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Red Kellys - Australia's Choice for Salad Dressings. Picnic recipes. 27 Awesome Easy Lunches To Bring To Work. 27 Delicious And Healthy Meals With No Meat. Chilled Corn Soup Recipe. This soup recipe from The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook, which can also be served hot, is wonderful made with water, but if you have a little extra time, it’s far better with corn broth.

Chilled Corn Soup Recipe

Not only does the broth enhance the flavor, but it gets the most out of the fresh corn, so nothing goes to waste. Simply put the stripped cobs in a large pot with some chopped onions, carrots, celery, and garlic, cover with water, and bring to a boil, then reduce the heat, let it simmer for about 30 minutes, and strain. If you have some left over, you can use corn broth for many other things: making polenta, braising vegetables, or whenever you need a vegetable broth.

Chilled Corn Soup Recipe from The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook Serves 4 to 6 Garnish 1 teaspoon olive oil 1⁄2 cup corn kernels (from about 1 ear) 1⁄2 cup finely diced zucchini Salt and pepper 12 cherry tomatoes, halved 1 radish, very thinly sliced Extra-virgin olive oil 2 shiso leaves, julienned (optional) Chickpea Recipes collection - Eggplant Recipes collection - Vegetarian Recipes collection - Popular Searches: AdvancedSearch From selected publications Coles Country Style Delicious Fresh Living Notebook Super Food Ideas Taste Magazine Vogue Entertaining + Travel By Time/Ease 15 minute 30 minute Easy Everyday easy Quick meals Shortcuts By cuisine Asian British Chinese French Greek Indian Italian Japanese Malaysian Mexican Spanish Thai Turkish Vietnamese By Ingredient Apple Asparagus Bacon & ham Banana Beef Broccoli Cheese Chicken Chocolate Eggplant Fig Fish Fish & seafood Lamb Lamb shanks Lemon Mango Mince Passionfruit Pasta Pear Pineapple Pork Potato Pumpkin Quinoa Rice Rhubarb Salmon Sausage Soy milk Strawberry Tomato Zucchini.

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Great meals for one – go on, treat yourself. One of the great joys of cooking is sharing the results.

Great meals for one – go on, treat yourself

There's nothing quite like preparing a feast for appreciative friends, or creating a special meal for someone you love. Cooking for one? That's less fun. As one of the 7.7m Brits who live alone, I do it almost every night of the week.Most recipes cater for four or six. 鼎泰豐. 5 best Chinese restaurants in Singapore. If you’ve grown up in Singapore, it’s likely that you have a Chinese restaurant for each one of your staple cravings whatever your dialect (or non-dialect) group.

5 best Chinese restaurants in Singapore

It could be that plate of glistening greased-up fried rice with pearl-like prawns; the sizzling clay pot of bean curd tossed up in sticky oyster sauce; or that simple but painstakingly-cooked bowl of soup. Here is a list of Singapore’s best Chinese restaurants where we’ve been getting nourishment year after year. Best Cantonese: Wing Seong Fatty’s Ho sek ah! The mouthwatering Cantonese fare at Wing Seong Fatty’s is worth the calories. 5 best Indian restaurants in Singapore. Singapore loves its curries.

5 best Indian restaurants in Singapore

And while the Indian ethnic group makes up of about nine percent of Singapore -- a considerably small percentage -- the rich mélange of spices, ingredients and textures has long permeated the island, the country’s multicultural society and rightfully so. And yes, we’re looking past you Cook-a-Curry day family. More on CNNGo: Charlene Fang: Singapore curry debate on the nose The Indian signature dishes: the versatile roti prata, hearty biryani and eye-popping fish head curry have all been adopted into the daily and hawker realms. Local families have their own version of a curry recipe, as well as their favorite selection of Indian restaurants. Here are five of our top establishments, each representing a different copper pot of Indian culture. Which country has the best food? We love to write about food.

Which country has the best food?

We love to celebrate the good stuff and lambaste the bad. But there's a debate we've avoided, if only to save computer screens the world over from the liters of spittle that will fly from the mouths of irate readers as they vent incredulously about our "ignorant, biased, un-researched and unreasoned" choices. Which is why, having taken the plunge, we want to turn this particular piece over to you, and ask: which country has the best food? We've started the (dough) ball rolling with our own ranking here.

Make Indian Food at Home: 20 Great Recipes, from Chutney to Chapati — Kitchn Recipe Roundup. This Week My Friends Ate the Carrots, Cucumbers and Cabbage in My CSA Box — Keeping Up With My CSA Box: Week 5. Five Ways to Eat: Spinach. Easy Pantry Dinners: 5 Quick Dishes with Couscous. Couscous was invented for rushed, distracted, and hard-working cooks like us.

Easy Pantry Dinners: 5 Quick Dishes with Couscous

Ok, maybe it was invented to go with delicious North African tagines and Middle Eastern pilafs. But the fact that it cooks up in minutes and requires almost no attention makes it feel like our weeknight meal savior. Couscous is a kind of pasta made with semolina flour, but it doesn't require boiling to cook it. Traditionally, couscous is steamed, but most of the couscous we buy in the US only needs to be soaked in hot water. The basic ratio is one cup of water (or even better, broth!) Dinner Quick: 10 Flavorful Couscous Recipes. Previous image Next image When it comes to jazzing up couscous, you can pretty much run wild.

Dinner Quick: 10 Flavorful Couscous Recipes

Almonds, pomegranate seeds, chorizo, saffron ... Handheld Salads: 5 Favorite Sandwich Wrap Recipes. Skip the Microwave: Lunches That Don't Need Reheating. Cook Vietnamese At Home: 10 Delicious Recipes, from Bánh Mì to Vegetarian Pho — Kitchn Recipe Roundup. Previous image Next image Have you ever cooked Vietnamese at home?

Cook Vietnamese At Home: 10 Delicious Recipes, from Bánh Mì to Vegetarian Pho — Kitchn Recipe Roundup

If not, now is the time to try your hand at it. Doesn't this sweet corn pudding sound delicious? Perfect for prime corn season. Gallery: 11 Winter Salads to Eat Right Now. Thailand to Vietnam: 20 Fresh Recipes for Summer from Southeast Asia. Previous image Next image In the heat of summer, I often turn to dishes from Southeast Asia.

Thailand to Vietnam: 20 Fresh Recipes for Summer from Southeast Asia

Stir-fried noodles, cooked quickly with delicious morsels of pork or chicken, cool salads with shredded green mango, noodles tossed with sweet and spicy peanut sauce, and milky tea with pearls of boba tapioca — these are some of the most refreshing dishes in my repertoire. Cool Noodle Salads: 10 Simple Meals Inspired by Vietnam. How To Cook Fluffy, Tasty Quinoa — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn. Previous image Next image How to cook fluffy, tasty quinoa. You can use any kind of quinoa (white - also sold as golden - red, or black). Use water to cook it or, as I do here, chicken broth. Quinoa has come a long way in the last few years. Cultivated in the Andes for over 5,000 years, quinoa has been called the "mother grain" and "the gold of the Incas. " Salad for Dinner: 7 Additions to Make it Filling. We like to eat salad for dinner, but we don't want to be hungry an hour later.

There are plenty of main dish salad recipes out there (we wrote about some of our favorites in this post), but often we want just a simple green salad--only we need one or two extra things to make it more hearty. Here are seven quick additions. Obviously, you could add some shredded chicken to almost any salad and make it a filling meal. Our point here is to suggest things that might not need a lot of extra prep or cooking. 10 Lighter, Fresher Pasta Salads — Recipes from The Kitchn. Edamame & Cauliflower Pasta Salad with Feta. Do you make pasta salads? Or do they bring to mind visions of mushy pasta in a greasy slick of mayonnaise? Pasta salads can be some of the freshest, most summery foods in your repertoire, and they also are the perfect lunch food — they keep for days in the refrigerator and are a little meal all in themselves.

Here's one from my own kitchen: A fresh salad tossed with olive oil, cauliflower, and bright green edamame. This is a very pretty salad; it's green and fresh, and summer comfort food at its best. Whole Grains for Lunch: 15 Hearty, Satisfying Lunch Salads — Recipes from The Kitchn. 15 Pasta Salads to Make This 4th of July — Recipes from The Kitchn. The Clever Carrot - healthy comfort food. Gratin. Chocolate Martini.

Donna Hay - Recipes. Donna Hay - Recipes. Donna Hay - Recipes. Puffed cheese omelette ¼ cup (60g) mascarpone 1 tablespoon chopped chives 2 free-range eggs, separated 2 tablespoons single (pouring) cream sea salt and cracked black pepper 30g butter 1 tablespoon finely grated parmesan 1 tablespoon grated cheddar finely grated parmesan, extra, to serve Combine the mascarpone and chives and set aside. Place the egg yolks, cream, salt and pepper in a bowl and whisk to combine. Whisk the eggwhite until stiff peaks form and fold through the egg yolk mixture. Melt the butter in a 20cm non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Donna Hay - Recipes. Donna Hay - Recipes.

Spiced pastries ½ cup (110g) white sugar ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon mixed spice 1¾ cups (260g) plain (all-purpose) flour, sifted 1¾ teaspoons baking powder ½ cup (70g) pitted and chopped dates ½ cup (125ml) pouring (single) cream ½ cup (125ml) milk 30g butter Preheat oven to 180°C (355°F). Combine the sugar, cinnamon and mixed spice and set aside. Place the flour, baking powder and dates in a bowl and stir to combine. Make a well in the centre, gradually add the cream and milk, stirring, until a soft dough forms. Donna Hay - Recipes. Green beans with almonds, oregano and lemon 40g unsalted butter 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1 cup (140g) slivered almonds 2 tablespoons finely shredded lemon zest ½ cup oregano leaves 800g green beans, trimmed 2 tablespoons lemon juice sea salt and cracked black pepper Melt the butter and oil in a large deep-sided frying pan over medium heat.

Donna Hay - Recipes. Crispy prawns with lemon chilli salt. Donna Hay - Recipes. Donna Hay - Recipes. White sangria. Donna Hay - Recipes. Donna Hay - Home Page. Jamie's Money Saving Meals. Our 10 best basil recipes. Basil, coconut and chilli ice-cream. Official website for recipes, books, tv shows and restaurants. Recipe chicken lemone. 22 recipe ideas for leftover rice. For a foodstuff that is consumed by half the world's population, in the west, we seem to value it so lightly. Of all the rice cooked at home in the UK, we throw away a staggering 40,000 tonnes every year, according to WRAP's Household Food and Drink Waste in the United Kingdom 2012 report. The statistics from other countries aren't any better. The US Department of Agriculture estimates that about a third of rice bought by consumers is thrown out.

And to add to this appalling waste of a valuable food staple, there is a massive environmental impact in terms of water wasted too. Throwing out one kg of rice is the equivalent of 2,497 litres of water, if you take into consideration the amount of water needed to grow it, let alone cook it. Is not available. Amuse Your Bouche - Simple vegetarian recipes. Marmaduke Scarlet. Tinned Tomatoes. How to be a Gourmand — More time eating, less time cooking. Nigel Slater. Yotam Ottolenghi recipes. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipes. Recipe cabbage curry. Mum’s Roast Veggie Salad. Loading ... As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing quite like my Mum’s home cooking!! She always cooked us the most wonderful healthy and delicious food growing up and as kids we were encouraged to help out in the kitchen as often as we liked; a great tradition that has been passed on to their grandkids too.

I know my sister, brother and I acquired our love of cooking and healthy food by sharing in this experience and can’t thank both my parents enough for all the wonderful times we have spent in the kitchen together as a family. Mum and Dad have been visiting with us this past week and I had a couple of dinner requests for her, including the firm family favourite roast veggie salad. I have wanted to share this veggie salad recipe for a while and am very happy to be posting it for you today.

Mum’s roast veggie salad is truly a taste sensation with a combination of all the good things in one delicious bowl, just check out that tasty list of ingredients!!

Recipes A

Recipe Eggplant olive dip. Paleo Paisan - A gluten-free, dairy-free blog with delicious recipes. The Full Plate Blog. Recipe Arancini, with porcini and mushroom. Recipe thai cucumber salad with peanuts. Recipes jamie oliver. Recipes jamie oliver gorgeous green smoothie. Recipe chicken chilli soup. Beef stroganoff Recipe - Quick and easy at