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oVirt. Cloud Prizefight: VMware vs. OpenStack. There have been many discussions in the cloud landscape comparing VMware and OpenStack.

Cloud Prizefight: VMware vs. OpenStack

In fact, it’s one of the most popular topics among those thinking about using OpenStack. I’ve given a couple of presentations to the SF Bay OpenStack Meetup on this topic and many peers have asked me to write about it. To make it interesting, I’ve decided to structure this as a head-to-head bout between these two cloud software contenders competing for usage in your data center. Some aspects I will consider are open vs. closed systems, Enterprise legacy application vs. cloud-aware application, free vs. licensed, and well-tested features vs. controlling your own roadmap. The contenders will be judged in the following categories: design, features, use cases, and value. Round 1: Design VMware’s suite of applications was built from ground up, starting with the hypervisor. OpenStack is open source and no single company controls its destiny. Round 2: Features VMware vMotion OpenStack Live Migration. À la découverte de Redis Cluster 3.0 - Mon blog-notes à moi que j'ai.

La version 3 de Redis est en Release Candidate 6.

À la découverte de Redis Cluster 3.0 - Mon blog-notes à moi que j'ai

Parmi les fonctionnalités les plus attendues figure le support d’un mode cluster. How to Make a Dell PowerEdge Quieter - Brent Ozar Unlimited® by Brent Ozar Unlimited® A Look at the Dell PowerEdge M610 Blade Server » Blades Made Simple. Intel and Dell recently agreed to provide me with a Dell PowerEdge M610 blade server for me to use in my lab, so I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity and write-up a review.

A Look at the Dell PowerEdge M610 Blade Server » Blades Made Simple

I’m going to go into further details about the blade server in the following blog post, but here are the high-level quick specs: MpichCluster. This guide describes how to build a simple MPICH cluster in ubuntu.


To understand the guide, a basic knowledge of command line usage and the principle mpich & clustering is assumed. Here we have 4 nodes running Ubuntu server with these host names: ub0,ub1,ub2,ub3; 1. Defining hostnames in etc/hosts/ IBM - Modèle IBM Platform Computing : Produits - MPI. IBM Platform MPI IBM Platform MPI est une implémentation de production hautes performances de l'interface MPI (Message Passing Interface)—prenant en charge le plus large éventail de plateformes, d'interconnexions et de systèmes d'exploitation standardisés afin de garantir une exécution des applications parallèles sur n’importe quelle plateforme.

IBM - Modèle IBM Platform Computing : Produits - MPI

Le défi Le besoin de rapidité La parallélisation des applications, particulièrement dans la recherche scientifique et la science computationnelle, est nécessaire pour exécuter des applications très consommatrices en calculs. Toutefois, un environnement insuffisamment optimisé met en danger la compétitivité et ralentit la production de résultats. Nneko Branche. Creating a Linux based HA cluster with Red Hat Cluster Suite Part 2. You know what a cluster is.

Creating a Linux based HA cluster with Red Hat Cluster Suite Part 2

We told you why people use them and how they make our lives better. If you intend to deploy one on CentOS 7/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 read our guide for version 7 for version 6 and below continue reading this guide. Now lets go put this into action and create our own badass little cluster from scratch. Are you ready to be a cluster guru? Your unix commandline ninja skills will come in handy here but they are not strictly needed. Setting up the lab The First Thing First We need to install our operating system. CentOS is a freely available solution with close compatibilty with RHEL. In all likelihood RHEL and RCS is the variant that you will encounter in the enterprise and wider working world where 24x7 support and compatbility are valued.

That Second Thing Second Increasingly, the IT landscape is going virtual mostly related to factors such as costs, speed of provisioning, and flexibility. Create a Simple Hadoop Cluster with VirtualBox. Set up a CDH-based Hadoop cluster in less than an hour using VirtualBox and Cloudera Manager.

Create a Simple Hadoop Cluster with VirtualBox

Thanks to Christian Javet for his permission to republish his blog post below! I wanted to get familiar with the big data world, and decided to test Hadoop. Initially, I used Cloudera’s pre-built virtual machine with its full Apache Hadoop suite pre-configured (called Cloudera QuickStart VM), and gave it a try. It was a really interesting and informative experience. The QuickStart VM is fully functional and you can test many Hadoop services, even though it is running as a single-node cluster. How To Setup A Blade Server. Blade servers can provide an energy-efficient alternative to the standard rack-mount server design.

How To Setup A Blade Server

Because, however, these servers are usually built around minimalist architectures that may not include all the components typically found in a standard server, it's critical to set them up properly. Minimum Requirements for a Functioning Blade Server Blade servers vary in terms of the components they need to work properly, but they're still bound by the same basic constraints that impact any computer.

Chief among these operating concerns are factors like power, heat dissipation, and connectivity. How to install any OS without CD/DVD or USB on Dell Servers with iDRAC. Dell PowerEdge 1955 Getting Started Manual (Page 3 of 74) Ubuntu 11.10 image creation procedure for Dell 1855/1955 - baremetalcloud documentation - BareMetalCloud Documentation. ConnectX_IO_Mezzanine_Installation_Guide_1_5.pdf. Dell Poweredge 1855/1955 DRAC controller reset.