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#FreeTheFemme: The aesthetics of survival. Beauty Brands Can Shape LGBTQ+ Acceptance. If you’d asked me before, I would’ve said that beauty campaigns were just a way for brands to get consumers to vote with their wallets; to get people to buy their products.

Beauty Brands Can Shape LGBTQ+ Acceptance

But if the past month as the face of Fluide Beauty has taught me anything, it’s that there’s more to a campaign than just that. Beauty campaigns aren’t just advertisements, they’re company efforts to shape societal standards of beauty itself. Brands want their products to be recognized as fashionable and sexy, sure, but more than that, these campaigns signal (whether we pick up on these signals or not) which bodies we should deem valuable, attractive, and worthy of love.

Growing up, I never thought of myself as the type of person who could land a beauty campaign. Of course, I dreamed about being the face of American Eagle or Covergirl or something, but I never thought my dreams would come to fruition. I’d go home and look at my own body in the mirror: sad, deflated, pubescent. We need beauty campaigns to catch up.

Nonbinary Femmes and the Realities of Dating. Or it could’ve been, until he ghosted me.

Nonbinary Femmes and the Realities of Dating

It’s not like my standards are that high to begin with. As someone who has spent the greater part of a decade being sexually neglected because I don’t perform gender properly, my standards are comically low. You don’t have to be talented to get in my pants. You don’t have to be charming or funny or witty or able to make great conversation to make me fall for you. Why Can't My Famous Gender Nonconforming Friends Get Laid? - VICE. 6 Ways Femmephobia Is Harming LGBTQIA+ Communities - Everyday Feminism. Taking On White Fuckery, One Outfit At A Time — Cakeboy Magazine. Are you dating right now?

Taking On White Fuckery, One Outfit At A Time — Cakeboy Magazine

How are you navigating your romantic life and relationships? When it comes to dating I’ve been pretty damn confused. Every guy I’ve ever liked was white, or white-looking, and every guy I’ve ever slept with has definitely only been white. I could say those are the people that I’ve been attracted to, but no, obviously I pursued them and chose not to pursue certain people. Now I go on dates and almost always look out for a guy’s history of only having Asian boyfriends. Like, if a white guy is talking to an Asian guy, does he only date Asians? Which goes back to your point that Asian guys are a “specific flavor.”I just feel like I don’t fit in, and my Asian-ness is part of that. Self-destructive weapon? Woman’s Beard Makes Her Feel Sexy.

11 Common Assumptions About Being a Queer Femme – Debunked. Fashion victims: In the fitting rooms with trans femmes. “Because I am trans feminine and tall; tailoring and adjustments to women’s clothes is very important for me.

Fashion victims: In the fitting rooms with trans femmes

I recently took something that needed to be fitted to Nordstrom and when I took it to women’s tailoring the woman there looked confused by my presence, suggested I should be in the men’s tailoring area and said ‘I’m sorry – I don’t know where to put you’”. M Zavos is twenty years old, currently living in Chicago during the early stages of her transition. As I ask her about her experiences of clothing herself, it is clear that she, like many other trans people, is acutely aware of her own sense of style and taste, but also the practical frustrations her identity presents to her enjoyment of fashion in an industry ill-equipped to deal with trans and nonbinary people. Particularly those who were assigned male at birth for whom presenting as feminine is seen as a cultural trespass in a patriarchal world. Travis Alabanza is a nonbinary queer writer and activist. No Fats, No Femmes Documentary Intro. No Fats, No Femmes Indiegogo Pitch.