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Favorite tutorials. BEADING: KNOTTING. Revised: 96/12/26 Regardless of how you terminate your necklaces and the types of threading materials you use, certain materials require knots between beads.


Pearls and mineral/gem beads should always have a knot between neighboring beads of the same types. When a pearl or mineral bead lies next to a spacer disk or a bead of a different type, a knot is not required. Before starting to knot a strand, you will have to decide how the strand is to be finished or terminated: endless loop, bead tips, or a directly attached clasp. The Keyboard Biologist Knits: Hemlock Ring Blanket Archives. Blocking, while not a panacea for every knitting problem, can solve a lot of them.

The Keyboard Biologist Knits: Hemlock Ring Blanket Archives

Once soaked (actually washed on gentle cycle in my washing machine), the fabric relaxed a good deal and I was able to pin it out and tame some of the unruly curvaceousness of this blanket. As you can see towards the top of the picture, some parts of the feather and fan still have a ruched look, but I am imaging that the baby will not notice these things.