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Metropolitan migrant resource centre. Victoria is the place to be as Australia's population growth slows. In the past year, Australia’s population grew more slowly than it has for nearly a decade.

Victoria is the place to be as Australia's population growth slows

The slowing growth reflects the slowing of Australia’s economy, as fewer migrants have been coming to Australia since the mining boom went off the boil at the end of 2012. And the moves within the country from one state to another also highlight that people who move to where the jobs are are no longer moving to the west. In the 12 months to March this year, Australia’s population grew by just 1.35%.

UK Visas and Immigration. History[edit] The Home Secretary Theresa May announced the abolition of the UK Border Agency on 26 March 2013, with the intention that its work would be returned to the Home Office.[1] The agency's executive agency status was removed, and internally it was split, with one division responsible for the visa system and the other for immigration enforcement.[2] Sarah Rapson, the Registrar General for England and Wales, was appointed as interim Director General of UK Visas and Immigration.

UK Visas and Immigration

Her position was made permanent on 5 March 2014.[3] Role[edit] UKVI operates the UK visa system, managing applications from foreign nationals seeking to visit or work in the UK, and also considers applications from businesses and educational institutions seeking to become sponsors for foreign nationals. It also considers applications from foreign nationals seeking British citizenship. References[edit] External links[edit] Official website. Jewish population by country. Jewish population by country (2013) The world's core Jewish population in early 2014 was estimated at 14.2 million people (around 0.2% of the world population).[1][2] While dozens of countries host at least a small Jewish population, the community is concentrated in a handful: Israel and the United States account for 83% of the Jewish population, while a total of 18 countries host 98%.[2] With just over 6 million Jews, Israel is the only Jewish majority and explicitly Jewish state.

Jewish population by country

Jewish population figures for the United States are contested, ranging between 5.7 and 6.8 million.[3] (The core global total of Jews jumps above 15 million if the highest American estimates are assumed). Other countries with a significant Jewish population are, like Israel and the US, typically well-developed OECD members with Jews concentrated in major urban centers.[2] Iranian refugees australia. Surveillance Australia. Surveillance Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian aviation company.

Surveillance Australia

It is a subsidiary of National Jet Systems, which is ultimately owned by Cobham plc. It is primarily engaged in servicing the Australian Customs Service Coastwatch contract, flying surveillance patrols within the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (AEEZ), but it also operates an aircraft for Tenix LADS. Operations[edit] Surveillance Australia Dash 8 (2005). The aircraft fly over 20,000 hours a year of surveillance flying in the AEEZ, searching for illegal fishing vessels, people smugglers, drug importation, immigration and quarantine breaches, and also regularly assist in search and rescue operations. Surveillance Australia has played major roles in several border protection operations, directly contributing to over 200 foreign fishing vessels being apprehended and destroyed for illegally fishing for shark fin, reef fish and dolphins in Australian waters each year.[1] Fleet and Bases[edit] Fleet[edit]

World comes to call Dalwallinu home. The main street of Dalwallinu is typical of a Wheatbelt town — the wide road, the quintessential pub, a friendly cafe and saleyards full of machinery.

World comes to call Dalwallinu home

Immigration. Net migration rates for 2011: positive (blue), negative (orange), stable (green), and no data (gray) Immigration is the movement of people into another country or region to which they are not native in order to settle there,[1]especially permanently[2] Immigration is a result of a number of factors, including economic and/or political reasons, family re-unification, natural disasters or the wish to change one's surroundings voluntarily.


Immigration history of Australia. G20 summit: fast-track business lanes for Australians at Heathrow. Up to 75,000 top Australian businesspeople who regularly travel to the UK are to be given new rights to be fast-tracked through British airports, under plans unveiled by David Cameron as he arrived in Australia for the G20 summit.

G20 summit: fast-track business lanes for Australians at Heathrow

The scheme is likely to benefit Lynton Crosby, David Cameron’s top pollster and strategist, but Downing Street said the idea had been pressed on the UK government by Australian officials as a way of easing relations between the two countries. Under the scheme, business figures, entrepreneurs and investors who have visited the UK four times within 12 months will be able to apply to use electronic passport-reading gates in future to speed their transit through Heathrow and Gatwick. Australia expands visa programme aimed at rich Chinese. 14 October 2014Last updated at 12:27 ET Australia's 'significant investor' visa programme has attracted many immigrants from China The Australian government is introducing new immigration rules aimed at attracting wealthy immigrants.

Australia expands visa programme aimed at rich Chinese

Applicants who invest at least A$15m ($13m; £8.09m) will now be eligible for permanent residency after one year. Since 2012 a fast-track to permanent residency has been open to those who commit at least A$5m ($4.6m; £2.8m) over four years - 90% of successful applicants have been Chinese. Australia is looking for new sources of growth as its mining boom winds down.

"The government will reform the programme to encourage more high net-worth individuals to make Australia home," Prime Minister Tony Abbott said in a joint statement with the immigration and trade ministers. Mandatory immigration detention is a billion-dollar business – analysis. The Australian government’s policy of mandatory detention for asylum seekers has benefited contractors by up to $10bn since mid-2007.

Mandatory immigration detention is a billion-dollar business – analysis

Private firms 'are using detained immigrants as cheap labour' The Yarl's Wood detention centre, Bedfordshire.

Private firms 'are using detained immigrants as cheap labour'

A detainee who worked as a cleaner said she believed they were a substitute for staff paid the minimum wage. Photograph: Sean Dempsey/PA Archive/Press Association Ima Campaigners have criticised private firms for using immigration detainees as cheap labour inside detention centres after research suggested this saves them millions of pounds. Some detainees said they were being paid as little as £1 an hour to cook and clean. Home Office figures showed that in May this year, detainees in centres run by Serco, G4S and other contractors did nearly 45,000 hours of work for a total of nearly £45,500 in pay. Over 12 months, the figures suggest that the firms – which also include Mitie and GEO – could have saved more than £2.8m, according to research group Corporate Watch, which obtained the data, and said firms were "exploiting their captive migrant workforce".

South African Australian. South African Australians are Australian citizens who are of South African ancestry or South Africa-born people who reside in Australia. According to the 2006 Australian census 104,128 Australians were born in South Africa.[1] Also in the Census 79,513 residents claimed South African ancestry, either alone or with another ancestry.[2] Immigration from South Africa to Australia, particularly by professionals, accelerated in the 1990s. The majority of South African immigrants to Australia were of British descent, only a very small percentage, around 2-3% were of Afrikaans origin. Immigration Is a Lifeblood, Let's Not Cut It Off.