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Heavy-Duty Impulse Sealer. Fuji Impulse is a technology leader in the world of high-quality impulse heat sealers.

Heavy-Duty Impulse Sealer

We specialize in delivering only the best vacuum seal packaging equipment and accessories for your business needs. We provide sealing products for medical, food, high-tech and general industries. You’ll find a wide variety of styles and models to carry out the sealing process, no matter what field in which it will be used. Fuji Impulse is your source for chamber vacuum sealers, gas flush sealers, point sealers, hot stamp printers and many more! It’s no wonder over 40,000 companies come to Fuji for the machinery necessary to fulfill their sealing work. Tabletop Gas-Filling Sealer. ** Overview ** V-301G series sealers are tabletop sealers that have excellent sealing ability, offering easy-to-use vacuum and gas-filling features.With its compact design, V-301G sealer is easily set up in narrow and challenging working conditions, and with vacuum and gas-filling features, it helps maintain the freshness and deliciousness of food.

Tabletop Gas-Filling Sealer

Deliver food items to your customers with safety and security V-301G / V-301G-10DK are lightweight and compact models so that you can place and use them over the counter of your shop or workplace. Using the sealer in a limited space of the table, you can put food items in the bag and show to seal, vacuum and gas-fill the bags just before your customers so that they feel more comfortable with freshness of your food products.

Industrial Impulse Sealer. Tabletop Medical Sealer. Band Sealer. Our series of high-grade stainless steel and semi-automated band sealers are ideal for sealing all types of thermoplastic materials and are considered a flexible packaging machine.

Band Sealer

They are used to satisfy both domestic and industrial applications. A huge range of sealers configure the equipment to meet specific needs of users. An important consideration is the speed of the band sealer which is faster than any other sealing machines. Fuji-sotex band sealer features: – Customized properly for efficiency – Provides worldwide availability and service support.

Medical Sealer. As we all know the fact very clearly that packaging is the most important part of any product.

Medical Sealer

Without it, the goods are products cannot be considered complete or ready for mass dispersal. Today, we are going to study & know about them more clearly & deeply. It is always important to select the right kind of external as well as the internal packing material for the suitable product. It is the responsibility of the company to take care of the packaging material in the same manner as taking the charge, supervision & responsibility of the entire packaging process that is involved in packing a products or goods.

Some of the materials require a different packaging of the product such as food products, dairy products & medical drugs & delicate chemical products. Besides that, all such medical products are quite costly & any exposure to the outside air or environment is tend to make the drug completely useless, wasting thousands of bucks in the air. Commercial food sealer. Food is essential for human being without which surviving becomes difficult.

Commercial food sealer

One very appealing advantage of this necessity is its diversity. Every state and country across the globe has its own native cuisine and a plethora of edible items taken as food by the locals of that region. But all this variety of cooked and raw food products used daily by billions of people all around the world needs proper packaging so that it can be preserved. Improper packaging causes the food to get spoiled and becomes inedible. Food packaging is not only limited to commercial food, but can also be used for leftovers and packing food to be eaten later as lunch or dinner, making food packaging a healthy way to preserve raw, processed and cooked food.

Continuous heat sealer. Fuji heat sealers are some of the highest quality choices on the market today.

Continuous heat sealer

Thermal heat sealing devices, they seal products in package files or bags by delivering an instantaneous high current impulse to a heater ribbon on the device surface. Useful in Multiple Industries Our impulse line is available in a variety of systems and sizes for many different applications. Industries across the board use them including food packaging, manufacturing, construction, apparel, to the medical community. There is a growing demand for Fuji Impulse heat sealers given the ease of use, high standards on safety, low energy costs, and consistent reliability delivering clean, quality seals every time, for every product.

A Full Line of Features Impulse heat sealers have single and dual heating options and are made up of five key consumable industrial parts; these consist of a heating element, silicone rubber, Teflon sheet, glass tape, and a sarcon sheet. Benefits Abound With Fuji Fuji Puts Safety First. Tabletop Vacuum Sealer. Band Sealer. Band Impulse Sealer.