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Furniture Bay one of the leading Office Furniture Suppliers in Uk. Now at Furniture Bay you can browse our full range of Office Furniture, fabric, mesh, wooden and high back office chairs including bar stools products at most affordable price.

Picking The Right Office Furniture for Your Small/Home Office. Give Your Bar a Fresh New Look - Furniture Bay. A Buyer's Guide to Office Chairs. Kitchen Stools - For Every Place, Decoration, and Face Lift. How to Brighten Up a Dark Kitchen. Kitchen is the place where you cook all your favourite meals and along with that, it’s a place where you socialise over a cup of tea or coffee with family and friends.

How to Brighten Up a Dark Kitchen

Keeping this in mind, it is important to make your kitchen bright, well-lit and a place where you can enjoy your meal in comfort. A dark kitchen gives a gloomy effect and if this vicinity is dark and dull, it’s time to do something about it. These are some ways you can work on it: A kitchen with dark walls, dark cabinets and dark furniture,implies you are doing everything wrong. When it comes to decor, balancing colours is very crucial for the right look.For instance the cabinets fill most of the walls, so changing their colour would definitely make a difference. Change the Lighting Does your kitchen have sufficient lighting? Change the Furniture. The Many Uses of Bar Stools. High stools may traditionally be associated with bars, but they also have a range of other uses in both domestic and commercial settings.

The Many Uses of Bar Stools

Stools are lightweight, portable and don't take up much room, so they are the perfect solution for a wide range of environments. Modern interior design is all about open spaces and communal living, and the inclusion of breakfast bar stools in your kitchen creates a social area that is perfect for families and house shares alike. Bar stools give you the required height to sit comfortably at a breakfast bar and tuck neatly out of the way when not in use, so they really are the obvious choice. Take a Seat: Funky Furniture for the Home. How To Buy The Right Office Chairs For The Office. There are a couple of things to look into when buying office chairs.

How To Buy The Right Office Chairs For The Office

When you think about it, employees will be sitting down at a desk for a large percentage of the day. People need to be comfortable in order to perform well. More and more people are booked off because of back problems related to bad posture, which can relate to the chair in which they are sitting at. Of course, you need to consider your budget, but you also need to ask yourself what is more important. You may want to think of quality and a one off cost before going to a second hand junk shop on the main street. There are a couple of different options available as office workers have begun to see. Many people enjoy the high back office chair, which are usually provided with a lot of padding for your back and neck.

Most businesses also want something that looks good. Add a Bit of Comfort to Your Breakfast Using Bar Stools. When you hear someone talking about bar stools, you immediately think of the tall stools that are always placed near the bar.

Add a Bit of Comfort to Your Breakfast Using Bar Stools

You can find bar stools in all sorts of locations, from pubs to bars, and even clubs. Although their name suggests that these stools belong in a bar, there are a lot more options than you'd think. One of those options is the kitchen. Depending on your kitchen layout and furniture, there are more than just a few ways to fit at least a couple of bar stools in it. Kitchen islands are becoming a very popular trend, gaining attention especially in the past few years. That's where the bar stool comes in. Our busy lives don't always leave us with enough time for a proper breakfast. Use Them to Bring the Family Together. Spice up Your Office With Colourful Office Chairs – Bar Stools. Providing a pleasant work environment is vital for improving employee morale and boosting productivity.

Spice up Your Office With Colourful Office Chairs – Bar Stools

This can be achieved in part by providing an interesting, stimulating environment with pleasant and well thought-out décor. Part of this comes down to office furniture choices, and office chairs in particular have the potential to play a significant role. Why Choose Colourful Office Chairs? A pleasant, interesting and stimulating office environment helps your employees to be more productive and generally feel happier. People are much more at-home working in a unique, interesting and well-decorated office than in a faceless, functional, grey space. How Office Environments Can Affect Productivity. Bar and office furniture to embellish your sight.

Impress Your Visitors and Guests with Stylish Furniture. Some Interesting Information about Office Chairs and Bar Stools. There are three main things without which an office cannot be operated and these things are employees, managers, and work.

Some Interesting Information about Office Chairs and Bar Stools

In order for work to be carried out properly and efficiently, it is vital that employees in the office are provided with comfortable environment and tools that they can use to bring out their best efforts. Since in office, especially those businesses that operate in services industry, the employees sitting behind the desk perform the major work. So it is important that comfortable office chairs to be provided, so that they can perform in much efficient manner.

Happy employees are those employees who feel confident and content at workplace, so it is of immense importance that employees are kept happy and they are provided with gadgets that can make them happy and comfortable. If employees are provided with comfortable chairs, they won’t experience problems, which are normally associated with sitting positions.