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Riiko Sakkinen. Paint - Fondazione Frida Castelli. Mixed media on paper - 30x42 cm The place to be.

Paint - Fondazione Frida Castelli

Mixed media on paper. - 30x42 cm Quella pausa di silenzio e batticuore tra il fulmine ed il tuono, come quando busso alla tua porta e aspetto che tu mi faccia entrare. Come si fa a tenere a bada l'urgenza dei baci, con questo nodo in gola che non posso sciogliere perché è così che ormeggio il riguardo. Mi sono sentita persa per un momento, nel girone infernale dei lontani. Ronit Baranga, Clay Sculpture - רונית ברנגה, פיסול בחומר. Belinda Eaton - Magic Realism Paintings and Portraits. Bradford lynn. Yayoi kusama. Ron Mueck. Marina Abramovic. Alexa Meade Art.

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Cuco Suárez. Vaginarts. Jill Magid. Enrico Nagel. Martin Mueller. Portfolio of Steve Lambert, artist, artistic activist, creative activist, co-founder of the Center for Artistic Activism, and Associate Professor at SUNY Purchase. Theodore Watson - Interactive Installations - 2014. KIBORZ on Vimeo. Chris Sugrue. 陈文令 CHEN WENLING. Baby art. Valerie Hegarty. Dino Valls. Lita Cabellut. Atelierbetriebe A.S. Anthony Goicolea. Home - Jeremy Geddes Art. MARILYN MINTER. » Ydanez. Tina Lugo - Home. Katsushika Hokusai - The complete works.

Fabrizio Corneli. Animalia. Art. Photography. Lee Price. Ramón Lombarte Paintings & Sculptures. Paul Cadden Hyperrealist Artist. Mary Jane Ansell. Damian Loeb - splash. Lucy Hardie Gallery. Welcome to Index. KEI MEGURO. Alyssa Monks. Alyssa Monks is blurring the line between abstraction and realism by layering different spaces and moments in her paintings.

Alyssa Monks

She flipped background and foreground using semi-transparent filters of glass, vinyl, steam, and water over shallow spaces in her 10-year long water series. Today, she is imposing a transparent landscape of infinite space over evocative subjects. The tension in her paintings is sustained by the composition and also by the surface quality itself. Each brushstroke is thickly applied oil paint, like a fossil recording every gesture and decision, expressing the energetic and empathic experience of the handmade object. “I strive to create a moment in a painting where the viewer can see or feel themselves, identify with the subject, even be the subject, connect with it as though it is about them, personally.” Horyon lee. Ana Belén Rivero - (y su idiosincrasia)

Digital home of the artist Luciano Castelli. HANDS.