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Knowledge and Intangibles Management. Methods, Models and ... Inside the DNA of the Facebook Mafia. A lot of things about Facebook have been impressive, even by the Silicon Valley standards.

Inside the DNA of the Facebook Mafia

Almost no other Valley company has reached so many people around the world so quickly. Few Valley companies have been considered important forces in causes as disparate as planning a party or a political uprising. Rarely has a kid in his early 20s held onto the CEO reins this long. And of course, no other Valley company has been made into a star-studded, over the top Oscar-nominated film. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the Facebook mafia– made up of high profile alumni responsible for building companies like Quora, Cloudera, Jumo, Asana and Path– has also emerged so early and become so distinct, well before Facebook has come close to a major liquidity event. La rebelión de un escritor contra la Ley Sinde moviliza a miles de internautas.