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RFC (Request for Comments) series ISSN 2070-1721 Contains technical and organizational documents about the Internet, including the technical specifications and policy documents produced by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). RFC Editor The RFC Editor maintains the master repository of RFCs as well as RFC metadata, which can be searched online. The search results include the metadata, links to the RFC text itself, and links to any errata.

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RFC-Editor Webpage
Wifi network analyzers, also known as "packet sniffers" intercept, log and analyze data transferred between two mobile devices for the purpose of troubleshooting network issues, gathering wifi usage statistics, monitoring for security intrusions and for the Blackhat purpose of spying on users within the wifi connection involved in the packet sniffing. Here we review the WireShark Network Analyzer and other free Network data analyzer tools. Wifi network analyzers come in hardware, as well as software versions. Hardware is used for packet sniffing typically works just like a router, where as software based wifi network analyzers run on the devices being monitored. Software wifi packet sniffers are most commonly used for either the invasion of privacy or others for monitoring server traffic, where as hardware wifi packet sniffers are most commonly used for diagnostics and monitoring for performance and security related purposes. Wifi packet sniffing legalities Packet analyzers | Wifi analyzers | Wifi packet sniffers Packet analyzers | Wifi analyzers | Wifi packet sniffers