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I walked out on my employment in November 2006 making sure that I would be able to carry on with a profession as a full time investment investor. I have a wife with 4 kids and 3 rabbits and I dwell in Perth. I am a passionate walker, I play baseball, go sailing and touring. I equally have an enormously keen interest in playing the guitar.

Jad Capital - Reviews and Reputation Check. Here is my review of Jad capital – forex managed account Even before I start my search to create my shortlist of who will manage my forex account, I realise that there is a certain amount of risk to trading the foreign currency markets, and I have to sign over the rights to a certain amount of drawdown.

Jad Capital - Reviews and Reputation Check

So, the first thing that strikes me with jad capital is their first bold statement; don’t take risk, ask professionals. But aren’t I still going to have to take a certain amount of risk, even with the professionals trading my money? The second thing that strikes me is the language of the first paragraph, it just isn’t written in correct English, and doesn’t follow. I think the website tells you so much right from the first introduction. Reviews of Cts Forex Managed Accounts - Reputation Check. During my research and reviews, I needed to establish if these forex managed account companies were institutional trading organisations (trading for other organisations) or a retail opportunity that allows small investors like myself to access their services.

Reviews of Cts Forex Managed Accounts - Reputation Check

I only have a limited amount of money so the minimum deposit size for an account was also an important consideration. I also wanted to see how my account was going and wasn’t sure whether I had direct access to the results or whether I just got a report either monthly or annually. Yadix FX Managed Account - Reviews and Reputation Check.

Review of yadix – Forex managed account…..

Yadix FX Managed Account - Reviews and Reputation Check

Here are the reviews…. Cor blimey! Once I get something in my head I just can’t let it go. OK the first thing I saw on the yadix website was ‘scalping’. Review of FXMA – Forex Managed Accounts. Review of Drashta Capital – Forex managed accounts. Review of drashta capital – Forex managed accounts I have been doing my research on drashta capital and yes I am certainly impressed with them.

Review of Drashta Capital – Forex managed accounts

I am looking for the right forex managed account provider for me and I share my reviews because I go to quite a lot of effort in the initial stages trying to gather as much information as I can before I put a company on my shortlist. I prefer to make my initial judgement based on the information from their websites before I contact them because I do not like to give my contact details out too freely. Reviews of Exential Group – Forex managed Account. Acorn 2 Oak Lead Generation For FX Managed Accounts. The Best Way To Invest $10,000 Pounds, Euros, Dollars? So you want to know the best way to invest 10,000 dollars, euros, pounds or whatever currency!

The Best Way To Invest $10,000 Pounds, Euros, Dollars?

There are dozens of ways to invest $10,000 dollars. The vast majority of them are the more traditional methods that will make you between 2% to 5%. Safe but not very good returns. Of course these returns vary due to how the economy and other external forces are doing. However, this website is particularly about forex or the foreign currency market. Looking For Low Minimum Managed Forex Accounts? One of the reasons that potential independent individual investors are deterred from investing in a managed account is the quite large minimum starting capital of $10,000 that is required.

Looking For Low Minimum Managed Forex Accounts?

This amount is on the limit of being just about affordable by practically everyone. I am looking at another managed forex account with a low minimum entry point of $5,000 dollars. Cutting the minimum by 50% ($5,000) is fantastic news for potential investors. It enables them to dip their toes in the water to see how the account performs before possibly investing more money into the account. I Have 10,000 To Invest – Consider A Managed Forex Account. Is 100% Profit Per Year Possible? Double Your Investment.

I have a question for you.

Is 100% Profit Per Year Possible? Double Your Investment

If I came to you with a proposition asking you to choose between 1 of 2 options, which choice would you opt for? The options being :- 1. For 30 consecutive days I would give you 1 million dollars every day. How To Choose And How Do Managed Forex Trading Accounts Work. Somehow or other, you have found out about managed forex trading accounts and you are looking for further information on them.

How To Choose And How Do Managed Forex Trading Accounts Work

Well, this is a good place to start because I am investing in several accounts and conducting reviews on them. Over time I will be investing in more and more accounts and investors will be able to make up their own minds as to whether they want to get involved and with which account. No doubt you are like me and you are hesitant and apprehensive about investing your hard earned money. Even now after my third account that I have invested in, I still have trepidation about losing my money. So the first thing that YOU must consider is – Can you afford to lose your investment? Forex Trading Courses. Equitimax Review. Dear Potential Investor My name is Martin Loader and I set up this website to connect individuals like you to the latest managed forex account investment opportunities.

Equitimax Review

Over the years I have seen many forex managed accounts however very few operate in a regulated and compliant structure. Low Minimum - 15% Performance Fee - 18% Monthly Profits Managed Account. I have been out of the managed forex game for a couple of years as I have been working on other projects.

Low Minimum - 15% Performance Fee - 18% Monthly Profits Managed Account

I am thinking of investing again however, so recently I have been scouting the internet and been talking to the fund managers and to the traders themselves to see what is available. I was talking to this one account manager and I was getting very excited because they had an excellent trading record, their capital protection is superb and they are regulated with different regulatory bodies up to the hilt. Managed Forex Accounts UK - Compare Managed FX Accounts. I have discovered an FCA regulated managed forex account based in the UK. It has an average monthly return of 7%. It is called Equitimax. Find out more about Equitimax here.

Managed forex accounts for UK citizens are not only possible but they are plentiful. Acorn 2 Oak - Smarter Way To Find A Forex Managed Account. Here You Can Compare Managed Forex Accounts Providers. Latest Managed Forex Accounts Best Managed Forex Accounts Information. Discover a Gem of a Fund With High Returns, $5,000 Startup and a Low 15% Performance Fee. Introduction If you are new to managed forex accounts or even if you just want to find out a bit more about them before investing in them, you may be finding that it can be quite a daunting job. The concept is simple enough, find a service, hand over your investment, let the traders’ trade for you and then you reap the rewards.