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FrontEnders is a specialized healthcare consulting firm, dedicated to provide professional consulting services for hospital management projects in a cost-effective manner. Website: 

Personalization of Overall Healthcare Experience. Even the best of the hospitals fail when it treats every patient almost the same.

Personalization of Overall Healthcare Experience

‘Treat’ here does not mean the actual treatment but the way the non-medical staff make the patients and their caregivers feel. The treatment by the doctor could be unparalleled, the illness might have been completely cured but a small gesture by the hospital staff that did not go well with the patient or the caregiver might cost the hospital dearly! Impact of Personalization on Hospitals It could be the expertise in medical care that might drive patients to your hospitals but it certainly would be the overall patient patient experience that works as the deciding factor behind patient retention. In every industry, being result-driven is gone and also being customer-centric. Having said that, personalization in hospitals, that too the ones that have high patient-inflow, is anything but a walk in the park. Importance of Human Resource Planning and Its Impact on Various Healthcare Aspects. What is Healthcare Human Resource Planning?

Importance of Human Resource Planning and Its Impact on Various Healthcare Aspects

Human resource planning refers to the step-by-step guidelines or actions that need to be followed by the human resource team and other departments to meet the company’s objectives. This includes hiring the best talent, managing and training them to fit in the hospital’s long-term and short-term goals. Ways to Optimise Organisational Strategies. Every organization has to keep growing in order to attain profitability and success.

Ways to Optimise Organisational Strategies

For this growth to be perpetual, optimization of its organizational strategies is a must. The task of the healthcare operations management is to devise the management strategy for the organization. But it does not end there. Skills Required in a Strategic Manager. 6 Reasons Why Your Hospital’s Cost-Cutting Efforts are Failing. Hospitals and cost-reduction efforts often appear as a walk on the rope.

6 Reasons Why Your Hospital’s Cost-Cutting Efforts are Failing

It is more like a game of efficiency played while maintaining the perfect balance between the quality and cost-cutting measures. Like any other business, hospitals, as an industry, are too under extreme pressure to reduce their costs as their very existence is in line of risk. Due to the increased operational costs and other factors such as global recessions, reducing hospital and other healthcare institutes cost has become necessity. The healthcare providers do not have to look at this phenomenon as a negative factor as many cost-cutting efforts open doors for innovations. It is not uncommon to see both small scale and large scale cost-cutting initiatives and they all are welcoming as long as they don’t influence the quality of care.

If you are a healthcare provider who is looking to implement innovative ways to reduce your operations cost, this blog is for you. 5 Reasons Your Project is Failing. Hospital Quality Management. Critical care refers to the specialized healthcare service offered to critically-ill patients whose lives are at risk.

Hospital Quality Management

Patients with sudden emergencies like stroke or cardiac arrest, accident victims with profuse bleeding and spine injuries, terminally-ill cancer patients, etc are some types of patients who receive critical care in the ICU. Since the ICU is the place which decides the life of the patient, the hospital quality management lends it the highest priority in all amenities. Earlier, the ICU was considered to be a separate unit within the hospital. Managing Healthcare Costs and Quality. Why is cost management in healthcare so crucial?

Managing Healthcare Costs and Quality

There is a sea of change in the world of healthcare. Formerly, the hospital financial management used to focus more on generating revenue. Today, the focus has shifted from generating revenue to curbing costs. Perfect Healthcare HR Strategies that Make Growth Inevitable. As we sit here, the wheel of time is spinning and the time is shifting gears in to the second decade of the 21st century.

Perfect Healthcare HR Strategies that Make Growth Inevitable

Remain in your seat and think for a moment your hospital HR policies are in line with the advancements taking place around you. The HR professionals need to understand the real-time requirement in the hospital environment and also should have the capability to evaluate the skill-set of the new wave of job seekers, every year. HR policies and strategies help you implement procedures that can reduce churn and increase adaptability and productivity. And finding what works for you can be time consuming on top of it you could not just decide if a policy works for you or not without testing. However, you can be sure that a successful HR policy or strategy is the one that is followed universally and fits your hospital objective. Contextualizing the Role of Operation Manager. Operations Management plays a crucial role in healthcare for controlling the costs, improving the quality of care services rendered and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Contextualizing the Role of Operation Manager

In particular, Hospital Operations Management is essential to ensure that the right processes and practices are implemented in the hospital. Importance of Business Communication in a Healthcare Atmosphere. A Healthy Organizational Change: An Essential Overview. In life, the only thing constant in life is change and this is especially true of healthcare. quality healthcare management can be achieved only if the hospital operations management adapts to the changes in the environment and industry.

A Healthy Organizational Change: An Essential Overview

It is not a mere case of "change or be left out" but a more life-changing scenario where a small change can save or harm a patient's' life. To do this effectively, hospitals need the expert guidance of an experienced healthcare consulting firm. Let us take a look at some of the ways in which hospitals can adapt to change as advised by an expert healthcare consulting firm. Healthcare Digital Marketing.

The role of social media in healthcare is constantly evolving thanks to the exponential invasion of the internet and the rapid growth of technology.

Healthcare Digital Marketing

Nowadays, nearly ninety percent of the doctors use social media for multiple reasons including making personal interactions with patients and healthcare staff, doing clinical research and building professional networks. Some of the popular forms of social media used in healthcare are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Google Plus, YouTube and Wikipedia. These are used for a variety of purposes including. Infection Control in Hospitals. On analyzing the disease pattern in India, it was found that the infections acquired at hospitals were more in India than in the other Western countries.

Hospital-acquired infections in India have a rate of 1 for every 4 hospital visits and this is an alarming figure. This demands the need for strict hospital infection prevention and control. Every hospital is trying to devise strategies for infection control and the hospital operations management is trying to outline an infection control program. Changing Trends in Hospital Infrastructure. The only thing constant in life is change and that is what is greatly needed most of the time. Healthcare too needs changes in hospital infrastructure planning to evolve for a better future.

This change has to come from the basic level and that is why it has to start with hospital infrastructure planning. How to Maintain Financial Stability in Business? Maintaining financial stability in healthcare is like walking a tightrope. Every hospital has to constantly deliver good quality clinical care in order to earn revenue. At the same time, they have to focus on keeping costs and overheads in control. It is indeed a balancing act that healthcare provides have to follow in order to be financially stable in their business.

But this financial stability can come only with proper hospital finance management. Smart Vendor Management for Hospitals. As healthcare entities, hospitals have to build and sustain business relationships with multiple stakeholders including patients, caretakers, care providers, staff, insurance companies and vendors. This is because healthcare operations management has to control costs, drive excellence in delivering patient services and mitigate potential risks. With increasing competition in the healthcare industry, the Vendor Management Process assumes a critical role in successfully running the hospitals. Hospital Vendor Management helps to achieve this by dramatically decreasing the care costs and relieving the administrative burdens. It thus facilitates increased visibility and promotes better value gain from vendors.

Green Hospitals – The Strategic Measures to Implement for Sustainability. Nothing in this world is easier done than said. Every change comes with its consequences and being prepared to address them requires knowledge and expertise. Hospital is one place where you have to watch your every step in the process of implementing new operational changes as any disruption in operations may slowdown the response rate or sometimes may affect the operations entirely.

This would be the least thing you would, as healthcare management personnel, expect to happen. Disruptions or delays in operations are few of the reasons why most of the hospitals, even today, are not thinking of ‘Going Green’. Lack of trained professionals who understand the workflow in an environmental friendly hospital adds up to these reasons. In fact, it should be hospitals that practice green operational activities on a daily basis as a typical hospital environment is nothing less than a factory that produces tonnes of toxic wastages. Benefits of Outsourcing Services at Hospitals. Outsourcing in Healthcare Management is a growing fast-growing trend today. Importance of External and Internal Signages. A hospital is a world in itself. A place where people of diverse ethnic, linguistic and occupational backgrounds throng every day. In such a place, guiding people by giving voice commands will just not work.

This is where signage comes in. Lead Time & Buffer Stock in Inventory Control in Hospitals. If your hospital is losing money as a business enterprise, stop looking at the patient statistics but turn to its inventory management instead. Effective Energy Conservation Methods for Hospitals. Sensible usage of energy resources is critical in institutes like hospitals that need to function 24/7 without any interruption.

Establishing effective energy-saving measures in hospitals can increase the efficiency of power usage, reduced costs and also lead to environmental benefits.The first step towards increasing energy efficiency is installing the quality equipment. 10 Skills of Leadership for Professionals in Hospitals. The growing healthcare industry is facing a plethora of challenges with its aging population, innovative technologies, new policies and regulations. To survive in this competitive era, hospitals must function like any other large business venture while simultaneously offering value-based services. Virtual Consultation – The Benefits and the Challenges.

Resource Management at Hospitals. The Best HRM Practices – The Challenges and the Solutions. Healthcare, from a human standpoint of view, is not an ‘industry’. It is a place where the professional excellence of a person is meant for nothing if the service is not embedded with the ‘human-touch’. Growth Analysis of a Hospital. 4 Priorities in Healthcare Organisations.

Employee Retention Ideas for Healthcare Practices. No business meeting ever gets over without using the word ‘retention’. Both customer and employee retentions play a major role in the success of any business. Pharmacy Supply Chain Management. Community Based Healthcare Centres. Consumerism in Healthcare. Hospital Human Resource Consultant. International Hospital vs. Indian Hospitals. Consumerism in Healthcare. How FrontEnders Assist in Hospital Commissioning. Information Communication and Technology. International Hospital vs. Indian Hospitals. Importance of Public Relation at Hospital. Role of Empathy for Nurses & Caregivers. Importance of Architecture in Health. Need of Healthcare Consultants for Equipment Planning. FrontEnders – Q4 eNewsletter Jan to Mar 2019. How FrontEnders assist Hospital Commissioning. Importance of Communication in Hospital. Ways to Create Patient Hospital Relationship.

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Effective Marketing Strategy to Gain Competitive Advantage. Hospital Financial Management - FrontEnders Healthcare Services. Importance of Healthcare Brand Positioning. Analyse Your Hospital Growth With Professional Consultants. Quality Management in Healthcare. Importance of Hospital Marketing Strategy. Importance of Ethics in Healthcare System. Increase the Efficiency of Your Hospital System. 5 Important Benefits of Patient Feedback Mechanism in Hospitals.