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Funday is the largest provider of Sports training for children under the age of 8 years. We teach sports in a new and innovative way “The FUNDAY Way” which brings fun and excitement to your little ones.

From ‘Ideation To Execution’- Story of Funday Sports With Time Kids · Funday Sports. Ms.

From ‘Ideation To Execution’- Story of Funday Sports With Time Kids · Funday Sports

Rachna Agarwal, who was the director of Time Kids playschool, Domalguda branch was very sceptical about their group’s partnership with Funday Sports, 2 years back. She had this because of 2 reasons: One- the children were too young and two-the area was too small for any activity. This is what Rachna stated exactly when interviewed about her experience: “We have been partners with Funday Sports for the last 2 years. Frankly, when 2 years back Gaurav came to me and proposed to me about Funday Sports, I was very sceptical because I thought that the age group of the children was too young and two- we didn’t have the space to try out sports”.

But, Gaurav Oswal, the CMO of Funday Sports was very insistent and told that they should definitely try it out with Funday team. Healthy Snack Options for Tiffin for a 4-year-old kid · Funday Sports. Parents are so concerned about their children that they do not have enough time for certain things.

Healthy Snack Options for Tiffin for a 4-year-old kid · Funday Sports

Contemporary generation of parents, even with their working schedules, is so timeless that they do not give nutritious and healthy foods for their kids as breakfast. The day starts with a good breakfast and hence the following 5 ideas for a healthy snacking routine can be followed by a parent to provide to kids about 4 to 5 years. List of Activities for Activity Centres · Funday Sports. An activity centre is something that every parent must consider when they think of their child’s overall healthy physical and mental development.

List of Activities for Activity Centres · Funday Sports

An activity or a game centre aims at bringing the children to learn various aspects of the curriculum, outside the boundaries of the school, extra classes, and even a play school. Few activities may eventually bring the best out of the child as he or she grows. Let us look at the following 4 ideas for setting up programs and activities in various children activity centres; The only drama company which aims for the well-being of children and even with inclusions of adolescents and adults drama is “Helen O’Grady International Edudrama Academy”, the most successful drama over the country, which is set up in various popular cities likes Goa, Karnataka, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu respectively.

Voice modulationPersonal copingSelf-confidencePublic speakingLanguage skills. Which is the best option for kids: Single Sports or Multi-Sports? · Funday Sports. “Jack of all trades master of none” is a strong quote that people follow for years.

Which is the best option for kids: Single Sports or Multi-Sports? · Funday Sports

Now, this philosophy does not work with sports, as multiple sports is very much advantageous than single sports for the growing kid’s generation. International countries and foreign kids are so much benefit from this notion. Thus, let us look why multi-sports is a good option to rely upon; Young kids when they are part of only one sport they get easily bored as they play the same thing daily.

Take this case: “A 5-years-old boy who with his parents support had joined a skating club; he gets very much interested in it the beginning; later after a month his parents on seeing his love towards skating presents him a roller skates pack; as days pass, he becomes so bored and does not use the skates regularly; he slowly even stops going to the skating classes and sadly starts hating every other sports activity.”

SCREEN TIME - A RISING PROBLEM FOR KIDS · Funday Sports. The count of number of gadgets and devices and the other forms of digital media has spread and exploded over the last 20 years and still continues in its growth.


Parents and job professionals are raising so many questions and doubtful concerns about the impact of this technology having on children, and are trying to keep their children from harm and unsafe practices of technology. Particular to the use of technology, the over concerned problem currently by all the parents is over their kid’s longer screen time from Televisions, Laptops, and mobile phones.

Let us look into the problem of screen time for growing kids 1. Major depressive syndrome.2. MYTHS OF GRASSROOT LEVEL SPORTS IN INDIA · Funday Sports. When Indians and the Indian Government are growing at a fast pace for the development of its nation’s people, no one recognised the young minds of India, that is, the stages of a kid from his or her 3 to 8 years has not been that much influential in many ways in our country.


According to the inferential Statistics Canada, the year 1998 saw more than about 8-million people aged 15+ participate ed in any sport. But why is India so much behind the need for grassroots level sports? So, there are these stigmas, stereotypes, and wrong labelling of small kids when they start entering into some sports field in a very early age.

Considering sports for very young Indian kids, let us look at the 3 major Indian myths that every India born kid’s experiences during her childhood sports days; The stage of a child’s developmental pattern in terms of physical, social, physiological, and psychological is dependent upon the speed of the growth. TOP 5 BUSINESS IDEAS FOR WOMEN WITH YOUNG KIDS · Funday Sports. As a woman, even after your maternity or any other positive or negative hindrance, you can start being independent by having your own job and seeing some cash on your own.


Working, not depending on anyone, that too as a female is of much power, and hence take the following points into mind as you are going to restart your career on your own; Women who would like to restart their careers can initiate you with new ideas relating to sports and kids like by starting an after school sports clubs and programs, giving children mental and physical training and also helping them grow healthy. The only con is the work commitments are fixed at a particular time of the day which is to be followed routinely. But, after school sports franchising are a very good idea as you even reap benefits like a general salary from the works, being around with different people for sports on the ground, you can your rent on hourly basis which is good, and also the job satisfaction is high.

THE SPECIAL GAMES FOR 4-YEAR OLD CHILDREN · Funday Sports. Taking the consideration of the age group of 4, the period of a child’s development where the kid would have already developed bodily growth like fast movements, walking, running, jumping, etc.; this is the time for the child to develop upon various physical skills and join in some basic sports and games.


The early age of, sports not only improves the child’s physical and physiological growth, but also develops the psychological and social aspects of the kid. The age of 4 is the apt age to make the child active and participate on their own in some aspect of outdoor game or sport. Therefore let us take a peek into the 5 important games that will be very much beneficial for a 4 year old.

JACLINART NICHE STORES. TOP 5 INNOVATIVE BUSINESS IDEAS FOR COUPLES · Funday Sports. TOP 5 BUSINESSES FOR MOTHERS OF 3 YEAR OLDS · Funday Sports. No matter what background a person comes from, a female can stand alone and set up her own small-scale business from her homes simultaneously by taking care of her children.


Here are few small scale business ideas for the mothers, especially concerning to moms of 3 year olds. Making soaps were once confined only for industries, but this is not the case now. Even individuals can prepare colored fragrant soaps with the necessary kit. This can be taken as a small scale business too by mothers and they can make their small income from their own startups. From preparing scented soaps, colored bath essentials, and designer water bombs, a mother can be successful from her simple efforts for soap preparations. Nowadays bloggers make huge amounts of cash from writing out their hearts and souls. HEALTHY FOODS FOR 5-YEAR-OLD KIDS · Funday Sports. Growing children who healthy foods tend to bDon’t expect the plate to be empty every time but still, offer the food which is healthy and also even taken in smaller amounts has high benefits over the child’s body!


Best 5 Ways To Celebrate Kids Birthdays Parties · Funday Sports. Every kid’s most awaited day of the year is their “happy birthdays”! Yes. Celebrating your kid’s birthday in a very special way will make the kid happy as well as your child will remember it till the end of their lives in their memories. So to make your child’s birthday a very precious one, choose among the following ideas to celebrate: Your child will be either a Pokémon Pikachu’s fan or a Minney mouse addict.

So, find out what is your kid’s favourite cartoon character and choose it as your theme. For example, if your girl child likes Dora so much, then pick out other surrounding characters in it and gather your friends and family to make it as a poster for your walls and even buy cakes, pastries, and other products like cap and blowers related to the character.

If you are planning to have your child’s birthday for being more of an actionable and adventurous one then choose pirates as your theme. Ask your fellow people to dress upon like their favorites sports player.