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25 Stunning Skylines Around the World. Mar 8, 2011 New York City – Photograph by DIGITALFREAKART.

25 Stunning Skylines Around the World

20 Clever Logos with Hidden Symbolism. In the world of advertising, logo design & branding is one of the key pillars of a company’s identity.

20 Clever Logos with Hidden Symbolism

The amount of thought and work that goes behind the seemingly simplest of logos would boggle the mind of any advertising outsider. Below we will review 20 clever logos that have hidden symbolism you may have not noticed before. Some are obvious, others are subtle, but all of them are interesting to examine. Enjoy! The FedEx Logo The white space between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’ forms a perfect arrow, suggesting a company moving forward and looking ahead. 25 Haunting Shipwrecks Around the World.

Apr 7, 2011.

25 Haunting Shipwrecks Around the World

Google Taps Kleiner-Backed Inrix To Provide Real Time Traffic Data For Maps And Navigation Apps. Realtime car traffic data company Inrix has been selected by Google to provide traffic data to help power the search giant’s navigation and mapping applications.

Google Taps Kleiner-Backed Inrix To Provide Real Time Traffic Data For Maps And Navigation Apps

Inrix, which just raised $37 million from Kleiner Perkins and August Capital, aggregates and crowdsources real-time traffic information from more than 30 million sources including cars, taxis, delivery vehicles, trucks and other channels, Inrix’s data software aggregates and enhances traffic-related information from hundreds of public and private sources and then sells this data to mobile app developers and websites. Currently the company offers data for 22 countries across North America and Europe and reaches more than 100 million users.

SOMA Magazine » Archive » Street Pulse: New York City. 1.

SOMA Magazine » Archive » Street Pulse: New York City

What is your favorite thing that you are wearing? 2. What is your favorite place to shop in NYC? TV. The Future Of Books: A Dystopian Timeline. With the launch of the Kindle Fire tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to write a little bit sci-fi and imagine what the publishing market will look like in the next ten or so years.

The Future Of Books: A Dystopian Timeline

I’m a strong proponent of the ebook and, as I’ve said again and again, I love books but they’re not going to make it past this decade, at least in most of the developed world. As we well know, ebook sales are now outpacing hardback sales and publishers are now crowing ebook numbers alongside their traditional in-store sales numbers. Soon those in-store sales numbers will dwindle and disappear simply because there will be no stores – heavy readers, the folks who buy genre fiction by the basket-full will be happy to head over to Nooks and Kindles, especially when they drop below $99 (as they will this year). TV. TV. TV. TV. (Founder Stories) Eric Ries: How Lean Was The Google+ Launch? In the final episode of Chris Dixon’s interview with The Lean Startup author Eric Ries, Dixon asks him whether Google was “lean” when it rolled out Google+?

(Founder Stories) Eric Ries: How Lean Was The Google+ Launch?

Dixon says in some ways it appeared so, as Google was slowly “rolling out a bunch of different things, experimenting, versus let’s say Buzz and Wave.” Ries partially agrees but also replies “I still think they did a lot of unnecessary hype at the beginning and they kept reporting on their vanity metrics: ‘Now we’ve got 10 million users on Google+.’ That makes me really nervous. How many engaged users are there?” Ries also believes that when brands become large it is harder to have an incremental rollout so bigger companies should “experiment under a different brand name in private, in some other market just to figure out, does the thing basically work before the press starts piling on.” Don Draper Pitches The Facebook Timeline. Toshiba Announces Updated Kid-Friendly Laptop.

Video: Simple Personal Assistant Robot Follows You, Carries Stuff For You. Google Secures Seven Floor Building To Tap London Talent. Since 2008 we’ve been covering the gradual emergence of a cluster of technology startups in East London.

Google Secures Seven Floor Building To Tap London Talent

Hell, we’ve even made films about so-called Silicon Roundabout. But it wasn’t until the Prime Minister suddenly appeared in the area to declare it a focus for government policy that larger tech companies started to take notice of what some random policy advisor decided to brand “Tech City“. Amazon Just Won The Android Tablet Wars With The $199 Kindle Fire. The Android tablet electoral races are done.

Amazon Just Won The Android Tablet Wars With The $199 Kindle Fire

There’s a new mayor in Droidville. But this guy didn’t roll into town with pomp and circumstance. He strolled down Main Street and simply offered more than any other candidate, extolling a plan based on down-to-earth sensibility and affordability. Meet the Kindle Fire. Amazon just unveiled the Kindle Fire, which will, without question, dominate the sub-iPad tablet market for years. Wheelz: Automotive Veterans Launch P2P Campus Car Sharing Platform Backed By Former Facebook VP.

Kicking it into fifth gear and zooming out of stealth and into the public sphere today is Wheelz, a new person-to-person car sharing platform for campuses — designed to connect students who have cars with student who need ‘em.

Wheelz: Automotive Veterans Launch P2P Campus Car Sharing Platform Backed By Former Facebook VP

Granted, when I first heard the basics on Wheelz, I immediately thought, “gadzooks, another car sharing platform!?” What about RelayRides, GetAround, Zimride, and Zipcar? These are all by and large great young businesses, adding value to the space; sure they’re not all targeting campuses, but I wasn’t so sure we needed another one. Zenprise Launches New Product To Lock Down iPhones And iPads In Enterprise. Mobile device management company Zenprise is today introducing its new enterprise-grade mobile DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) that aims to help I.T. departments with the growing “bring your own device” to work trend.

The Zenprise Enterprise Mobile DLP will be offered as an optional add-on to the company’s larger solution, the Zenprise Mobile Enterprise Security Framework, when it launches later this fall. At first, the new product will specifically target iOS devices, including the Apple iPad, but an Android version is in the works. Google Buys Motorola Mobility For $12.5B, Says “Android Will Stay Open” Google just announced that it is acquiring Motorola Mobility. The search and online advertising company is buying the company for approximately $12.5 billion (or $40 per share), in cash. The price represents a premium of 63 percent to the closing price of Motorola Mobility shares last Friday. Google had about $39 billion in cash at last count. Here’s the other important part of the PR (the why, and what happens to Android now): The acquisition of Motorola Mobility, a dedicated Android partner, will enable Google to supercharge the Android ecosystem and will enhance competition in mobile computing.

In a blog post, Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page writes that Google has acquired Motorola not only because of its strength in Android smartphones and devices, but also for being a “market leader in the home devices and video solutions business.” Motorola Mobility is what used to be the Mobile Devices division of Motorola until January 2011. Full press release: Seedcamp. Jesta Labs Hatches Gush: Fetch, Store And Organize All Your Digital Photos. The first startup to come out of New York-based incubator Jesta Labs is Gush, which launches today with a (currently invite-only) service that lets people put all their photos – no matter how many they have – privately in the cloud and organize them in a straightforward way. Gush, which is free of charge, aims to become a central repository for photos that people currently have scattered all over their computers and phones, Facebook profiles, Flickr and Instagram accounts and so on.

Think of it as a hard drive in the cloud, accessible from anywhere with any device. The key USP: the free service lets you store an unlimited amount of photos. Gush is hardly the first to try and build a business around the ‘photo cloud’ idea (they aim to generate revenue down the line with printing options, photobooks, digital goods such as adding effects to photos etc.). Video: Anonymous Calls On Protestors To “Occupy The Planet” Cloud Storage Platform Raises $50 Million From Salesforce And Others. Cloud storage platform has raised a whopping $50 million in new funding with participation from CRM giant Google On Microsoft’s Android Patent Tactics: It’s Extortion. Earlier today, Microsoft and Samsung disclosed that they reached a cross-licensing agreement over patents.

Source: Google In Talks To Acquire Katango. Self-Service Ad Platform isocket Grabs More Funding; Partners With Google; Steals Rubicon Exec. Isocket, a startup that makes it easy to buy and sell online advertising, is making a few big announcements today, including the closing of a multi-million dollar series A round of funding from their existing seed investors (the startup raised $1.8 million back in 2009), which includes some big name angels/VCs like Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, David Blumberg of Blumberg Capital, Jeff Clavier of SoftTech VC, and David Cohen of TechStars. (Disclosure: TechCrunch uses isocket to power its direct advertising.) Can Twitter’s Self-Serve Ad Product Meet Rosy Expectations To Drive Revenues To $400M By 2013? As Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told the media a few weeks ago, advertising is a key strategy for the company. Video: Jeff Bezos Demos The Kindle Fire. The highlight of today’s Amazon event was when CEO Jeff Bezos finally announced the Kindle Fire about midway through.

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