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Fintech. Following the departure of LendingClub founder and CEO Renaud Laplanche, the online lending industry has been the focus of much attention over the past few days. This is understandable; it’s a surprising development in a prominent sector and media is responsible for holding high-profile executives accountable for what they do. In the reporting of the LendingClub news, however, there is one troubling element. Several outlets are treating peer-to-peer lending as shorthand for the FinTech field as a whole. This makes it seem like FinTech is in trouble when it’s not. FinTech is vast and heterogeneous. FinTech firms are making it easier, cheaper, and more convenient to access financial services and deserve to be treated like the unique and diverse companies they are and not as a homogenous and undifferentiated mass. +Financial Public Relations. As was reported in Bulldog Reporter today, we’ve hired Hod Klien as vice president.

Klein joins us from Dukas Linden Public Relations, where he held the position of Director and led the expansion of the agency’s exchange-traded funds practice, overseeing ETF accounts that totaled more than $4 billion in assets. Throughout his career, he has used his extensive knowledge of the financial services industry and experience with media to advise major financial institutions including hedge funds, private equity firms, mutual funds, ETF providers, and broker-dealers. “I’m excited to be joining the rapidly expanding team at Vested. With both the financial and communications industries undergoing changes, co-founders Binna Kim and Dan Simon are building a next-generation firm,” said Klein.

“The Vested platform is a natural evolution of financial public relations, which allows for a best-in-class client services experience.” Financial Media Training. Financial Marketing. What We Do fully integrated communications Vested helps companies in financial services raise their profile, improve their reputation and drive sales. We achieve this through integrated communications, which is a fancy way of saying we will apply a mix of marketing, PR, social and paid media techniques—alone or in combination—to achieve your desired outcome. the right message for your market Most firms—including some of the very biggest—have either a messaging problem (what they’re saying isn’t clear or isn’t resonating) or a ‘megaphone’ problem (they’re saying the right things but it isn’t being broadcast far enough)—or both.

At Vested we use our industry expertise to ensure you have the right message for the market and tap in to our extensive network to ensure your messages are getting heard. scope of services Previous Market ResearchThought LeadershipContent Development & SyndicationMessage DevelopmentExecutive CoachingMedia TrainingSpeechwriting. Financial Communications. Last night, a campaign that our team conceived and executed on behalf of asset management firm Citadel, “The Business of Star Wars,” was chosen as a Gold winner at the Financial Communications Society’s Portfolio Awards, beating out some truly great work by Prudential Financial and Goldman Sachs. Vested won for corporate image work done using a corporate website as the distribution channel. We were particularly proud of the campaign because it allowed our team to combine our creativity, technical knowledge, and media relations ability. We crafted the right content, packaged it in an inviting way, and used earned media to amplify its reach.

Missing one of those three steps would have lessened the impact of the campaign, but we were able to get it all right. Our agency is young, but our people are no rookies. The privilege and honor of accepting this award further validates the commitment and hard work of our entire team. Fintech Communications. Vested co-founder and CEO Dan Simon was recently a guest on Asset TV.

His take on the relationship between fintech companies that make news and the reporters who cover them is worth emphasizing. “Five years ago, if you went to a tech reporter and tried to get them to write about finance, they wouldn’t do it. And similarly, if you went to a finance reporter and tried to get them to write about tech, they wouldn’t do it. “Today, every media outlet is trying to create a fintech beat, and that means there are a lot of reporters out there trying to get up to speed very quickly on a very rapidly moving space.” We recently secured a partnership with Just Reach Out, a platform directory of journalists and the subjects they cover. Fintech journalists that the Just Reach Out platform discovers are now listed directly on our Vested Intelligence page. At the same time, the media field at large continues to contract. Vested – Integrated Communications from Vested on Vimeo. Financial Advertising. In-Vested attracting and retaining the best by sharing the most Check out the CEO of Vested’s article in Forbes on How to Build a Vested Company vested benefits include Unlimited vacation days3 month paid sabbatical every 4 yearsReal dividend yielding shares for every full time employeeCommission on new business & new candidatesGreat healthcare choices401kExpense accounts for all account team membersUse of Vested Uber accountDaily free fruit, snacks & sodas what's the catch?

If this all sounds too good to be true that’s because you haven’t heard the catch: we’re looking for 9s and 10s, not 7s and 8s. Still interested? Follow our team on instagram. Financial Branding. Financial Media Training.