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Paul Auster - Definitive Website Paul Auster is a big fan of golf and used the field as a time to think and get inspiration for his next book. There is something peaceful and therapeutic about playing golf and as you take a number of journeys to the hole you have a chance to think and take in the silence and from here you can come up with some fantastic ideas. The silence also has an affect on people and can make them very open minded to these new ideas. Paul Auster - Definitive Website
mercredi, 05 décembre 2012 La FANTASQUE CARAVANE de frédéric Clément à St MALO Pour accueillir la FANTASQUE CARAVANE du "rêveur de grands chemins" il ne pouvait y avoir qu'un lieu, un seul, fantasque et fantastique tic tic ... Aussi LUBIE et toute la troupe du BOTANIQUE CIRCUS et le colporteur fou du MAGASIN ZINZIN Instants cléments Instants cléments
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