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Kirby Farris

Farris, Riley & Pitt has been helping medical malpractice victims for more than two decades. If you or your loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice in Alabama, it is in your best interest to quickly retain legal counsel. An experienced personal injury Attorneys at Farris, Riley & Pitt represent individuals in Birmingham will be able to conduct an independent investigation of your incident. Call (205) 324-1212 to schedule a free consultation that will allow our attorneys to review your case and help you understand all of your legal options.

3 Ways to Lower Stress in this Pandemic. Covid-19 Update: For questions related to Covid-19, view this Covid-19 FAQ page.

3 Ways to Lower Stress in this Pandemic

Attorney Kirby Farris and Attorney Jessica Zorn are regularly updating it with relevant information. You can also tune into LawCall on WBRC Fox 6 Sundays at 10:30pm CST. We will be taking questions on how Covid-19 will impact our community and your legal claims. Birmingham Pedestrian Accident Attorney. Birmingham Bus Accident Attorney.

Birmingham Workplace Injury Attorneys. Birmingham Crps & Rsd Attorney. A Guide to Creating Positive Habits. Covid-19 Update: For questions related to Covid-19, view this Covid-19 FAQ page.

A Guide to Creating Positive Habits

Attorney Kirby Farris and Attorney Jessica Zorn are regularly updating it with relevant information. You can also tune into LawCall on WBRC Fox 6 Sundays at 10:30pm CST. We will be taking questions on how Covid-19 will impact our community and your legal claims. If you have questions for us related to Covid-19, please call in live to 1-855-LAW-1955 or submit your questions here: During this uncertain time, Farris, Riley & Pitt understands that our clients and our community need us now more than ever. If the time comes to transition all employees to a remote position, we are prepared. We are also working with the courts, as well as opposing counsel, to arrange court appearances, settlement conferences, and other litigation events remotely whenever possible. Birmingham Railroad Accident And Fela Lawyers.

Birmingham Medical Malpractice Attorney. Birmingham Scooter Accidents Lawyer. Birmingham Rideshare Accident Attorney. Low Maintenance Plants for Easy Gardening. By: Calle Mendenhall, Attorney with Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP Despite increased time at home this year, no one wants to spend their time or energy on stressful, high-maintenance plants.

Low Maintenance Plants for Easy Gardening

Our lives are stressful enough these days. Instead, we want to spend time enjoying our surroundings, our families, and loved ones. With restricted access to our fitness centers, restaurants, and stores we’ve spent more time in yards and gardens this year. Selecting low maintenance plants allows us the opportunity to spend more time enjoying our yards and gardens and not struggling with them. When more people think of low maintenance plants, small green colorless shrubs usually come to mind.

The first key to selecting the best options for your yard is to look at the country’s “grow zones”. Queen Anne’s Lace (zone 2): This hardy annual has small upright bunches of white flowers. Birmingham 3m Military Earplugs Lawsuit Attorneys. Mass Tort Lawyers Serving Victims Nationwide. Hurricane Damage Claim Attorneys. Birmingham Pex Piping Lawyer. Helping Kids Deal with Coronavirus Anxiety. By Jessica Zorn with Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP People around the world have been getting used to a “new normal” since the coronavirus pandemic hit – traffic has slowed, businesses have closed, and work schedules look completely different.

Helping Kids Deal with Coronavirus Anxiety

However, children have a tougher time dealing with big changes than adults, especially when the changes involve a stay-at-home school schedule or a loss of extracurricular activities. Despite all the fear and uncertainty, there are some ways parents and caretakers can help children deal with anxiety or stress related to the coronavirus. Listen to and Address Rumors. Birmingham Dog Bite Lawyer.

Birmingham Burn Injury Attorney. Dangerous Drugs Attorney. Birmingham Aspiration Death In Nursing Home Attorneys. E-learning in Alabama. Written by: Ken Riley, Law Partner at Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP This issue of Living Safer is focused on understanding how E-learning is going to affect our children both in the short and long-term.

E-learning in Alabama

As a parent, the safety of my children is my main priority, so I appreciate the rules in place to provide a safe learning environment. However, developmental delays and lack of social interaction are just a few of the concerns that I have for my children during this pandemic. E-learning for Alabama school districts is not a new concept. In 2015, the trend took momentum, as students were introduced to E-days on inclement weather days and teacher workdays as opposed to having the day off. I have two boys attending Vestavia Hills City Schools, and we have been given the option between a traditional, on-campus learning model and a remote learning model. Not all families will have a choice in whether their children learn virtually or traditionally. Birmingham Nursing Home Bedsores Lawyers. Birmingham Failure To Yield Motorcycle Accident Attorneys.

Birmingham Sports Bike Accident Lawyers. Methanol Hand Sanitizer Lawsuits and Recall Attorneys. Five FRP Lawyers Listed as Top Attorneys of Birmingham for 2020. Five attorneys from Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP were recognized in Birmingham Magazine’s 2020 list of Top Attorneys.

Five FRP Lawyers Listed as Top Attorneys of Birmingham for 2020

This peer-reviewed list surveyed nearly 4,000 local attorneys and registered members of Birmingham Bar Associations. This year’s list also includes a special “Legends” category for attorneys who have decades of service in the legal profession. The Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP attorneys who were recognized are listed below, alongside their categories: Legend | Kirby FarrisPersonal Injury | Kirby FarrisPersonal Injury | Brett HollettPersonal Injury | Meredith K MaitrejeanPersonal Injury | Ken RileyRising Star | Meredith K MaitrejeanMass Tort / Class Action | Calle Mendenhall Click here to view the issue of Birmingham Magazine. Juul Lawsuit Attorneys. Birmingham Roundup Lawsuit Lawyers. Birmingham Fatigued Truck Driver Accident Attorney. Personal Injury Lawyer Birmingham. Birmingham Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers. Personal Injury Attorneys Birmingham. Truck Driver Accident Attorney Birmingham. Hunter Thomas Rollins Car Chase in Huntsville.

On Monday, April 13th, Hunter Thomas Rollins fled the scene of an accident where two state troopers and two civilians were injured.

Hunter Thomas Rollins Car Chase in Huntsville

The troopers were chasing Rollins after he refused to pull over, Trooper Derek Campbell said Tuesday, April 14th. The troopers collided with a Honda Civic at the intersection of Jordan Lane and Holmes Avenue in Huntsville, Alabama. The troopers’ car overturned and caught fire. As a result of that collision, two other vehicles – a Dodge Charger and a Honda Accord – were hit. The injured parties were taken to local hospitals and have since been released. What is next for those involved in this accident?

TIFFANY BITTNER: Ken, a wreck involving five or more vehicles could have been much more dangerous. KEN RILEY: Mr. TIFFANY BITTNER: Luckily, Mr. KEN RILEY: If a client comes to us after being injured in an auto accident involving a phantom vehicle, we always check to see if they have underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. 16-year-old Taylor Ronald Akin killed in a two-vehicle crash. On Monday, April 20th, 16-year-old Taylor Ronald Akin of Adger was killed in a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of 15th Street Road and CCC Camp Road in Jefferson County.

16-year-old Taylor Ronald Akin killed in a two-vehicle crash

The crash occurred when a Chevrolet Camaro, which Akin was a passenger in, collided with a Chevrolet pickup truck while the truck attempted to make a turn, causing the Camaro to roll multiple times before coming to final rest on the roadway’s shoulder. The drivers of both vehicles were also injured in the crash and have been hospitalized. What happens now for a grieving family? WBRC Fox6’s LawCall Host, Tiffany Bittner, interviews Attorney Ken Riley. TIFFANY BITTNER: Ken, our hearts go out to Mr. KEN RILEY: I agree, and I experience a similar emotion to the one you’re expressing each time a client reaches out to me after losing a child. TIFFANY BITTNER: What would happen if neither driver had auto insurance? TIFFANY BITTNER: It’s sad to see these men involved in accidents so young.

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer. Truck Accident Lawyer Birmingham. Birmingham Child Injury Lawyer. Personal Injury Lawyer Alabama. Do Doctors Face Disciplinary Actions for Medical Malpractice. Forbes reported in 2016 that Americans file an estimated 17,000 medical malpractice lawsuits annually, with studies showing that 75 percent of doctors in low-risk specialties and 99 percent of doctors in high-risk specialties have faced malpractice claims.

Do Doctors Face Disciplinary Actions for Medical Malpractice

In March 2017, CBS News reported that one study showed paid medical malpractice claims decreased 56 percent between 1992 and 2014, but average payouts for successful claims increased roughly 23 percent, from $287,000 to $353,000. The study cited by CBS relied on information obtained through a review of National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB). The NPDB is a database run by the United States Department of Health and Human Services that tracks medical malpractice payments and lists other damaging information about medical professionals. Information on the NPDB is not available to the general public. These agencies publish information about public license actions, and the information remains public for three months.