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Bed Intruder Infographic. One Trillion Dollars Visualized from WallStats - The Art of Information. The New Mediators. Butter & Marge: A Tale of Two Spreads. 10 Creative and Inspiring Video Infographics. We live in a complex world, with complex ideas, concepts and issues.

10 Creative and Inspiring Video Infographics

As such, sometimes a complex issue can be better understood with the use of creatively designed infographics rather than using the written word or spoken language. The most popular type of infographic is the simple flat image, I am sure you have seen them, they allow the user to follow and soak up the graphical information in an easy and formulaic manner. Other designers have taken things a little bit further by creating video infographics. These combine animated storytelling, visual text and an engrossing voice-over to make to make there complex issues understandable, memorable and to highlight certain points explicitly.