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We provide Computer support and IT services for business in Ottawa. We are your trusted Ottawa IT support company. Call on (613) 828-1280 for IT Consulting Services.

Internet security breaches. Internet security breaches occur continuously, but most don’t have effects as far-reaching as those of the so-called Cloudbleed disaster.

Internet security breaches

A Google researcher recently discovered a vulnerability in the code used by Cloudflare, which is one of the biggest Internet security firms in the world. Although the flaw in their code was tiny, it allowed for an unclear amount of sensitive data to leak out across the Internet. Many small business owners are right to question what effect Cloudbleed will have on the security of their company’s sensitive data and critical systems. While that answer is not entirely clear, the steps that small business needs to take to protect themselves. First, let’s take a look at Cloudflare’s background.

Is Your Company Protected? Spam and adware showed alarming surges in 2016.

Is Your Company Protected?

Security breaches cause downtime, damaged reputation, and the loss of clients. Is your enterprise at risk? Just when you thought it was under control… Corporations are now seeing more spam and adware than ever before. Its resurgence brings increased risks of ransomware, phishing and bots. Spam now accounts for a staggering 65 percent of business email, and it’s arriving via the addresses of known, opted-in customers. Around 3,000 Spam Emails Now Sent Per Second Spam had been significantly reduced around 2010 and was kept at bay through 2015. Amazon Cloud Services Went Offline. On the last day of February 2017, the internet almost ground to a halt.

Amazon Cloud Services Went Offline

The reason was a 4-hour outage at Amazon’s computing division, Amazon Web Services (AWS) caused hundreds of thousands of websites throughout the US to go dark. Wait, Amazon, the computer online shopping site was interrupted? How can that be? Amazon, the largest retailer in the Western World, began AWS as a side-business. Cyber Security Policy. Today, cyber security is one of, if not the most important issue the government has to deal with.

Cyber Security Policy

Cyber Attack. As computer systems become embedded in every aspect of our lives, no one is safe from cyber attacks.

Cyber Attack

Public schools are particularly vulnerable, as they store sensitive data on their students and employees but often lack the training and equipment to adequately defend it. A recent attack against the Morton School District in Illinois demonstrates just how widespread the risk is. It also serves as an example of what school districts should and should not do to prevent and respond to attacks, potentially helping other schools to keep themselves safe in the future: Analyzing The Attack On 31 January 2017, Russian hackers used a phishing scam to gain access to sensitive data from the Morton School District in Tazewell County, Illinois.

Because the district acted quickly, the potential damage from this attack is low. Cyber Security Ottawa. When a problem with your computer comes up, you want Ottawa IT Support and Service, you want someone you can trust and believe in.

Cyber Security Ottawa

Office 365 Ottawa. Office 365 Migration Services Ottawa is a full service company that specializes in Email Migration Services they Migrate Email To office 365 and make your life easier.

Office 365 Ottawa

One of the elements of Cloud Computing is Migration. Prosperous businesses seek systems that are effective and efficient. IT Consulting Firms Ottawa. Migrating Data With Confidence When it is time to move or expand your IT infrastructure, loss of data through poor execution can be crippling for the business on the move.

IT Consulting Firms Ottawa

Before attempting to make the move without the kind of professional IT consultant experienced in troubleshooting and protecting your digital assets, consider the benefits that Office 365 Migration Services can offer. Office 365 Migration Services Whether you are changing internal servers, converting systems to a cloud service or outsourcing data to a third party, guaranteeing the integrity of information before, during and after the migration process is key. Our project managers will review current configurations, critical information that must remain accessible during the migration process and external security measures required to protect corporate information and privacy. Cyber Security Ottawa Protects Data During Transfer. Managed IT Services Ottawa. IT consulting firms Ottawa is growing at a fast rate, due to our increased technologies in communications.

Managed IT Services Ottawa

I am a professional with IT consulting firms Ottawa and offer expert skilled information services across Canada and in and around the areas of Edmonton and Calgary. Along with our unique increased communication technologies are the constant threats of security breaches and system vulnerabilities. I teach my clients they do not have the time to install modern communication systems. Additionally, these systems are always changing and becoming more sophisticated. My clients do not have the time to educate and train their employees in new communication systems or monitor these systems. In addition to the many services, I offer my clients I manage and take care of cyber security threats and vulnerabilities to my client's systems. My team players can single-handedly conquer expensive and complicated problems, configure servers, check networks for performance, and monitor workstations. Cloud Computing Ottawa. Without doubt, Office 365 has dramatically transformed the way we do our business today.

Cloud Computing Ottawa

Office 365 has given today’s companies a look at the countless possibilities for file collaboration and sharing—streamlining how we use modern business tools. In My Experience Working In an IT Company in Ottawa, Office 365 is a Very Efficient Solution Industry analysts say, Office 365 is the fastest-growing Microsoft product ever. Last year, the company said Office 365 now has about 50 million business users every month.

The tool is also Microsoft’s most profitable productivity and business product. IT Support Ottawa.