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Fred Smallhoover

For over 60 years, Fortunes Gourmet Coffee has been providing its loyal wholesale customers with a consistently smooth and delicious selection. Pittsburgh’s best coffee roaster has primarily been behind the scenes of some of your favorite restaurants, diners, and coffee shops…until now. Fortunes now distributes all of our expertly crafted blends and artisan roasted single origin offerings to individual buyers. Some of the world’s best coffees will be roasted to order, and promptly delivered to your front door. The freshness and dedication to quality put into every bag of coffee will be indisputable as you prepare your morning cup. Hours of sample roasting and taste testing are the standard for each of our offerings. This allows us to assure our customers the very best each bean has to offer. Whether it be the roast profile or the farm from which we import our coffee from, Fortunes is always working towards finding the best selections available.

Cupping 101. If you work within the coffee industry, cupping is perhaps the most useful skill you can have.

Cupping 101

"Cupping" essentially boils down to tasting coffee to determine its quality, and while the practice is subjective and comes down to personal preference, most coffee experts stick to a tried-and-true methodology that is not unlike wine tasting. They take their coffee very seriously, and there are often very specific things they look for in terms of flavor and aroma. Coffee Cocktails: All About the Latest Bar Buzz.

Coffee cocktails have recently been making headlines across the country as they continue to become a more common find in bars seemingly everywhere.

Coffee Cocktails: All About the Latest Bar Buzz

If you’ve ever tried one of these tasty concoctions, you probably have a good idea of why these drinks are so popular. From frothy, hot lattes laced with icy-cold liquor infused with coffee beans, the options are delightfully abundant. You don’t need to spend money in a trendy bar in order to sample these modern brews. You can learn how to make some of the most tempting gourmet coffees with alcohol at home, which will impress your party guest for many years to come. Simple Java Martini. 11 Benefits of Drinking Coffee - Video. A quick walk around your neighborhood, and you’re likely to find at least one coffee shop or café along your way.

11 Benefits of Drinking Coffee - Video

Americans are absolutely obsessed with coffee, whether it’s their routine morning cup or afternoon pick me up. While there is no denying the quick burst of energy a cup of coffee can provide, there are countless of other perks to drinking coffee on a regular basis. Follow along as we explore some of the lesser-known benefits of behind your gourmet coffee blends and single origin beans. Drink to Your Health In addition to its energy-boosting benefits, drinking coffee can significantly affect your overall health and wellbeing. Antioxidant intake aside, coffee can also be a key component in controlling, battling and even preventing disease.

The Key to Happiness. Road Trip Ready: Brewing Coffee No Matter Where Your Adventures Take You. It’s vacation time, and you’re itching to get away from your job and everyday life to enjoy what the world has to offer.

Road Trip Ready: Brewing Coffee No Matter Where Your Adventures Take You

The you look at the counter and see the can of single origin coffee. You sigh, knowing just how much you’re going to miss your morning cup of Joe with every passing day. No hotel or diner can compare with your gourmet coffee blends that you’ve carefully sourced from the finest coffee roasters out there. Don’t stress. Pack up some great traveling tools and get your favorite cup every morning without missing a beat. Coffee Roasts From Light to Dark - Slideshow. Whether you’re a regular coffee consumer or just enjoy the occasional cup from time to time, you are likely to have one roasting profile that you consistently reach for.

Coffee Roasts From Light to Dark - Slideshow

Roasts are one of the most misunderstood elements of the coffee brewing process, which many people confusing one flavor profile for another. Give yourself a better understanding of just what it is you are putting in your cup with our detailed roast analysis. How Coffee Roasting Works Before it’s roasted, the coffee bean itself is a soft, spongy, almost grassy material that is green in color. During the roasting process, chemical changes occur in the bean as it’s brought into rapidly rising temperatures before being quickly cooled down and transformed into the coffee bean we are all familiar with. So which roasts is right for you? Dissecting the Common Roasts Levels Light Roasts: If you’re looking to capture the origin of your single source beans with every cup, a lighter roast is probably the right roast for you.

Home Brewing: Figuring Out Your Filter. It was over 100 years ago that the coffee filter was invented.

Home Brewing: Figuring Out Your Filter

A German housewife wanted coffee that was not too bitter, and she poured hot water over a piece of blotting paper that held the coffee grounds. Years later, coffee makers and baristas all across the globe still use the same idea. Unlike the paper filters of the past, the coffee filters of today come in all shapes, sizes and materials to help you create the perfectly tasting cup of coffee.Follow along as we explore the ever-growing world of coffee filters, helping you determine which will work best for your tasting needs.