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Dave Thomas Volume 34.3, May / June 2010 How an intelligent design theorist was bested in a public math competition by a genetic algorithm—a computer simulation of evolution. In the summer of 2006, a different kind of war was waged on the Internet—a war between computer programs written by both evolutionary scientists and by intelligent design (ID) advocates. The war came to a climax in a public math competition in which dozens of humans stepped forward to compete against each other and against genetic ("evolutionary") computer algorithms. The results were stunning: The official representative of the intelligent design community was outperformed by an evolutionary algorithm, thus learning Orgel's Second Law—"Evolution is smarter than you are"—the hard way. War of the Weasels War of the Weasels
Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes By Jason Brownlee PhD. Implementing an Artificial Intelligence algorithm is difficult. Algorithm descriptions may be incomplete, inconsistent, and distributed across a number of papers, chapters and even websites. Clever Algorithms Clever Algorithms