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Brothers and Sisters My story is long, but yet it's still a true story (never the less). First let me apologies for writing so long... There's a mountain of information which compelled me to commission myself to make FUNK basses... Also excuse me of my typo's for my mind is working faster than I could type. So, with that being said, I wanted to make myself known to you as a Brother, who woke up one day, tired of seeing and watching bass players without having a "structured choice" from everything else they were playing... Well, the best place to start, is at the beginning... Almost (5) years ago, I started thinking about the electric bass, and reading everything I could about the origins, and all the way, to the time, Leo Fender was given the first US Patent for the first Electric Bass back in 1951. Leo's bass was called: The Fender Precision Bass. During the 50's Rock and Roll era, most bass players were still using the upright bass. (Those things take up too much space...) However Leo, would be allured to Jazz, and find an African American man named: Monk Montgomery (the Elder brother of the Great Wes Montgomery). Monk Montgomery (May He Rest In Peace) was selected, and he accepted to be the first electric bass player (while the rest of American music world was asleep) . For me, learning this information, was the first "Moon Landing" for the future electric bass players, because before Monk, there was nobody. Monk's work with the electric bass, made him "The Father of electric bass players". How beautiful for Leo, to choose such a talented man, and how beautiful it was for Monk to take such risks in music, and setting aside the traditional "upright" bass, for something more portable, and using electrical transducer, to produce sound. This was clearly an amazing story of two pioneers who changed music world for evermore -- for the good of all. Prior to the origins of a portable guitars, and/or basses, I learned that the Banjo came from Africa, and made by Africans before Columbus chartered ships for sailing. Why, is this information not known??? Most would think, the Banjo came from the South (The land of Dixie and Cotton) ... but I digress... So in our so-called modern times, when it comes to the designs of the electric bass, clearly -- they were built great for the typical over hand fingering style of playing. However, when FUNK was born, and Larry Graham challenged us with a new bass style of playing the electric bass, the Bass became a totally different instrument. Thus, from the perspective of current modern basses today, were never deigned for such bass tactics, thus technically those basses in those days, and the most modern basses are technically primitively built, are deem antiquated to be acceptable by definitions of form and function standards. Under the current misconceptions, FUNK is only understood as a style in music, and not to be defined as a manifestation of a real tangible object. Therefore, in order for FUNK to never die as an art, it too, must also be a manifestation of an object with the same levels of importance!!! Coming to this conclusion, was earth awakening (out of body) experience. I felt the energy like I had not experienced in my life, because this understanding about the legacy of FUNK must have a bass to be distinguish from all other basses, because the concepts and designs must make the style of playing the FUNK a primary design consideration over and above all other styles. So with that, I make FUNK basses that structurally supports the FUNK! The script was just flipped, therefore from this day forward, nothing will never be as they were (Thank GOD)! I am Hal, the owner and Luthier of Hal's FUNK Basses. I am just letting bass players know, that a new "DOG" is in the ring. We make FUNK Basses, and nothing is worth our time or cares than to make the very best basses than all worlds. Now, we all know what FUNK is when it come to a musical style, and methods of play. We make basses that are the most physically, and ergonomically designed. FUNK is so important to us, we had to make a bass that supports the players. In better to understand what we define as a FUNK Bass, please read our very strict FUNK Bass standard called: Hal's "The 10 Commandments of a FUNK Bass" 1. We believe A FUNK Bass shape must be designed for "Slap, Pop, Thump, and Strumming "First", then support "hand over fingering" (not the other way around) in our own image and design. The shape is designed to provide more freedom, with less wood restricting your forearm and wrist actions and support a players posture ergonomically with less stress on the arms. 2. We believe, a FUNK Bass must use a minimum of (2) truss rods (we make them here...) and made from strong non-electromagnetic materials, to prevent RF disturbances. 3. We believe, pickups should be powerful enough to be laid flat and even along the surface of the body and away from colliding with your playing hands. 4. We believe, to never follow the majority of other basses in using nickel frets. Nickel as a metal, is "much too soft" of a metal for the FUNK methods of playing our basses, for we know -- the quality and integrity of the metal will simply not last for the beating!!! Our FUNK basses use Stainless Steel Frets. Stainless Steel Frets are designed to take the brutal punishments of the FUNK attack, and still look shinny and look un-worn and beautiful ready for more. We never use nickle frets, nor will we ever! 5. We Believe Knobs should never be in the way of the hands. A FUNK Bass knobs are out of the way, allowing your hand clearance to attack. 6. We believe the spine of every FUNK Bass must have about (1+) inch hard wood like ebony, or Brazilian Walnut etc... to enhance the strength, and sustaining of every note. 7. We believe a FUNK Bass must uses SOLID wires only. Solid wires don't move, and they don't short out from the shocks of any FUNK attacks. Also, the majority of all other basses use strained wires, which shorts-out, do to environmental bacterial, and fungus corrosion, and repetitive movements from playing. 8. We believe a FUNK Bass should never have any object in the way of the stroke. No switches, whammy bars, thumb rests NOTHING! 9. We believe, a FUNK Bass could never be a Fretless bass. 10. We believe a FUNK Bass origins must be true of its African roots and traditions of FUNK players everywhere, and never be forgotten. We are a African American Own and Operated Business, supporting only people who supports FUNK Music exclusively (everybody)! If interested, call a Brother share with me your musical legacy, and make me apart to support your groove, I am down to earth and ready to help anyway, and every way I can! Peace and Love, (209) 663-4021 PAYPAL account: Peace and Love, Hal-