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FWRD Rewarding Databases

FWRD Rewarding Databases are here to boost your business through our consulting services and effective training to increase productivity and grow profits.

Customer Relationship Management Software system. Best CRM For Small Business. Husband and wife team, Frances and Jason, have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in small business growth, and are the driving force behind FWRD.

Best CRM For Small Business

Through working with a variety of companies in diverse industries, they witnessed how powerful CRM systems could improve the potential of their clients’ database. Wanting to transform small businesses using similar technology, Frances and Jason created FWRD. Zoho CRM Management Software. Zoho Survey is a Zoho tool offering small businesses access to unlimited online questionnaires without the need for a Masters degree in Excel!

Zoho CRM Management Software

With a multitude of features however, the highlight of this software is absolutely its integration with Zoho CRM. Data collection is an art in itself, as Zoho Survey has proven, but deciphering that data, analysing it in real-time and projecting it for future business gains – that is where Zoho has gone above and beyond, again. Zoho Projects. Zoho Projects is the online project management system that out manages the rest.

Zoho Projects

The web-based software revolutionises project planning and epitomises project organisation, governing your tasks as they evolve and collaborating the progress in realtime. Unlike other project management systems, Zoho Projects was built to integrate with Zoho CRM. This union optimises your project management cycle for working tasks, creating a more efficient foundation to complete projects, then relaying the data back into the CRM for updating. CRM For Marketing. When we think about CRM for marketing, it is in relation to the efficient measurement of past and present marketing activities, to determine how effective they are in materialising sales and, therefore, what the return on such marketing investments really are.

CRM For Marketing

If you think about the ‘wall’ as all your prospects and then think about ‘jelly’ as all the possible things you could do to win over any and all of those potential clients, you can see how ‘throwing jelly at the wall and hoping it will stick’ may ring true for a lot of businesses’ marketing endeavours. Utilising a CRM for marketing purposes is the only feasible way to avoid this scenario as it allows you to to easily, efficiently and quantifiably measure the impact of your jelly throwing (marketing!) And predict where it will stick the next time around!

Customer Relationship Management Systems. When a client asks us, ‘What is CRM?’

Customer Relationship Management Systems

, we start with the fundamentals. The acronym CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, so with just the smallest of literal expansions comes a steady direction of thought. Zoho Campaigns Perth. Customer Relationship Management Systems. Best CRM For Small Business.