ramer, 2009 Essay, Sermons & Poems Torah In Transition by Professor Joy Ladin Poems for a Gender Transition Ritual by Professor Joy Ladin On Becoming A Woman by Qalonymos ben Qalonymos, 1322 Becoming A Good Boy: A Transmasculine Meditation On Gendered Ritual Objects and The Challenges of Transfeminism by Max K. Who is allowed to be a victim? A Moment for Claude Cahun. Claude Cahun A Moment for Claude Cahun Behold the brilliant self-portraits of Claude Cahun (née Lucy Renee Mathilde Schwob), French surrealist who it's now believed identified as transgender.

A Moment for Claude Cahun

Rediscovered in the 1990s, these photographs explored non-binary identity and gender-fluidity long before such terms existed. Cahun was born in 1894 in Nantes, France, the daughter of prominent Jewish publishers. Reina Gossett on Transgender Storytelling, David France, and the Netflix Marsha P. Johnson Documentary. Editor's note: This past weekend, Netflix debuted the documentary "The Death and Life of Marsha P.

Reina Gossett on Transgender Storytelling, David France, and the Netflix Marsha P. Johnson Documentary

Johnson", directed by David France. On Saturday, trans activist and co-director of the film "Happy Birthday Marsha! ", Reina Gossett, posted a photo on Instagram with a caption stating that France capitalized on her archival research and ideas for his film. Art et trahison de la réalité trans – La Culbute. The Radical Message behind Henry Darger’s Transgender Vivian Girls.

Darger was born in the Windy City in 1892, lost his mother not long after, and in short order was sent to an orphanage and then to the Illinois Asylum for Feeble-Minded Children.

The Radical Message behind Henry Darger’s Transgender Vivian Girls

There, though he felt that he “knew more than the whole shebang in that place,” as he later wrote in his autobiography, he was subjected to a range of abuses: physical, emotional, and likely sexual. But he escaped the institution at the age of 17, walking some 200 miles from Decatur, Illinois, back to Chicago. He landed a position as a janitor at a Catholic hospital and for the rest of his life he’d move between menial jobs, attend Catholic mass three to four times a day, and make himself scarce around other people. They - Exclusive Trailer. IMO: CIS PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND GENDER. L’hétéronormativité : ce concept (pas si) incompréhensible. Partie 1 / 3.

En France, les trans ont rarement le beau rôle. Alexandre Simões Unpacks The Artifice Of Masculinity — Cakeboy Magazine. 7 transgender models on why it’s so important for them to be seen right now. Transgender visibility in media is at an all-time high.

7 transgender models on why it’s so important for them to be seen right now

There are celebrities like Laverne Cox, who has a starring role on Netflix's hugely popular Orange is the New Black. There have been award-winning movies and television shows focused around trans people including Tangerine and TLC's I Am Jazz. At the Democratic National Convention this year, Sarah McBride made history by being the person to address a major political party's convention. But amidst all this progress, perhaps the less discussed shift is the obvious surge of transgender models walking the runway and booking campaigns. This Is Me Ep105: And My Sisters. Colombian Artist Sweats Fast Fashion So You Don't Have To — Cakeboy Magazine. What was it like growing up queer in Colombia?

Colombian Artist Sweats Fast Fashion So You Don't Have To — Cakeboy Magazine

I had an ok childhood, I think. There were a lot of women in my family and they were nicer to me than the men, so I would pay a lot of attention to what they would say and do. They were really into fashion; my mom went to school to be a designer. I kind of idealized my mother and felt like, ‘I’m, gonna be like her, she’s got her shit together.’ She had always played guitar and sang and been in choirs and bands, so I learned how to play guitar and was in choirs too, when I was younger, but it never went anywhere.

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Judith Butler, meilleure alliée du néo-libéralisme? Jacob Tobia [Manhattan, New York] from The New Americans on Vimeo. S'identifier ou ne pas s'identifier : telle est la question - une réflexion sur les étiquettes - Unique en son genre. La souffrance des enfants trans’ 3 Ways Gender and Sexuality Are More Fluid Than We Think. 3 Truths About Love and Sex I Discovered While Dating as an Asian Trans Femme. Coming Into My Gender: 5 Reasons Identifying as a Demiguy Brings Me Both Fear & Freedom. I identify as demiguy, and I use they/them pronouns.

Coming Into My Gender: 5 Reasons Identifying as a Demiguy Brings Me Both Fear & Freedom

What does that mean, you ask? Demigender is defined as the gender identity one holds when they identify with one aspect of the gender spectrum, but not completely. Gendernauts. Quand les virilités partent en vrille. Dispelling Beauty Myths: Gender Norms - Allure Videos. A Book About Gender, par Maya Agam / étapes: diplômes 2016. To Gender Fluid People Who Have Been Told They Don't Look "Queer Enough" Many of us are taught to believe some pretty specific things regarding what "androgyny" looks like.

To Gender Fluid People Who Have Been Told They Don't Look "Queer Enough"

As reflected in many so-called gender fluid looks on the runway, women rocking short cuts and menswear seem to be the extent of the mainstream definition. For that reason, trans visibility arguably suffers. So many of my queer and trans friends — and myself — feel restricted by these standards. Laverne Cox, Candis Cayne & More on Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. The 4 heroes of the Stonewall riots you didn't learn about in history class. Marsha P Johnson was a pioneer on the Stonewall riots Marsha P Johnson Marsha ‘Pay It No Mind’ Johnson Marsha was the one who ‘really started it’ on the night of the riots, according to witnesses in David Carter’s Stonewall biography.

The 4 heroes of the Stonewall riots you didn't learn about in history class

She went to the Stonewall Inn that night for her 25th birthday, and as a stalwart of the bar, was a focus of much of the celebrations. Like many trans women at the time, she performed as a drag queen. Tyler Ford: "I Should Not be Misgendered On Set ... It's Violent and Unprofessional" Transgender writer and activist Tyler Ford went on an epic tweetstorm on Friday, calling out a systemic problem within the fashion industry: the misgendering of transgender and gender nonconforming models.

Tyler Ford: "I Should Not be Misgendered On Set ... It's Violent and Unprofessional"

"When the makeup artist calls you 'she' & the hairdresser calls you 'he' but the shoot is supposed to be highlighting trans folks #No," the 24-year-old wrote, without specifying a perpetrator. "If you're in charge of a shoot featuring a trans or non-binary person, you need to make everyone on set aware of their pronouns. " If You Don't Fight Against Oppressive Structures, Then You Support Them.

I am twenty, queer, non-gender conforming, trans, black, mentally ill, and despite being college educated and situated in america, i do not expect to live long. the news reminds me to be realistic. in 2012 police officers killed an average of two black men a week. in 2013, the national coalition of anti-violence programs reported that there were over 2,000 reported incidents of anti-LGBTQA+ violence in america. 72 percent of lgbtqia+ homicides were against trans women. 89 percent of those were transgender women of color. when not consistent from previous years, these statistics rise. “i do not expect to live long.” we are failing trans women of color and people of color because we do not recognize their humanity until they are already absent. “we are failing trans women of color and people of color.”


Walking the Runway as a Man and a Woman. Gender Neutral Pronouns: My Personal Pep Talk. I came out as a tomboy at 4. Bisexual at 17. Lesbian at 18. Queer around 22. I Wear What I Want Even When It Means Getting Punched in the Face. I kept looking at the blood. That can’t be mine. That doesn’t belong to me. It was a warm summer night.

Gender non-conforming. OkCupid - DarkMatter. Lucky boy raised without gender stereotypes. You could call it a bonfire of the vanities. Encourage Suri Cruise and Princess Tiaamii, daughter of Jordan, to bin the general contents of their make-up bags and, after setting alight to these unnecessary accoutrements to toddlerdom, allow each to stride (as opposed to hobble in high heels) into primary school as – well what exactly? As gender intended? And what precisely might that mean for those children reared in households in which to be female demands the height of self-consciousness and several undercoats before the application of a final high-gloss varnish.

It's a rum world when parents Beck Laxton and Kieran Cooper are regarded as crazy for adopting an approach to raising a child that is not, as Dr Daragh McDermott, a psychology lecturer, says "gender-neutral" but is stripped of stereotypes. So, we are told, when Sasha, now aged five and looking remarkably normal, was born, he was called "the infant", he slept in a yellow room and wore boy's or girl's clothes.

Original writing by alok vaid-menon. These Trans Performance Artists Are Here to Say 'It Gets Bitter' The DarkMatter South Asian transgender performance poetry group is everything that Caitlyn Jenner is not. Unlike the white, Christian, Republican, upper-class, multimillionaire Olympian and reality TV star who has grabbed the lion’s share of media interest about trans lives — and made gaffe after gaffe after gaffe along the way — DarkMatter creates radically progressive political art. Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian, the two 20-something performance poets who make up DarkMatter, regularly fill university halls and venues like New York’s Public Theater on their It Gets Bitter tour. (Both poets use the pronoun “they.”) Hailing from Indian-American families with Hindu roots, the two friends met in college at Stanford.

The poets are so close that they often finish each other’s sentences. L'intersexualité n'est pas comme une condition médicale. Transféminisme 101. Sylvie Blocher / Le jugement de Pâris. David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight) Sex And Gender Are Actually The Same Thing (but bear with me…) Séraphîta. Separating Out Gender Identity from Gender Expression. Mental Health Stigma, Toxic Masculinity, and Suicide. Martha Rosler: "Semiotics of the Kitchen" (1975)

The Knife - Let's Talk About Gender Baby, Let's Talk About You And Me (Planningtorock rework) Exploring masculinity through the lens. Mala Mala -Teaser (2014) Tribeca Film Festival. What happens when men and women switch roles? Les genres heureux. Ways Patriarchy Damages Men's Emotional Literacy. Rion Sabean Photography - Men-Ups! #Fashiontruth Monthly Spotlight: Rye is the Realness - Story by ModCloth.


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Masculinité hégémonique/toxique. Féminité/Fem/Femmes. Masculinité/Butch/Masc. Transidentité. Non binaire/Genderqueer. Drag. Mythologie autours du genre. Transphobie/cissexisme.