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Taqi Ahmed

Taqi is a professional currency trader and a former portfolio manager with a deep interest in helping individuals to invest on their own. Besides his day-to-day corporate treasury job he is working as an adviser for a startup company Brokerchooser, that aims to connect investors to the best broker they need.

Investing in Spain - Investing Guide for Traders. The Contract for difference is on the road of gaining momentum, popularity and reputation among financial traders.

Investing in Spain - Investing Guide for Traders

Even the conventional traders are looking to earn more by owing just the difference of underlying assets. There's no headache of paying a single extra penny. People of Spain can put their money in the CFD market for they are one of the largest economies of the world that stands at 13th position in terms of GDP. Per capita income of the country is 39,800 PPP dollars (2018), and Its GDP accounts for 1.42 lakh crore USD (2018). CFD trading On mere speculation and watching the movement of the market, two parties sign an agreement to pay the disparity of prices between assets during their opening and closing sessions without having to own them physically. Profits and losses depend on the shift of the value of underlying assets compared to the position of the opening rate. CFD trading guide for Spanish people CFD trading tips for Spanish people Risks pertaining CFD.

Understanding Time Value of Money: Easy Overview. Time Value of Money is an excellent concept in financial education, and anybody who wants to do good financially in his life must know it.

Understanding Time Value of Money: Easy Overview

Read it in the most straightforward way here. Time Value of Money (TVM) is the belief that the money or a sum of the amount you have at present is worth more than the same money you might have in the future owing to its earning capability over a given period. There is no rationality in delaying taking the funds owned by a person.

There are two reasons behind this rationality approach – one money's earning capacity by several means, and another is inflation, which is increasing day by day. Money can increase its value over time by earning interest, and thus, the TVM concept states that the sooner you receive an amount, the bigger it is today than tomorrow. In simple words, it is best to have the cash now than later. Inflation and Purchasing Power Inflation is the rate of growth in the prices of products and services in an economy over a given period. Is 101investing Scam or a Good Forex Broker?

101Investing is a trading website, started in 2016, and headquartered in Cyprus. 101investing is the trading name of FXBFI Ltd, i.e.

Is 101investing Scam or a Good Forex Broker?

Foreign Exchange Broker Financial Invest Ltd. and the company is regulated under the financial body Cyprus’ CySEC. The website offers a number of products which includes currency pairs like AUD/CAD, CHF/JPY, EUR/GBP, stocks like Tesla, Sony, Alibaba, cryptos like Bitcoin, and commodities like gold, silver, cocoa, etc. Apart from the products, the notable services provided by the broker are free demo account, right customer service, good Meta Trader4 trading platform, and commission-free trading.

Is 101Investing Scam Broker? 101Investing broker is safe to trade and regulated by Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission under the license number 315/16. Apart from this, all the users’ information and data are secure with the broker’s robust IT services which include SSL protection and encryption at every level.   Best Forex Brokers Comparison in Netherlands: 101Investing vs ETFinance. Gold Investment: The Safest Mode of Investment for Future.

Investment in precious metal has been attracting traders since the past.

Gold Investment: The Safest Mode of Investment for Future

The most famous investment among this is gold. For diversifying risk, primarily through the use of derivatives and futures contracts; traders buy gold. Like other markets, the gold market is subjected to volatility and speculation too. It is comparatively more effective and safer than investment in different precious metals and is traded across the world. Investors looking for gold investment have three choices: 1) They can buy stocks of the mutual or exchange-traded fund (ETF) that clone the rate of gold. 2) They can trade in the commodity market by buying or selling futures and options. 3) Last but not least, they can buy a physical asset.

For example, moderate investors purchase gold coins, while advanced investors try to implement strategies by using the options on gold futures. Buying gold bullion As compared to other commodities, the gold is readily available to the moderate traders. Other Investment vehicles.