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iTunes U – Kurshanteraren – Apple-support. iTunes U update will bring course creation, management to iPad. It may be summer vacation, but teachers and students still got a tip of the hat on Monday, as Apple announced changes to its iTunes U system. The improvements come as part of the existing iTunes U app, and offer a host of new features—most notably, the ability for teachers to create, edit, and manage courses right from the iPad. Using those new app enhancements, which roll out next week on July 8, teachers can add content to courses from other Apple apps like iWork and iBooks Author, as well as from third-party educational apps that are available for the iPad. They’ll also be able to use the iPad’s camera to incorporate photos and videos into their materials. Previously these capabilities were only available via the Web.

Lest you think the only benefits are for teachers, the updates for iTunes U also add some features for students. iTunes U courses can be created in 69 countries, and courses can be made available in 155 countries at present. How to publish on iTunes. Step 1 - create an iTunes Connect account.

35 Flares Twitter 29 Facebook 4 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 0 35 Flares × This is the first in a series of guides aimed at enabling Book Creator users to publish their books in the iBookstore. >> Step 2: Install iTunes Producer>> Step 3: Add your book to iTunes Producer What you’ll need: An Apple IDA Mac running OS X v10.6 or higherA valid email accountDigital rights to the book you want to publish Before we get started, it’s worth saying that the advantage of using Book Creator for iPad to create your book is that you will own the digital rights to the book, plus all the formatting and technical requirements for publishing an ebook on the iBookstore are taken care of for you.

Why publish to the iBookstore? For many authors, artists or businesses, publishing their creative works on the iBookstore is going to be part of their business model for making money. Setting up an iTunes Connect account. iTunes U – Apple-support.