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What it costs - JustGiving. JustGiving is the world’s leading platform for charity giving.

What it costs - JustGiving

Since our launch in 2001, we’ve enabled over 21 million people to raise £1.5 billion for over 13,000 charities and causes in radically new ways. Our job is to make giving and raising money for charity simple, social and rewarding. Through online and mobile we bring the best that technology has to offer to charities worldwide - which explains why more charities recommend JustGiving than any other online fundraising platform. We run our business by charging charities a small fee on donations. - Start Something! JustCoz. Mail for good, une autre façon de s’engager. Avaaz: activism or 'slacktivism'? Rupert Murdoch picks his massive nose, opens the door of the taxi, and steps outside to greet the bank of photographers, protesters and police officers massed next to Portcullis House, Westminster.

Avaaz: activism or 'slacktivism'?

It is half past one on Tuesday, and Murdoch – along with his son James – will shortly be interrogated for three hours by MPs inside the building. So far so good: he smiles at the crowd, pauses for photographs, and strides towards the revolving doors. But something's up, starting with that nose.