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In 2001, Frontier Properties founder Mark Podolsky was an Investment banker with a crazy high-pressure lifestyle in Phoenix.

Cheapest Real Estate Website. Listings - Frontier Properties USA. Trusted Real Estate Investment Companies. Blog Archives - Frontier Properties USA. An Investment Will Rise in Value It’s important to understand that the value of an investment is expected appreciate or rise in value over time.

Blog Archives - Frontier Properties USA

It’s a tried and true sales technique to convince a buyer that what’s being sold is an investment when really, it may not be. Here’s the rule of thumb: If the item is expected to depreciate or lose value over time, it is a capital expenditure, not an investment. That doesn’t mean there aren’t useful reasons to buy an expensive suit, a new car, or updated kitchen appliances. Those types of purchases will lose value over time, but they make life enjoyable or could even enhance a professional reputation (because in some industries clothes really do make the man). Examples of investments that one could expect to rise in value over time include corporate stocks, mutual funds, real estate (like raw land), and precious objects like art, jewels, or collectibles. Best Real Estate Investment.

Real Estate Investment Are you worried about long-term financial security? Are you concerned about the roller-coaster stock market? Do you want a beautiful, remote getaway to escape to? Are you looking for a simpler homesteading lifestyle? Check out our current listings of land available. Find the property that you want, and buy it today! Visit us at: Website: Facebook: Twitter: – frontierpr

53 Acres Hudspeth County! - Frontier Properties USA. Are you looking for land that is going to increase in value and provide you with investment appreciation year after year even in today’s economy.

53 Acres Hudspeth County! - Frontier Properties USA

The property is level with the occasional rolling hill and you will find the views to be incredible beyond words!!! It is covered in thick native grasses and sage with some cacti and medium brush. The views are awesome and you will be able to watch the incredible West Texas sunsets from this property!!! You will be a very short distance to the Finlay Mountains and will have a full long view of them. They Are Immediately to the Southwest. This area was named the Gunsight Ranches because of the large quantity of wildlife in the area. This Property is About 40 Miles from BLUE ORIGIN, which is a Huge Private Spaceport being built in the area. HUDSPETH COUNTY is Situated in Far West Texas Between EL PASO COUNTY to the West and CULBERSON COUNTY to the East.

This property is at approx. 4000 Feet Elevation which will provide great weather. Make A Payment - Frontier Properties USA. Prepper Land No Gun Required - Frontier Properties USA. How to Live Well Off The Grid - Frontier Properties USA. Financing - Frontier Properties USA. Make A Payment - Frontier Properties USA. What is Considered Good and Bad Land? - Frontier Properties USA. Most often flat land is the least expensive to develop and the most desired for building purposes.

What is Considered Good and Bad Land? - Frontier Properties USA

However, be careful when buying flat land because the worst thing you can do is buy swamp or marshland. Land with barren rock will increase costs and virtually eliminate a basement just the same as a high water table. The best $150 you can spend is investing in an online research company such as Also, please review the mapping program included regarding in association with Google Earth. Short of visiting the parcel, this is going to give you 90% of the land story, plus you’ll have great maps to provide your potential buyers! Regarding the quality of the soil – high quality soil appears rich and dark in color and is considered ideal for most purposes. Installing Internet While Owning Rural Land - Frontier Properties USA. With the help of my friends from– What do you have do to get Internet access when you don’t have a fixed phone line?

Installing Internet While Owning Rural Land - Frontier Properties USA

Which service do you use and why? – We are trying to find out what works best in different parts of the country – it can make a huge difference to your quality of life. Please let us know through comments at the end of this story, or in the forum if you prefer. There are three main options 1. 2. 3. Its a question that goes far beyond those living off the grid. How Difficult is it to Live off the Grid? - Frontier Properties USA. Living off the grid Since I don’t live off the grid, I went to a cool website named quora that allows people from all walks of life to ask random questions about anything.

How Difficult is it to Live off the Grid? - Frontier Properties USA

People, then post their answers and other users vote which answer they find to be the most informative. So I looked for a question about how difficult it was to live off of the grid and found this answer below: Brian Fey, I live on a permaculture farm and am developing methods of sustainable agriculture. I just bought 2 40 acre parcels Near Holbrook Arizona - Frontier Properties USA. Check out this property!

I just bought 2 40 acre parcels Near Holbrook Arizona - Frontier Properties USA

I just bought two 40 acre parcels in Northern Arizona in Navajo County. The property is rural and zoned agricultural. Property taxes are $1 a year! Amazing. Check out the pics. Another Cool Alternative Home - Frontier Properties USA. The Ultimate Prepper Tool? - Frontier Properties USA. An affordable getaway It used to be a common notion that “junk land” was cheap, and therefore unusable to build on.

The Ultimate Prepper Tool? - Frontier Properties USA

Either it was too far from utilities, or the soil was poor for building, or it was just going to cost a fortune to build on the land with all the poor attributes with the parcel. Hence, the term junk. Prepper Land No Gun Required - Frontier Properties USA. Every piece of land has a story - Frontier Properties USA. How to get quick GPS coordinates in the Western United States. How to get quick GPS coordinates in the Western United States. Your own private burning man - Frontier Properties USA. I j recently acquired a bunch of 40 acre parcels near Rye Patch Reservoir in Pershing County Nevada.

Your own private burning man - Frontier Properties USA

The best thing about this property, besides the Rye patch reservoir views and the mountain views, is there are no restrictions. Why I love land investing - Frontier Properties USA. How To Buy Land - Frontier Properties USA. How to Buy Land HOW TO BUY LAND: Getting Started– Learning how to buy land at wholesale prices takes a little bit of due diligence, effort and know how.

How To Buy Land - Frontier Properties USA

When I first started to learn how to buy land I was overwhelmed with all of the information online. Land Contract Owner Financed Land For Sale. Why We Think A Land Contract is better than a handshake Why we use a land contract Are you intimidated by all the legalese in today’s real estate contracts?

Land Contract Owner Financed Land For Sale

If so, not to worry. We use a land contract because of its simplicity and the fact that we don’t have to ruin your credit if we have to foreclose. Rural Land For Sale - Frontier Properties USA. We have rural land for sale Are you looking for rural land for sale at the best possible prices? However, you don’t want to buy property sight unseen over the internet right? That’s why we have our 90 day extra research guarantee. Real Estate Investment Group. I would highly recommend Mark “The Land Geek’s” training program over any other I have found. Mark is the most honest and knowledgeable mentor I have had the pleasure to work with. Mobile Home Packages - Frontier Properties USA. We are expanding our land offerings to include mobile home packages as well. Once you pick out your lot, we will assist you in obtaining financing on your mobile home. The benefits of owning a mobile home package are the following: They tend to be cheaper than houses for similar floor space.

A mobile home can often be purchased on a lower down payment both because of the lower price, and the fact that they have dealers selling them that are aggressive in negotiating easier terms with banks and finance companies. They frequently allow you to finance the cost of the sales taxes into the loan amount on a new mobile home purchase. By purchasing a mobile home, you enjoy the pride of home ownership. By keeping your mobile home, you will eventually pay it off. Resort Property Humboldt River Ranch Estates - Frontier Properties USA. Are you interested in a property that you can build on right away? Read below to learn more about this incredible resort property near the Rye patch reservoir. This property is perfect for those who want to live in a rural setting, but don’t want to hassle with alternative energy and being so far away from other people.

How To Buy Land - Frontier Properties USA. Land Contract Owner Financed Land For Sale. Rural Land For Sale - Frontier Properties USA. Your Legacy - Frontier Properties USA. Robin Williams committed suicide at the age of 63. WTF?!?!?!? That’s how scary depression can be. No matter what our version of success may be, to a depressed person it means nothing. What a loss for all of us to lose a comedic genius. Nevertheless, life is truly short. Billionaire Sam Zell Warning - Frontier Properties USA. According to billionaire real estate investor Sam Zell: Robots will take over entry-level jobs. He says raising the minimum wage could lead to robots taking over entry level jobs, which could stunt the employment cycle, Zell told CNBC in a wide ranging interview.

Tesla Will Change Everything in N. Nevada - Frontier Properties USA. This is an abbreviated article from Read this abbreviated article and then tell me investing in raw land in Northern Nevada isn’t going to be a great long term investment… It will be a few years before Tesla Motors’ massive – as in five million square feet – battery gigafactory is visible in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center 17 miles east of Sparks. But the coming changes to the landscape of daily life in greater Reno-Sparks are already taking shape in the minds of those awaiting what TRIC partner Lance Gilman says will be a “new Comstock Lode” for the region.

Many details are yet to come. But from roads to planes, housing, shopping and schools, the footprint from the tens of thousands of employees at the gigafactory and the ancillary businesses it will spawn will surely be huge. The site The factory itself will easily be the biggest building in the 106,000-acre Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center when it’s done and operating, as planned, in 2017. But that will change – and fast, TRIC officials say. Privacy Policy - Frontier Properties USA. Frontier Properties believes that privacy is a fundamental right. We take your privacy very seriously, and our Privacy Policy details how we safeguard your personal information. Affordable Real Estate Companies. Real Estate Investment Group. Best Real Estate Investment.