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The never-ending quest for the perfect map. Cross-posted on the Google Lat Long Blog For the last decade we’ve obsessed over building great maps for our users—maps that are totally comprehensive (we’re shooting for literally the whole world), ever more accurate and incredibly easy to navigate.

The never-ending quest for the perfect map

Comprehensiveness It’s a pretty limited search engine that only draws from a subset of sources. In the same way, it’s not much of a map that leaves you stranded the moment you step off the highway or visit a new country. Over the last few years we’ve been building a comprehensive base map of the entire globe—based on public and commercial data, imagery from every level (satellite, aerial and street level) and the collective knowledge of our millions of users.

Today, we’re taking another step forward with our Street View Trekker. May in Review. Cross-posted from the Google Enterprise blog.

May in Review

Editor's note: Hangouts On Air are live video chats, interviews, or performances that are broadcast to Google+. We’ll host these broadcasts from time to time on the Google Enterprise Google+ page to give you the inside scoop on our business and products. Last week, we hosted our first Hangout On Air from the Google Enterprise Google+ page with Jonathan Rochelle, Director of Product Management, Jeff Harris, Google Docs Product Manager, Teresa Wu, Google Docs Community Manager, and Eric Brunnett, Director of IT at Trump Hotel Collection.

During the conversation, Jonathan Rochelle told us the story of how Google Docs, Google Drive and cloud collaboration came to be. What was once an experiment to bring desktop software to the web is now a collaboration and productivity platform used by millions of people in their personal lives and at businesses, universities, non-profits and government agencies around the world. Connecting shoppers and great stores online. Online shopping is great for many reasons, but most of all it’s a convenient and fast way to turn your intent to buy that new pair of running shoes, for example, into an actual purchase.

Connecting shoppers and great stores online

But shoppers tell us they’re often nervous about buying from online stores they don’t know. We created the free Google Trusted Stores program to help solve this problem. Hang out – live on air – with the Google Drive & Docs team. Cross-posted from the Google Enterprise blog.

Hang out – live on air – with the Google Drive & Docs team

Editor's note: Hangouts On Air are live video chats, interviews, or performances that are broadcast to Google+. We’ll host these broadcasts from time to time on the Google Enterprise Google+ page to give you the inside scoop on our business and products. A Tale Of Two Pwnies (Part 2) When we wrapped up our recent Pwnium event, we praised the creativity of the submissions and resolved to provide write-ups on how the two exploits worked.

A Tale Of Two Pwnies (Part 2)

We already covered Pinkie Pie’s submission in a recent post, and this post will summarize the other winning Pwnium submission: an amazing multi-step exploit from frequent Chromium Security Reward winner Sergey Glazunov. From the start, one thing that impressed us about this exploit was that it involved no memory corruption at all. It was based on a so-called “Universal Cross-Site Scripting” (or UXSS) bug. The UXSS bug in question (117226) was complicated and actually involved two distinct bugs: a state corruption and an inappropriate firing of events. Find out what people are searching for with the updated Hot Searches list.

People turn to search when they’re looking for answers and information, and sometimes what they want to know is on other people’s minds as well.

Find out what people are searching for with the updated Hot Searches list

You can learn a lot about what’s happening around the country or catch wind of a breaking news story by looking at what others are searching for. With Hot Searches in Google Trends, you can see a list of the fastest rising search terms in the U.S. for a snapshot of what’s on the public’s collective mind. New Developer Features in the Chrome Web Store.

During these last few weeks, the Chrome Web Store team has been focused on launching the store in more countries and building some new features for developers that can help them reach and engage with more users.

New Developer Features in the Chrome Web Store

New Countries We recently launched the Chrome Web Store in six additional countries: Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. Make your website faster with PageSpeed Insights. Cross-posted from the Google Developers Blog.

Make your website faster with PageSpeed Insights

A year ago, we released a preview of the PageSpeed Insights Chrome Developer Tools extension, which analyzes the performance of web pages and provides suggestions to make them faster. Today, we’re releasing version 2.0 of the PageSpeed Insights extension, available in the Chrome Web Store. PageSpeed Insights analyzes all aspects of a web page load and points out the specific things you can do to make your page faster. For instance, PageSpeed Insights can inform you about an expensive JavaScript call that blocks the renderer for too long, remind you about that new photo on the front page of your web site that you might have forgotten to resize or optimize, or recommend changing the way you load third-party content so it no longer blocks the page load.

PageSpeed Insights for Chrome is a Chrome Developer Tools extension that analyzes all aspects of the page load, including resources, network, DOM, and the timeline. Rugbeer. Guy Kawasaki: Stand Up to Your Boss Without Being a Pain in the Ass. Just Undo It. How to Transform a Hoodie into Nearly Everything. — Conceptual Devices. A hoodie is not just a hoodie.

Just Undo It. How to Transform a Hoodie into Nearly Everything. — Conceptual Devices

In a world full of stuff, smart items should be transformable, editable. They should engage the possibility to be transformed into something else. We do not need a new object. We rather need to get rid of some of them, to reduce the complex network of things around us. 10 Incredible Melanistic (All Black) Animals. Melanism is an undue development of dark-colored pigment in the skin or its appendages and is the opposite of albinism.

10 Incredible Melanistic (All Black) Animals

The word ‘melanism’ is deduced from a Greek word that means black pigment. Pseudo-melanism, also called abundism, is another variant of pigmentation, characterized by dark spots or enlarged stripes, which cover a large part of the body of the animal making it appear melanistic. Melanism related to the process of adaptation is called adaptive. Keyboard Shortcuts Google Chrome - The Most Useful 10.

Keyboard shortcuts; There are many we can not live without, whatever the operating system is. They help you get things done faster, saves time and effort, or a few mouse clicks There are many keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome that I love. I am trying to list the top 10 of them here, considering they are the most useful keyboard shortcuts for any Chrome user. If you have any cool shortcuts to share, which is not listed here, please drop a comment so that others can make use of it!

(Thanks Dan, you made me think of this post!) Dev Channel Update. Polish that Turd: Web Design Rules-of-Thumb for Developers : webdev. Polish that Turd: Web Design Rules-of-Thumb for Developers. 1. Grid Align all elements to a grid. I did it! I FUCKING DID IT! : bicycling. SSL 50's scene. A Scene and a Lot of Thanks!!!!! It actually happened. We made our $20,000 fundraising goal by 8pm EST on December 17, 2011.

I'm telling you, our friends and family are stellar. People were giving us shout-outs left and right all day. We gained about 25% of our backers in the last 24 hours of the campaign: friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, even some random Kickstarter wanderers. We also had a lot of our backers upping their pledges at the end, and at the last 30 minutes, the pledges were coming in like crazy. Caltrop. Roman caltrop at Westfälisches Museum für Archäologie, Herne, Germany A caltrop (also known as caltrap, galtrop, cheval trap, galthrap, galtrap,[1] calthrop, crow's foot[2][3]) is an antipersonnel weapon made up of two or more sharp nails or spines arranged in such a manner that one of them always points upward from a stable base (for example, a tetrahedron).

Caltrops were part of defenses that served to slow the advance of horses, war elephants, and human troops. They were said to be particularly effective against the soft feet of camels.[4] In more modern times, caltrops are used against wheeled vehicles with pneumatic tires. Interesting opinion from a nurse on why donating your body to science is so valuable : TrueReddit. Sustainability after death - death funerals bodies. At present, what is the most environmentally friendly way to deal with a human body after they die?

Soon, I'll start to get my house in order and put together a will, medical directive, and anything else I need to related to dying and death (oh, fun!). I would like to not put a financial burden on whomever takes care of my affairs, but would also like to have some ideas about what to do (or others would do) when my time on earth is up, and after any body parts I can give have been donated. What funerary/burial methods are most "environmentally friendly? " List of the poorest places in the United States : wikipedia. Pole of inaccessibility. List of the poorest places in the United States. Thesheba comments on I need some help. I found out today that my 10yo daughter is being abused mentally and physically.

Part of this world, part of another. News Center - WSU researchers create super lithium-ion battery. LINE OF SIGHT - Official Trailer - On DVD July 2012. Left LA 2 days ago, headed home to Boston. See ya on the road r/bicycling! : bicycling. Famous judge spikes Apple-Google case, calls patent system “dysfunctional” Famous judge spikes Apple-Google case, calls patent system “dysfunctional” : TrueReddit. Kingdom Rush. FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against The Oatmeal unless he pays $20,000 in damages : comics. FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay $20,000 in damages. I am a developer, yet I outsource the development of my startup : Entrepreneur. The Macroeconomics of Chinese kleptocracy. Is China Becoming a Mafia State? - John Garnaut. Black Mesa Source Images Released! : gaming. Had a craigslist encounter that turned out well? terrible? let's hear it sexxit: does craigslist work? : sex.

Guy tries to steal wrong bike. : NYCbike. Minecraft Moria - Built To Scale - Hand Dug - Details in comments : gaming. 'Sexual depravity' of penguins that Antarctic scientist dared not reveal. Prometheus - Official Trailer [TRUE HD] Like_youknow. World Naked Bike Ride – in pictures. History books often tells the western version of the cold war, but how was the cold war seen from Soviets side? : AskReddit. André the Giant. Detroit will be broke next week if lawsuit isn't dropped, mayor says. Bubbles perv. Cinco Face Time Party Snoozer. Russell Yost. Futurologist vs. Historian: On Human Progress - courtesy of The LongNow Foundation : Futurology. Historian vs Futurist on Human Progress - Long Now Foundation.

Summer reading flowchart. Wishing well. [Beta] Fredthecoolfish's cheat sheet, typed out and made pretty. PDF inside. : Cooking. rOSVK.png (842×1191) Marloes Horst. Large background - simple css trick for better user experience (UX) : webdev. Maciej Pankiewicz Blog (Large background CSS trick) Hide and seek from a toddlers point of view : videos. Hide and seek Toddler POV. Crackdown on painkiller abuse fuels new wave of heroin addiction - Open Channel. Some Guy Turned His Dead Cat Into A Helicopter. Deer Tick - Let's All Go To The Bar. m3lw9zFui01qe4uu2o2_500.jpg (500×415) Photo Album. Fear and Loathing and Windows 8. The Word - Sink or Swim - The Colbert Report - 2012-04-06. UOLATSC comments on What 'fan theories' have blown your mind with their devastating logic? Gary Johnson - The Colbert Report - 2012-02-04. I take a look at my Enormous penis.

[UPDATE] I was requested to compile all of the real-life cheats into an easy to read list. : AskReddit. How To Peel A Banana Like A Monkey. Eight golden rules of interface design. Fixed Gear Obstacle Racing in Latvia - Red Bull Tru Fix 2012. This looks like fun : FixedGearBicycle. The 9 CRAZIEST Pizza Box Drawing Requests. DIY Wall Bike hanger. I really want to do this! : FixedGearBicycle. The illustrations of Kyle Wilson. ALT - Codpiece. Stories from Asian parents. Shit Asian Dads Say. Shit Asian Moms Say. Subscape - Universal. Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart. Gary Johnson - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 06/05.

"Newly launched website TakeMyMoneyHBO.com wants to send HBO a clear message: We love your shows. We’re willing to pay to watch them upon release. Now please, for the love of Winterfell, give us a way to do that — without forcing a cable subscription down. Dinosaurs 'much lighter than previously thought' Patrick Watson - Step Out For A While. Zebra Katz - Ima Read (ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx) Parents of Reddit, what are some of your kids' secrets they think they are hiding well from you? : AskReddit. A lady was offended when I didn't look at her daughter today, what ridiculous things have strangers said to you? : AskReddit. Terrorism that's personal (12 images) Adventures in Your Own Backyard. Dev Channel Update.