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Effective Medication Reminder Tips for Healthy Seniors. Taking medications as directed is vital in staying healthy.

Effective Medication Reminder Tips for Healthy Seniors

However, there are times when people—including seniors—simply forget. How Can Respite Care Help You? While it is undoubtedly a fulfilling responsibility, caregiving can also demand a lot from you.

How Can Respite Care Help You?

As your loved one’s primary caregiver, you basically help them with everything—from housekeeping to their personal care. However, you deserve just as much support and attention as they do to stay healthy. You should not hesitate to seek help when you need it or take a much-needed break. The Smart Way to Manage Your Cholesterol. Make Heart-Healthy Choices This American Heart Month. Not only is February the month Valentine’s Day falls in, but it’s also the day we spread awareness on the importance of keeping one’s heart healthy.

Make Heart-Healthy Choices This American Heart Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of fatalities and disabilities in the US. That’s why you must make healthy choices to prevent heart disease. Being a provider of family care services in Alabama, we’ve helped many individuals with heart conditions. What You Should Know About Post-Operative Care. Post-operative care is what you receive after a surgical procedure.

What You Should Know About Post-Operative Care

There are different types of post-operative care, and this will depend on the kind of surgery you will have. Typically, it involves wound care and pain management. Brain Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home. As your senior loved one grows older, not having enough brain exercises may lower their cognitive functioning.

Brain Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

Why Light Exercise Is Crucial for Seniors. Countless studies prove and show the many health benefits associated with exercise, and it becomes even more essential as we age.

Why Light Exercise Is Crucial for Seniors

Health experts suggest that elderly individuals should aim to be as active as possible to live a longer and healthier life. However, seniors don’t have to go extreme to be physically and mentally fit – light exercises can do wonders. One of the many activities you can expect when you enroll your loved ones in non-medical Home Care in Birmingham, Alabama, is light exercises. Whether stretching, walking, or even doing some light housekeeping, moving can help boost energy, maintain independence, protect the heart, and manage weight and symptoms of illness or pain. Apart from these, listed below are some of the many health benefits seniors can get when they do light exercises: Improve Cognitive Function Improve Mental Health Boost Mood and Self-Confidence Reduce the Impact of Illness and Chronic Disease Enhance Seniors’ Mobility, Flexibility, and Balance.

The Importance of Companionship Care for Seniors. Aging comes with a lot of challenges.

The Importance of Companionship Care for Seniors

Seniors may go through physical, mental, or emotional changes in life. Did you know? Studies have shown that seniors are twice more likely to be emotionally vulnerable than other people. Many of them even feel isolated and depressed because the need for touch and companionship is not met. If not addressed properly, these negative feelings may lead them to depression. Apart from providing housekeeping services, caregivers are also compassionate in giving companionship care, which is crucial for both seniors’ mental and physical well-being. Mental Benefits Encourage to have positive thoughtsIncrease a sense of purposeAvoid social isolation, which can help prevent lonelinessPhysical Benefits Participate in enjoyable physical activities together, such as a stroll in the parkSupport in achieving optimum wellness.

When Is the Perfect Time to Avail Home Care Services. When doing your daily living activities becomes too challenging for you, this is the time that you find someone who is willing to assist you.

When Is the Perfect Time to Avail Home Care Services

Old age, chronic health condition, injury, and surgery, these are some of the possible causes why a person’s strength and independence slowly decline. With this, you will need help from care professionals right away, especially those who provide non-medical home care in Birmingham, Alabama. You deserve to live a quality life while aging or having an illness or disability. Helpful Tips for a Healthy and Safe Home. Just like what the famous saying goes, “There is no place like home.”

Helpful Tips for a Healthy and Safe Home

Most people consider their home as their safe haven. But what if the place that we consider as our safe haven is no longer safe for us? Our homes can make us feel safe but at the same time, they can also make us sick. There are many hidden dangers in our home that not all of us are aware of. What You Need to Know About Our Restorative Care Services. From the name of the service itself, restorative care services aim to help patients restore the independence and confidence they lost when after they acquired an injury, disability, or chronic health condition.

What You Need to Know About Our Restorative Care Services

This service is non-medical home care in Birmingham, Alabama, that is available for individuals with health problems and needs rehabilitation care. You can trust our skilled caregivers to give their utmost care to your loved ones so they can resume doing their activities of daily living such as housekeeping. Our restorative care includes, but are not limited to: Monitoring urine and bowel movementsProviding assistance with mobilityProviding special exercisesEncourage liquids so patients won’t become dehydratedMedication reminders. Boosting Your Senior Loved One’s Emotional Well-Being. Seniors are at risk to experience depression and loneliness. To improve their emotional health, they should be more careful with their lifestyle choices, and as their family members, you also have to look out for them. Aside from availing non-medical home care in Birmingham, Alabama, there are still a lot of things that you can do for your loved one!

Here are some ways that you can do to boost your senior loved ones’ emotional health: Allow them to show their independence. Seniors who practice independence have a greater chance of increasing their emotional well-being. We don’t just provide non-medical home care services here at Friends 2 Family Care Services LLC. What Does It Take to Have a Healthy Lifestyle? Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things that any person can achieve. This is something that every person should work on since it is the basic responsibility of every individual.

This is the basic rule of self-love. How does a person have a healthy lifestyle? Truth be told, having a healthy lifestyle could really be challenging, especially if you have been accustomed to unhealthy habits. Why Is Home Care the Perfect Choice? One of the biggest struggles of patients is trying to handle different challenges all at once. Aside from having their health on the line, their mental and emotional well-being is also at risk. On top of these, they need to keep their health in its best condition.

Because of this, they may need family care services in Alabama and other local areas. Restful and Enough Sleep Is for Everyone. Getting enough sleep is essential for your overall health and mood and is believed to be even more important for older adults. Seniors tend to have sleep problems or trouble in their sleeping patterns. They may experience difficulty in falling asleep, waking up frequently in the night or early morning, and getting less quality sleep. The more serious sleep problems are sleep disorders that include insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and circadian rhythm sleep disorders. The Importance of Exercise for Seniors.

Studies have shown that about 85% of older adults know the importance of exercise but fail to do so on a regular basis. Their common reason for not indulging themselves in physical activities is that they’re too hard and boring.