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What to Do When Your Child Throws Tantrums. Children can go way too energetic.

What to Do When Your Child Throws Tantrums

They’ll use up their energy in every way that they can. That is why you’ll never really know what to expect from them. They could just be playing and the next second, they are already throwing tantrums. This could happen anywhere, even in a daycare in California. How to Know If Your Kid Is Ready for Preschool. Preschool is usually the first formal learning experience of a child.

How to Know If Your Kid Is Ready for Preschool

It is also an important milestone in a kid’s childhood. As this is a new experience, the transition might be challenging for both the child and the parents. Let Us Work Together to Stop Bullying. Teasing and disagreements are normal consequences of human interaction, may it be between adults or children.

Let Us Work Together to Stop Bullying

However, when taken too far, it might be considered as bullying. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development defines bullying as “unwanted aggressive behavior by another person or group of people.” For children, being in an environment where bullying normally occurs hampers their development.

The following are the possible harmful effects of bullying on a child’s development: How to Develop your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills. Children must develop their potential at an early age, most especially their critical thinking skills.

How to Develop your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

To guide the parents in developing these skills, the National Science Foundation established a new curriculum called STEAM to enhance children’s skills in critical thinking while being enrolled in a Pre-K program. is now offering the STEAM approach to education. We aim to give preschoolers learning experiences in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Through our different engaging activities, children will be able to apply their knowledge in Math and Engineering to build simple structures and solve daily challenges critically.

We make sure that children are provided with the right amount of support to engage in STEAM learning activities and be well rounded in different areas. We also take into consideration the concerns of parents when it comes to the safety of their children. Let Your Child's Future Be Bright. Every parent desires for their child to succeed in life.

Let Your Child's Future Be Bright

Like a seed that needs the right amount of sunlight and water for growth, every child also needs the right amount of school, play, and guidance for proper development. All these are necessary for the child to acquire a headstart in life. At , we prepare your child for the future. Our preschool in San Diego, California aims to guide children to reach their full potential through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) approach of education. We offer the following programs: STEAM – A curriculum to help your child excel in math, science, and the arts. Although there are several preschools around, our school remains to be an exceptional daycare in California due to the eagerness and passion of our faculty. A Holistic Approach to Learning. Studies on child development show that the brain is on its most active development process from birth to age 5.

A Holistic Approach to Learning

This is why parents and educational institutions should work hand in hand to make the most out of this process. When your kid reaches the age of 3, you should look for a pre-K program that aims to realize your child’s full potential and growth. An ideal early education program is one that incorporates STEAM on its curriculum. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The Concordia University in Portland lists the following benefits that students will get from STEAM-based learning activities: It exposes learners to the creative processWhen students are exposed to activities that incorporate more than one element of STEAM, they are encouraged to ask questions, discover answers, apply their learning, and learn creative ways to solve problems. Don’t Allow Your Child to Have Unhealthy Eating Habits. Children love eating snacks at home and in their preschool in San Diego, California.

Don’t Allow Your Child to Have Unhealthy Eating Habits

Sometimes, parents allow them to rummage through their refrigerator or snack bar so they can have something quick to eat. However, it’s necessary to monitor how much they are eating because you don’t want your child to become overweight. Overeating is one of the biggest reasons why many children suffer from obesity. It does not only impact their health, but it also affects their self-esteem, especially when they get teased by others for not being thin enough. How Storytelling Can Promote Your Child's Learning. Storytelling is often part of an early education program in most daycare centers like our Daycare in California.

How Storytelling Can Promote Your Child's Learning

Storytelling is a great way children learn and can have many benefits for their early development. Here are a few ways that storytelling can promote your child’s learning from us here at : It improves their creativityBeing creative helps children learn faster and overcome different challenges. Creativity can help them understand things better by promoting a way of thinking and analyzing. In the typical Pre-K program, storytelling and other activities that promote creativity is usually part of the curriculum. A Few Fun Learning Games for Your Children at Home.

It is important for your child’s early development that their learning is not confined to the four walls of a classroom.

A Few Fun Learning Games for Your Children at Home

There are many things parents can do to supplement their child’s learning at home and promote their early development especially when learning is made fun through games. A usual Pre-K program incorporates playtime and fun learning activities in their teaching techniques. Here are a few fun learning games to play with your children at home from us here at : Letter MatchingThis is a great game and can be played relatively easy. Just make some letter cut outs using paper or cardboard and present various toys and items in front of them. Ways to Promote Your Child’s Knowledge at a Young Age. Getting Your Little One Ready for School. For new and old parents alike, getting your child ready for the school day may be accompanied by the morning rush where everyone is making sure that they have everything they need to be ready for the day.

Getting Your Little One Ready for School

This may especially true for children who have just started a Pre-K program and have not yet fully adapted to school life. How to Help Your Child Adjust to Preschool. Getting your child into a preschool in San Diego, California offers many benefits. It can be an excellent place for them to interact with other children and teachers. They can learn valuable life lessons such as following the rules, sharing with their friends, and waiting for their turn. It also can equip them academically. However, going to preschool may cause anxiety to your child, especially when entering an environment filled with unfamiliar faces. As a result, you may have mixed emotions about whether your little one is ready for preschool or not, as per our educators in .