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Vastu Consultant in Delhi. Famous Astrologers in Delhi Being happy in life is a thought process that we can’t get over.

Vastu Consultant in Delhi

We dream about happy times when the going gets tough, or when there’s too much for us to lose. This brings us a lot closer to achieving what we deem perfect in life, which might be harder to access and comprehend than we thought. Being stuck in a miserable situation is not something that happens to only a few of us. Everyone in their life must have had major moments where they faced a dead-end, and though they needed something- either a helping hand, an advisor, or a divine intervention to be their saving grace. A Janam Kundali or Horoscope is made of a newborn in every Indian Household which comes in handy when the child grows up and is either looking for career advice or a Kundali Matching. From choosing a career, to as big as choosing a life partner, Astrology can be the guiding force leading you towards enjoying a happy time. Vastu Consultant. Astrology. Profile Often called the ‘man behind Indian Astrology’, Dr Arun Bansal needs no introduction when it comes to Occult Sciences and its related esoteric fields.


The brain behind the First Ever Vedic Astrology Software, Dr Bansal set out to make his own name and brand in 1978; a time wherein no one thought that Horoscope or Kundli could be calculated by a computer with 100% accuracy. The Chairman and Founder of Future Point, the #1 Vedic Astrology website in India, he set out to achieve goals that no one in their wildest dreams thought possible. And his great endeavours didn’t stop there, the man took it upon himself to create an organisation that supports and unites all the astrologers present in India under one umbrella- ‘All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies- AIFAS’.

The organisation also professes Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, and Vastu courses taught by Top Astrologers of India. Services Provided by Dr. Janam kundli. Online career horoscope. Life horoscope by name. Financial Predictions. Money plays an important role in everyone’s life and it’s not a piece of cake to hold it in.

Financial Predictions

It's an art to have and to hold money with deft skills. The Finance Horoscope report enables you to see the future of your mortal days by giving a glimpse of how money matters would be treating you. Kundali Milan for Marriage, Kundli Match. Why choose Milan Kundli?

Kundali Milan for Marriage, Kundli Match

The purpose of this type of consultation is to determine the areas of compatibility and incompatibility in a relationship, as well as information about the timing of important events in the future of the relationship. Milan Kundli matching model is around 4-page report which gives Birth Details, Planetary Degrees, Lagna charts, Lagna Chalit and Moon Charts and Navamsa Chart of both male and female natives. It includes Ashtakoot Guna Table with Bhakoot Dosh (if present) and Varga for both boy and girl along with Manglik dosh Compatibility.

Deciphering if the boy or the girl has Manglik dosha in their Kundli is important before marriage, as special Manglik Dosha Remedies are prescribed by marriage specialist Astrologers to curb the issue at hand and eliminate all problems that might come in between the couple’s union. Kundali Milan for Marriage, Kundli Match. Horoscope by Name. Akshaya Tritiya Date and Time. The auspicious festival of Akshaya Tritiya comes with a 24-hour window of powerful Yogas and combinations which promise never-ending wealth and prosperity!

Akshaya Tritiya Date and Time

The day that promises wealth and fortune, Akshaya Tritiya boasts of 6 powerful Wealth Yogas that hold the power to fulfil any and every wish that one has. The everlasting fortunes due to the divine and mystical combinations with the grace of Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi. In the ancient texts, this day has also been commemorated for the brilliant things that happened; Lord Kuber was made the Treasurer in Heaven, Goddess Parvati took the form of Annapurna Devi to bless the entire universe with abundant food & grains. Akshay Tritiya 2019 will be celebrated on the 7th of May 2019. Akshaya Tritiya 2019. Lakshmi Pooja Yantra.

Everything auspicious in our life is because of the blessings of different forms of Mother Almighty.

Lakshmi Pooja Yantra

As per different aspects of life, the Mother takes different forms and provides the deserving, what they need in order to get blissfully through life. When it comes to surviving in the highly materialistic world, every human being needs a certain amount of wealth to meet the required expenses and take care of oneself and his/her family. While there is no set ceiling to what can be considered as enough, but it is fair and natural to have a genuine expectation of having optimum wealth in this life to support ourselves along with our family.

However, only a few live a life where they do not have to worry about finances or face financial crunches from time to time in their lives. Note: This Puja gives excellent results when performed during the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya. Goddess Laxmi is the divine form of Mother Almighty that blesses Her devotees with wealth and prosperity. Lakshmi Pooja Online. Laxmi Puja 2019. Laxmi Puja. Love Astrology. Quote: Online Kundli in Hindi. Calculations Planetary Degrees and their Position, Calculation of Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsa, Lal Kitab Charts & Calculations, Numerological Calculations, Chalit, Nirayana Bhava Chalit, Moon and Lagna charts KP System etc Predictions 20 Years predictions on the basis of transit of planets for each year, 20 Years Graphs for Health, Dasha / Antardasha Prediction ( for 30 years), Mahadasha Reading, House Prediction about various areas of life etc Remedies.

Online Kundli in Hindi

Janam Kundali Online. Kundali Prediction. Bhrigu Patrika Kundli: Known under the name of the great sage Bhrigu, the Bhrigu Samhita is the most wonderful gift to mankind! Online Horoscope. Horoscopes of the Day. Every important event of your life gets digitised as pictures and stories, but do we document our life to get a free pass to our future?

Horoscopes of the Day

The only way we could ever get a gist of our fortune is by paving way to how it all began, and thus the need of a Kundali arises. In a world dominated by religion, Astrology and spirituality are the most followed. And any astrological analysis begins with what we call the Birth Chart, Horoscope, or a Kundli. The free Kundli Software helps you achieve that in no time! Free Janam kundali Milan for Marriage. Free Kundli Milan. Kundli Matchmaking Free. Best Astrologer in Delhi. Founded in 1985, FUTURE POINT (P) LTD. has been under constant amelioration the company has acquired an enviable stature in the field of Astrological Software today.

Best Astrologer in Delhi

But his inquisitive attitude and the strive to always move forward didn’t just stop there, he developed the most popular programs in the name of Leo-1, Leo-99, Leo Gold and now Leostar based on various systems of Astrology like Parashar, Jaimini, Tajik and K.P. His research dominated thinking was what paved the way for all his astrological surveys that later proved to be of assistance when he started developing the First ever Indian Astrology Software. The supremely developed accurate software predicts rain forecasting, share market, commodity market & money market predictions based on the latest market values & planetary position.

He has also developed programs to accurately suggest matching, profession or illness. He stands tall in the portals of Astrology, reverberating respect and recognition at all levels. Dr. Dr. Janam Kundali by Date of Birth and Time. Kundli: Online Kundali Prediction in Hindi.