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Found this compilation of tips - how accurate is it? : malefashionadvice. List of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex episodes. In the original pay-per-view broadcasts, the opening theme for each episode is "inner universe" (lyrics: Origa, Shanti Snyder; music: Yoko Kanno; vocals: Origa) and the ending theme for each episode is "lithium flower" (lyrics: Tim Jensen; music: Yoko Kanno; vocals: Scott Matthew).

List of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex episodes

For the subsequent terrestrial television broadcasts, the opening theme for each episode is "GET9" (lyrics: Tim Jensen; music: Yoko Kanno, vocals: jillmax) and the ending theme is "I do" (lyrics & vocals: Ilaria Graziano; music Yoko Kanno). The original soundtrack, containing the original opening and closing themes in addition to other tracks from the series, was released by Victor Entertainment on January 22, 2002 in Japan,[9] and by Bandai Visual on November 7, 2004 in the United States.[10] Episodes[edit] Tachikomatic Days[edit] See also[edit] References[edit]

Baking. Because of historical social and familial roles, baking has traditionally been performed at home by women for domestic consumption and by men in bakeries and restaurants for local consumption.


When production was industrialized, baking was automated by machines in large factories. The art of baking remains a fundamental skill and is important for nutrition, as baked goods, especially breads, are an important but common food, both from an economic and cultural point of view. Facebook Shareholders: What Do You Do After You Make a Zillion Dollars. In the dot-com boom I lost $15 million cash.

Facebook Shareholders: What Do You Do After You Make a Zillion Dollars

Yes, I am an idiot. You know what happens when you lose that kind of cash? When you go to zero? Why hasn't an effective artificial gill been made yet? : askscience. Noisia - Alpha Centauri (Receptor Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] Noisia - Alpha Centauri (Receptor Remix) .... downright disgusting : futurebeats. Paul Irish. What Happens When You Stick Your Head Into a Particle Accelerator.

Today I Found Out what happens when you stick your head into a particle accelerator.

What Happens When You Stick Your Head Into a Particle Accelerator

Exhibit A: Anatoli Petrovich Bugorski, a Russian scientist who has the distinction of being the only person to ever stick his head in a running particle accelerator. Shockingly, he also managed to survive the ordeal and, all things considered, came out without too much damage. Bugorski was a researcher at the Institute for High Energy Physics in Protvino, working with the Soviet particle accelerator: The Synchrotron U-70. TIL that back in 1978, a Russian scientist accidentally stuck his head into a particle accelerator and survived : todayilearned. What environment do you guys use when developing HTML5, PHP, etc? : web_design. Professor_ex comments on I teach for a diploma mill, er, I mean online university. AMA.

Professor_ex: "The only students that matter are the top 20%, and they really don't need much from the school except the diploma." : Foodforthought. Has anyone here ever had sex in front of friends before? If so how did it go? Hot or not? : sex. Ham Cat. Cat: Error, Does not Compute : videos. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The series centers on the members of an elite cybernetic law enforcement unit known as Public Security Section 9 as they investigate cyber-crime and terrorism cases; these cases often are connected to their pursuit of an elite "Super Class A" hacker and corporate terrorist known as "The Laughing Man.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

" A series of associated short comic animations, titled Tachikomatic Days, aired after each episode. These shorts star the Tachikoma "think-tanks" from the main series, and they typically relate directly to the story of the preceding Stand Alone Complex episode. The first season was also adapted into a feature-length OVA titled The Laughing Man, which was released in 2005 and two manga series in 2009. Plot[edit] The members of Section 9. JavaScript package offers a smarter way to serve hi-res images : javascript. JavaScript package offers a smarter way to serve hi-res images. Given enough time, all simple, previously solved problems of the web eventually rear their ugly heads again.

JavaScript package offers a smarter way to serve hi-res images

Remember when limited bandwidth was a huge problem? Then bandwidth was infinite. Now it’s a problem again. And that means serving up images is once again a complex problem with no elegant solution. Its seems simple—Websites should serve the right image to the right screen, high-resolution images to high-resolution devices and low res to the rest. Arguably the best solution right now is to send low-res images to every device. Photography by AJ Abelman. Red letter day. A red letter (sometimes hyphenated as red-letter day or called scarlet day in academia) is any day of special significance.

Red letter day

The term originates from Medieval church calendars. Illuminated manuscripts often marked initial capitals and highlighted words in red ink, known as rubrics. The First Council of Nicaea in 325 decreed the saints' days, feasts and other holy days, which came to be printed on church calendars in red. The term came into wider usage with the appearance in 1549 of the first Book of Common Prayer in which the calendar showed special holy days in red ink. Many current calendars have special dates and holidays such as Sundays, Christmas Day and Midsummer Day rendered in red colour instead of black. Ghost in the Shell (film) Ghost in the Shell follows the hunt of the public security agency Section 9 for a mysterious hacker known as the Puppet Master.

Ghost in the Shell (film)

With the assistance of her team, Motoko Kusanagi tracks and finds their suspect, only to be drawn into a complex sequence of political intrigue and a cover-up as to the identity and goals of the Puppet Master. The overarching philosophical themes of the film include sex/gender identity and self-identity in a technologically advanced world. The music, composed by Kenji Kawai, included an ancient Japanese language in a wedding song that serves as a key piece of music leading up to the climax of the movie and serves to set the tone for the creation of a new type of lifeform. Your best comebacks to, "Do you like me?" : seduction.

Lee Evans - Cycling. Just like my first day riding fixed : FixedGearBicycle. XXYYXX - About You. Trying to convince my girlfriend to have a threesome : AdviceAnimals. Spiderman Pickup Artist - yeah youre straight but so is pasta until it gets wet. Newegg TV: PC Monitors. Monitors, LCD Monitors, Computer Monitors. How do I find out the price?

Monitors, LCD Monitors, Computer Monitors

Add it to your shopping cart Go to checkout, the price will be listed in the Order Summary You can remove the product from your order by clicking the "Edit Shopping Cart" button To keep it, click the "Submit Order" button Why can’t we show you details of this product? Some manufacturers place restrictions on how details of their products may be communicated. Why can’t we show you details of this product? Kinetic_Waffle comments on What's the most (in)famous thing you've ever done, Reddit? Stupid cock encountered on my ride : bicycling. "Ashes" by Space Ghost. Space Ghost - Ashes : futurebeats. Doc Brown - Angry Tea Rap - Russell Howard's Good News. As an English person, this is how I feel about tea. : videos. p8ZTq.png (562×805) LKI7M.png (955×740) Color interpretation by different cultures : dataisbeautiful.

Dota 2 Dagon and You... LOL (x-post from r/dota) : DotA2. RmKEu.jpg (780×1080) Dota 2 Dagon and You! Kids are dumb - old man Jones’ wifi. The new "get off my lawn!" : comics. Why are all companies suing Google over their open source Android OS? : google. Sex Advice From My Grandmother. One Nerve reader's eighty-four-year-old grandmother on sexual positions, STDs, and the importance of foreplay.

Sex Advice From My Grandmother

When I was twenty years old and dating my first serious boyfriend, my grandma Carmela asked my mother point-blank if I was still a virgin. She didn't get an answer, but I came home on my next college break to find the now-infamous Grandma Sex Letter patiently awaiting my arrival, the grandmotherly cursive writing on the back of a newsletter from her senior housing facility belying its scandalous nature. What follows is explicit yet touching advice on sex and love from my eighty-six-year-old grandma. My beloved Alison, Now that you have become a complete woman, I want to give you my thoughts and hints on sex and love and a few lessons about people, from your grandmother who has been there to you who are just beginning. 1. Sex advice from my grandma: parts of it are still relevant today! (Which parts are a matter of opinion) : sex.

Little Dutch Boy, The. Dutch legend has it that there was once a small boy who upon passing a dyke on his way to school noticed a slight leak as the sea trickled in through a small hole. Knowing that he would be in trouble if he were to be late for school, the boy pocked his finger into the hole and so stemmed the flow of water. Some time later a passerby saw him and went to get help. This came in the form of other men who were able to effect repairs on the dyke and seal up the leak.

This story is told to children to teach them that if they act quickly and in time, even they with their limited strength and resources can avert disasters. Art vs Science cover Daft Punk on Trriple J. Detroit Takes Off. Colorado Mesa University. Sumsing Turbo 3000 English Version. The Annoyance Theatre & Bar - Shows. Chris Gaines in...The Life of Garth Brooks "Garth Brooks's 1999 stint as Chris Gaines was one of the most confusing.

Greg Ott's well-constructed parody turns that wonky era on its head... TIL that the <blink> HTML element was implemented drunkenly after a discussion in a bar : todayilearned. The origin of the <blink> tag - www. I am widely credited as the inventor of the <blink> tag. For those of you who are relatively new to the Web, the <blink> tag is an HTML command that causes text to blink, and many, many people find its behavior to be extremely annoying. I won't deny the invention, but there is a bit more to the story than is widely known. Fleshlight Instruction Booklet : AdviceAnimals. Visualizing The U.S. Electric Grid. Mel all drugged up. .css. Description: Get the computed style properties for the first element in the set of matched elements. The .css() method is a convenient way to get a style property from the first matched element, especially in light of the different ways browsers access most of those properties (the getComputedStyle() method in standards-based browsers versus the currentStyle and runtimeStyle properties in Internet Explorer) and the different terms browsers use for certain properties.

For example, Internet Explorer's DOM implementation refers to the float property as styleFloat, while W3C standards-compliant browsers refer to it as cssFloat. For consistency, you can simply use "float", and jQuery will translate it to the correct value for each browser. Also, jQuery can equally interpret the CSS and DOM formatting of multiple-word properties. For example, jQuery understands and returns the correct value for both .css( "background-color" ) and .css( "backgroundColor" ).

Measuring and Grinding the Beans - Learn How To Make French Press Coffee! ELI5: What happens if CISPA passes? Let's please keep this serious. : explainlikeimfive. Reality Check: Does CISPA Mean The End of internet Privacy? TEDxGlasgow - Gary Wilson - The Great Porn Experiment. The Great Porn Experiment - TED : psychology. Constructive. 'DOTA 2' will be free-to-play 'with a twist,' says Gabe Newell. DOTA 2 will be free-to-play "with a twist", Gabe Newell says : DotA2. Friday Poll: Apple + Valve = What? If Apple and Valve are indeed teaming up, what would you like to see come out of it? Apple fans joined gaming fanatics in frenetic speculation when Apple CEO Tim Cook was reportedly recently seen at the headquarters of Valve, the maker of ginormously successful games like Half Life and Portal.

HTC to retire QWERTY from its future plans. HTC to retire physical QWERTY keyboards from its future phone plans : Android. TheUrsaMajor on why Catcher in the Rye is a classic, and how it reflects adolescence in general : DepthHub. TheUrsaMajor comments on Why is Catcher in the Rye considered a 'classic'? Everything You Never Knew About CSS Floats : web_design. Everything You Never Knew About CSS Floats. Fairmont - Gazebo. Pcp bronx flash. Katy Perry's Firework (Slowed down to 33%) i8584gLr9d9sz.gif (400×225) Tehvagcanno comments on What is the most awkward situation you have found yourself in with your parents? Andean girl loves biking more than you : bicycling. The girl with the tireless bike. The other day, a few guys were riding their bikes in the andes. As they rode the singletrack, they noticed somebody else was riding the trail. they got closer, and they noticed it was a girl, 12 or 13 years old.she is a local girl, whose family lives from subsistance farming and herding in the andes. she says she rides her bike often, but living so far from the city (3-4hr walk) she does not have access, nor money for spares. still, she likes to ride her bike, and has kept riding the bike until, literally, the tires fell off.its quite sobering, as we usually spend endless shuttle-hours arguing where saints are better than codes, or whether the ccdb upgrade is worth the money. this little girl keeps it real, going on joy rides on her bike. obviously, one cannot remain untouched after seeing this pictures. we have made a small pool of money to buy her a new bike.

Duggles comments on doesn't this actress look exactly like the blond version of Neo ? Noisia - Sunhammer feat. Amon Tobin. Dad hunts down daughter's killers. Kalahari.com Cape Town The story told in these pages is both immensely readable and endlessly interesting, and is sure to... Now R399.00 buy now Cape Town - It took the father of a murdered teenager only five days to find the three men who killed his daughter. Vusimuzi Silwanyana, 42, a trained soldier, told the Daily Voice that he had lost faith in the police’s ability to find the killers of his daughter. Pretty Nontombi Jonginamba, 14, was hacked to death in her mother's home in Gugulethu last week. Soldier's daughter hacked to death, hunts down killers in 5 days : worldnews.

Baby steenbok learns the hard way that leopards never change their spots. A newborn baby Antelope cuddles into a camoflauged Leopard with a predictably brutal outcome : offbeat. 8GwoK.jpg (1015×932) Rings, Titan, and Enceladus : space. Jeopardy! 3 way tie. First time ever. March 16 2007. Golden balls. the weirdest split or steal ever! Golden Balls - £100,000 Split Or Steal? 14/03/08. Guy wins UK gameshow using logic (wait for it) : videos.

Painful Cake. Is Psychology About to Come Undone? : TrueReddit. Is Psychology About to Come Undone? - Percolator. Brian Nosek If you’re a psychologist, the news has to make you a little nervous—particularly if you’re a psychologist who published an article in 2008 in any of these three journals: Psychological Science, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, or the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. Because, if you did, someone is going to check your work. A group of researchers have already begun what they’ve dubbed the Reproducibility Project, which aims to replicate every study from those three journals for that one year. The project is part of Open Science Framework, a group interested in scientific values, and its stated mission is to “estimate the reproducibility of a sample of studies from the scientific literature.”

Jabbercocky comments on How long did it take Columbus to realize he wasn't in Asia?