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Ilan wolff - The News - ILAN WOLFF Artiste photographe - camera obscura Pinhole. Leon Levinstein. Leon Levinstein fue un fotógrafo estadounidense (nacido en 1910 en Buckhannon, West Virginia, y fallecido en 1988 en Nueva York) de carácter solitario y maestro de la fotografía callejera en blanco y negro, de Nueva York desde Times Square y el Lower East Side a Coney Island. © Leon Levinstein En mis fotos quiero ver las cosas comunes de la vida como si acabara de girar en una esquina y me encontrara con ellas por primera vez.

Leon Levinstein

Tienes que estar solo y trabajar solo. La fotografía es una actividad solitaria, si quieres decirlo así. Una buena fotografía probará al espectador qué poco nos permiten nuestros ojos que veamos. International Center of Photography. Leon Levinstein was born September 20, 1910 in Buckhannon, West Virginia.

International Center of Photography

He attended high school at Baltimore City College (1923–27) and college at Maryland Institute of Arts, Baltimore (1927–28). Levinstein remained in Baltimore until he enlisted in the army in 1942, serving mostly in Panama, as a propeller repair mechanic with the Air Corps. Shortly after his discharge from the army, with the rank of a sergeant in October 1945, he moved to New York City to work as an art director in his cousin’s advertising agency. In 1947–48 he studied with John Ebstel and Sid Grossman at the Photo League, and then in 1948–51 with Stuart Davis and Alexey Brodovitch at the New School for Social Research. Philippe Halsman. Duchesse – 20 photographies envoutantes de Julie de Waroquier.

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Duchesse – 20 photographies envoutantes de Julie de Waroquier

Tim Walker Photography. Alexa Meade Art. Galleries. Samuel Aranda Photographer. Vivian Maier. Formerly uncredited. Keep calm and bite me, Erik. Skye Varuna. Fabio sabatini film photography. Mikey McMichaels. 8iANNi N3iVi773R. Francesco Morackini. -= Margaret M. de Lange =- Kartoffelstr. 22. The littlest giant. That feel when witnessing people who are so full of shit be simultaneously in deep denial Anonymous asked: You've got some Prime booty meat there Miss Damage!

the littlest giant

Why thank you I grew it myself. Lina Scheynius - Photography. Brooke lynne. There's No Place Like Your Mouth. I’ve been invited to speak at the Scottish Queer International Film Festival, to show some of my films and to present a workshop discussion about my experiences in porn making.

There's No Place Like Your Mouth

SQIFF (cute acronym right?) Is described on the site as “not-for-profit and run by our Festival Coordinator with assistance from our committee. We are an organisation by and for queer communities.”LGBTQ+ voices and perspectives are vastly underrepresented or exploited in the majority of the media we consume, unfortunately we don’t see much outcry about that. Home - Sandra Torralba. Gsphoto (George Swift) - DeviantArt.

BARTOSZ LUDWINSKI. Leslie SLASH jam master. Creative (:noun) Daniel Ward. Nettie Harris. Untitled. Erica Simone Photography - Opiette. Home - Bernadinism. Elene Usdin. London Based Model. TANGERINA_parts portfolio. Jeanloup Sieff - Site officiel. Art on eyes photography. James Bort. Julia Randall. Debora Barnaba - Editorial. Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés. CHRISTY LEE ROGERS. Sacramento. Oakland. San Francisco. Michon shot by Timothy Patrick Claire Eilleen shot by Timothy Patrick.

Sacramento. Oakland. San Francisco.

Vivian Maier Portfolios, Prints, Exhibitions, Books and documentary film. Main : The real does not efface itself. Dannygibert. Andrés castañeda. Models: Alintzin Morena tumblr facebook Tisha Maly tumblr facebook by andrés castañeda (+ tumblr facebook twitter)

andrés castañeda

Jen Osborne's Portfolio. Filmmaker, media artist, photographer. Photographs - Lisa Wassmann. Ulrikebiets. BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER. Unbenanntes Dokument. Jennifer Causey Photography. Amie Dicke - Amie Dicke. Lieko Shiga. Thomas Devaux. Liv Sage. Settimio benedusi. Stars, Night Skies, Nightlapse & Timelapse Photography. Marilène Coolens. Peter Kemp Art Photography is about story tellings pictures. — Corrado Dalco' Photography. FERNANDA MONTORO. Tom Hoops - Professional Photographer Bangkok and London. Kyle David. Steve DeMent Photography. Idaniphotography.

Chas Ray Krider. AliceRabbit. Fontenoy. The Burning Lotus. I have plans to post images from this set that don’t feature my ‘Big Ass Fans’ cap but thought a light hearted theme would be fun for one day.

The Burning Lotus

Remember… love you back! Theburninglotus nsfw ass butt tattoo ink pussy piercings pussy from behind big ass thanks. Cass bird. Tamara Lichtenstein. Chris Fitzgerald - Sessions. Ray Shirao sewer004. Omni-Phantasmic - Underwater Nude Rock Quarry. 荒木経惟オフィシャルサイト ER: The Polaroid Collection. ER: The Polaroid Collection Next >>>

ER: The Polaroid Collection

NolaPhoto. "I enjoy controlled loneliness.


I like wandering around the city alone. I’m not afraid of coming back to an empty flat and lying down in an empty bed. I’m afraid of having no one to miss, of having no one to love. " Fotografie a fotogalérie portrétů, glamour, nude art. April-lea Photography. Vernon Trent Fine Arts & Photography. Diane Arbus, el deseo de hacer fotos para satisfacer sus instintos vitales. Sobre Diane Arbus hemos escrito en varias ocasiones, su vida y su obra dan para recurrir a su figura y siempre descubrir algo nuevo, algo que nos inquiete, que nos perturbe. No podíamos dejar nuestra sección de grandes maestros de la fotografía sin tenerla presente, porque esta fotógrafa aportó a la historia una manera de acercarnos a lo documental desde una perspectiva muy visceral, muy sincera, en ocasiones demasiado involucrada.

Todas las imágenes de Diane Arbus están protegidas con unos rígidos derechos de reproducción debidas al legado de la autora, así lo supimos durante la charla que tuvimos ocasión de disfrutar en las conferencias organizadas por Mapfre, donde no pudieron proyectar sus fotos, no obstante lo completaremos con vídeos. ¿Nos acompañais en este viaje por el apasionante universo de esta newyorkina? Vida de Diane Arbus. Kalliope Amorphous. Chip Willis. The Hilton Presentation [NSFW...18+] Ben Hopper. Akif HAKAN Celebi , Photographer. Fashion, Art, Commercial . Hong Kong , Istanbul, London, Miami . The man in the high castle. Venus© 2016 highcastle with erin trying to get several rolls of film developed featuring erin and @liorallay. you can help though your purchase of one of these or several other prints. if you cant buy a print then please reblog and share with others!

Sponsor getting a roll of film developed for just $15 ask me how! Patreonbigcarteldo not repost. reblog ONLY with notes intact. Il Pianobi(s) Gilles Berquet. Photominimal. Photominimal. Ryoji ikeda   Joanne Leah. Mike dowson photographer/film maker.