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Bhaskar Sharma

BHASKAR SHARMA is an energetic educator and dynamic entrepreneur now working for the betterment and development of the students of IIT-JEE, and other Engineering and Medical exams, since more than a Decade.

Quantum Numbers and Electronic Configurations Chemistry for IIT JEE. Electronic configuration - SPDF Configuration: IIT, JEE Chemistry, NEET Preparation. Mole Concept: IIT JEE 11th, 12th Chemistry by Bhaskar Sharma. Bhaskar Sharma Chemistry for IIT JEE NEET – Funda Time. About us As globalization renders our world increasingly flat one cannot help but wonder what the future will look like and how education can adapt to meet the demands of the 21t century children growing up in a world connected by internet In touch with friends and family around the globe solving problems that are transnational in proportion and revolutionary in the way the solutions will change with the way we live and relate ,will need an education that prepares them for these challenges.

Bhaskar Sharma Chemistry for IIT JEE NEET – Funda Time

We at Funda Time are extremely pleased to be the Pioneers to provide our advanced learning technique that will uniquely identify each student’s stumbling blocks and then guide the student to learn the missing concepts. Preparation for IIT JEE NEET, Chemistry Video Lectures, Notes by Bhaskar Sharma.