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Tiny houses, big lives: How families make small spaces work, in real life - Parents. Mom topics Jan. 30, 2013 at 11:28 AM ET When my husband and I bought our house, its 800 square feet of living space was perfect for two. We fought rarely, lived within our means without too much trouble, loved walking to restaurants and parks, went away many weekends, divided up the two closets, and dumped our extra stuff in the basement.

Then we had a kid. Daycare bills left us broke, we argued 400% more often, and we spent more time inside. To be clear, my family does not live in a tiny house. Hari Berzins / Tinyhousefamily.c With such small indoor living space, the Berzin family spends a lot of time outside on their deck. So I asked Hari Berzins, who writes the Tiny House Family blog and lives with her husband and two children, 8 and nearly 10, in a 168-square-foot home. She’s often asked what is the hardest thing about tiny living. "You’re still whoever you are when you move in. The Berzins live in a 168 square foot home. Lincoln Barbour / Jessica Helgerson.

Dream of Mortgage-freedom? Take our E-course! - Tiny House Family. Keeping It Simple: A Big Family in a Small House | DIY Del Ray. Dana and Kent’s 1920s Del Ray bungalow is tastefully decorated, uncluttered, airy, and bright. They make a 1-story, 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom home seem much bigger, which is quite a feat when you stop to consider that they’re raising four children in all of 1,200 square feet. Oh, and they have a dog too. The home does boast a basement, half of which is finished and serves as the kids’ playroom where any and all messes are conscientiously overlooked. The other half is their laundry and storage area, and they have a shed out back. Plus, the main floor has 9 foot ceilings which gives the greater illusion of spaciousness. Even so, it takes considerable talent to keep the clutter under control when raising four children in any home, let alone a small home. Dana says they make an effort to keep things orderly. A minimum of knick-knacks. Furniture with added storage options.

The dining room becomes the kids’ art and craft space the minute they come home from school. Harnessing the paper trail. Families in Small Homes: Jules from Pancakes & French Fries | the minimalist mom. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! As part of the Families in Small Home Series I asked Jules from Pancakes & French Fries to tell us about her reasons for simplifying and her William Morris Project.

While Jules and her family don’t technically live in a small home, she’s done a lot of simplifying and pairing down. Lots to learn from her journey. Enjoy and thanks again Jules. My goal is for everything in our home to have a memory, and if not a memory, at least a purpose. Tell us a bit about the William Morris Project. I did. I decided right then that if anyone were to go through my possessions, they would touch each one without wondering what the heck I was thinking. My goal is for everything in our home to have a memory, and if not a memory, at least a purpose. Has this ongoing project to ‘have nothing in your house that is not beautiful or useful’ changed how you shop/consume/buy things? Absolutely. I have zero regrets. A good book. Large Families Living in Small Houses — Larger Family Life. McMansion to McCottage: Why Smaller Houses Are Smarter. Wise Bread Picks According to US census data, the size of the average American home in the 1950s was a modest 1,000 square feet.

Today, the square footage has more than doubled to nearly 2,500. If our families are getting smaller and our objects are getting more compact and portable, why do we need all this space? As the recession of 2008 continues to grind away at our lifestyles well into 2011, maybe it’s time we slay that final sacred cow of "bigger is better" — our homes. Here are just nine advantages of small houses. 1. Smaller homes force us to consider what items we own and why we own them. 2. Don’t get me wrong, great rooms are lovely, but I can’t help but think about those heating and cooling bills. 3. Our property taxes are determined by assessed property value, and value is partly determined by square footage. 4. It’s easy to get lost in a big house, or at least be isolated from the rest of your family. 5. 6. 7. 8. Smaller homes are often significantly cheaper to build. 9. Open Closets in Small Spaces. Tour: A Family of 4 Unwinds in 540 Square Feet. Small Space Survival Strategies.

Wise Bread Picks Living in a New York City apartment for a decade certainly taught me how to prioritize a small space. However, some of the greatest lessons I learned from apartment living can be applied anywhere, whether it be a house or a cramped room. Here are a few small space tips that can help you take advantage of your square footage, no matter what type of dwelling you have.

(See also: Why Smaller Houses Are Smarter) 1. Door Backs Many hooks and racks can be easily installed on or over a door to free up space. 2. If you like to read in bed, but are short on night table space, wall-mounted lamps with plug-ins to use as sconces are not only are functional, but can also be beautiful. 3. It’s no secret that adding wall mirrors to a small space can make a room appear larger.

IKEA sells a multitude of furniture and organizational items aimed at small space living. 5. Take a hard look at your closet and drawers to make sure every bit of cubic space is utilized. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. How to Live In 300 Sq Ft | Living Simply Free. When deciding whether or not you can live in a smaller home don’t ask others what they think. Here are some of the questions and comments I received after showing my new home to family and friends.Can you entertain in a small home?

To live in a smaller home comfortably you will have to make hard decisions on what you need to have to live comfortably. Here is a list of what I kept and have found since writing this that I was able to reduce some of those items even further.Deciding what to pass on when downsizing it can be a touchy thing especially when you feel straddled with family heirlooms like I did.I found a few things were necessary to being able to live comfortably in a studio apartment. These are my top 10 tips to enjoy living small.Just how few dishes does one need.

Share this: Share Like this: Like Loading... Share your thoughts, I'm all ears Follow Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. Join 457 other followers Powered by %d bloggers like this: From Large to Little: My Tiny House Saga. It was a cold, windy New Years evening. Logan and I were wrapped up in the covers; he was surfing the internet and I was reading a book. It was a perfect and cozy night to be at home. Suddenly, Logan looked over at me and said: “Tammy, you’ve got to see this!” “Dude. I’m reading. Is it that important?” “Yes! Logan was right. I looked at Logan and said: “I want one of those homes! My mind started racing while thinking of all the possibilities this tiny living idea presented. The idea of buying a tiny house was appealing. In 1950 the average American home was 983 square feet. While I was doing my research, I discovered that there are many benefits to living in a smaller dwelling.

At this point, we had just moved into a large one-bedroom apartment. As we slowly downsized our space, we started tracking the types of things we did in our apartment. Where do you really live? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Even if you don’t want to live in a tiny house, you can start living better right where you are. 20 Dreamy Trailers for Summer Getaways. Dreaming of summer vacations and getaways in the great outdoors? Us too! And we’ve got our sights set on all sorts of innovative, beautifully designed, and vintage trailers that are just ready to whisk us away. Whether you love car camping every weekend in Northern Cali or are planning a cross-country adventure, here are 20 pieces of trailer eye candy sure to instill a sense of wanderlust. 1.

The Small Small Trailer Bambi: This little darling is just 16 feet long, but has everything you need for a weekend or weeklong camping trip in the woods. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud: This limited edition Airstream screams Ron Swanson to us. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Which of these trailer designs is your favorite? Family Sold Everything To Travel. Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness. How to Live in 320 Square Feet.