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Pearltrees intro & help videos. United Netherlands. RiMUN UN Simulation Conference. United Netherlands hopes to welcome you at RiMUN2011 next Spring!

RiMUN UN Simulation Conference

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Word of Welcome - RiMUN 2010: April 8th-11th Honorable Future Delegates, Welcome to the website of the Radboud international Model United Nations 2010 Conference! After a year of absence due to the organization of WorldMUN2009, RiMUN is back - for its sixth edition! In April 2010 approximately 250 delegates will be hosted in Nijmegen. Conference Theme We are now, more than ever, faced by great challenges and therefore the theme of the RiMUN2010 conference will be ‘Times of Trial’. We are pleased to invite you to RiMUN2010! See you all in April! RiMUN2010. RiMUN2010 Facebook. Say Hi to the RiMUN Daily! Conference Programme. Conference Program Thursday April 08 11.00- 12.30 Cultural Day in Nijmegen.

Conference Programme

We will take you through the oldest city of the Netherlands. We will show you all the ins and outs of the beautiful city of Nijmegen. 13.00 - 15.00 UN Simulation Training at the Radboud University 13.00 - 16.00 Registration at the Radboud University - in the hallways around the Culture Cafe on campus 18.00 - 19.00 Drinks at the Vereiniging 19.00 - 20.30 Opening Ceremony at the Vereeniging with Key-Note Speaker 20.30 - 21.30 Drinks at the Vereiniging 21.30 - 02.00 More drinks - we recommend you to have some in cafe "Van Buren" Friday April 09 09.00 - 12.00 Committee Sessions with in-committee lecture 12.00 - 13.00 Lunch 13.00 - 15.45 Committee Sessions 16:00 - 18.00 Symposium (all committees) 19.00 - 20.00 Committee Dinner 21.00 - 01.00 Global Village Saturday April 10. Radboud Uni: Maps. De Radboud Universiteit is goed bereikbaar per bus, trein en auto.

Radboud Uni: Maps

Treinen stoppen op station Nijmegen Centraal en station Nijmegen Heyendaal. Op het universiteitsterrein zijn verschillende bushaltes. De Radboud Universiteit is vanaf alle invalswegen in Nijmegen aangegeven op de ANWB-wegwijzers. Zaterdag 23 november 2013 is de nieuwe stadsbrug De Oversteek geopend. Dat betekent dat automobilisten meer keuze hebben in de route naar hun bestemming in Nijmegen en dus ook naar de Radboud Universiteit. Hieronder vindt u (interactieve) plattegronden van de campus Radboud Universiteit en Nijmegen. Campus Kompas Waar vind ik het Erasmusgebouw? Aula. Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog name Aula. Aula - mobile. Linnaeus building. Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog name. Linnaeus building mobile. CC: College zalenComplex. CC - mobile. Sint Stevens Church. Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog Back Spot. Sint Stevenskerk mobile.

DeVereeniging Concertgebouw. Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog name Concertgebouw De Vereeniging owner de4Daagse location Sint Annastraat 3, 6524 Nijmegen, The Netherlands. DeVereeniging Concertgebouw mobile. LUX_Nijmegen. Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details. LUX_Nijmegen mobile.

Media coverage

The Official UNL Blog. RiMUN2010 group. Sign up | Login.

RiMUN2010 group

RiMUN2010 group mobile. Whatsinthebox live. Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog name WhatsInTheBox status Last seen on 8/11/12 location Weurtseweg 460, 6541 BE Nijmegen, The Netherlands content 4 Friends , 195 Photos , 12 Trips , 29 Spots , 22 Groups numbed in my superpowers i decided to act.

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Titania #MUN. Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog name Titania #MUN. Neptunes #MUN. Qik bridge memories from the future. Bridge memories from the future. Memories of the future. Work. Sign up | Login. Rules of Procedure #RiMUN at Linnaeus building htt. Rules of Procedure #RiMUN atLinnaeusBuilding. Registration desk #RiMUN also. Registration Desk RiMUN2010 a United Nations Simulation Conferen.

Registration Desk #RiMUN. Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog name. YourLIVE! º Always There. UN Simula tion Training #RiMUN. YourLIVE! º Always There. Bus. Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog name #RiMUN author WhatsInTheBox created on 8 Apr 2010 at 18:10. Bus bliining. Sign up | Login Welcome Map Feed Details Download Help About Blog name bliining. Our Devils Avastars training We Do ! @evokenet @Ri. DT: trip GloNet Serendipity City Challenge. Opening Ceremony AnnaZaal DeVereeniging. AnnaZaal DeVereeniging. Times of Evil RiMUN intro movie. RiMUN2010 - Opening Movie - Times of Trial - Organized by United.

TimesOfTrial RiMUN2010 opening movie. Dries van Agt after his Keynote speech. Dries van Agt keynote speech former prime min. 2010 keynote speaker: Dries van Agt. We are proud to welcome the Dries van Agt as our keynote speaker at the RiMUN 2010: Opening Ceremony! Born on February 2, 1931, Dries van Agt is a lively and fascinating Dutch ex-politician who has served several important political functions, ranging from Ambassador of the European Community to Japan to Prime Minister of the Netherlands in three successive governments.

Currently he is the Prime Counselor for the International Forum for Justice and Peace, focused on justice and peace in regard to the Israel/Palestine conflict. Find more information about Dries van Agt on wikipedia. Keynote speech Dries van Agt. YourLIVE! º Always There. TimesofTrial Conference poster. Commitee Session HRC HumanRightsCouncil. Balance sovereign and personal security. HRC Comitee Session. Russian delagates position Freedom of Speech. Rhetorical Timetations. To Govern or to be governed. Art Project during lunchbreak. Time to Pray #RiMUN. Delegates take time to pray #RiMUN. Symposium. Parralel worlds ;-) RiMUN Symposium: An Analysis of US Power. WTO. Staff Room (after request to leave) Spring. St. Stevenskerk kansel. Closed. Open. Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe + Heilig Avondmaal.

Kinoglaz. Kinoglaz Virtual Cinema. Stevenskerk outside. Facade projection. Qik Voorlichting realtime video. Voorlichting. Times of Trial trip. Yesterdays news. Qik Splinter Cell & Layar. Slinter Cell & Layar. Kennedy Хрущёв. SplinterCell. 1 mei. De Vereeniging. Foucault slinger. Valkhof Museum. #RiMUN Vrede van Nijmegen. Metamorphosis Tapestries #RiMUN. Metamorphoses Tapestri es Video. Metamorphosis Tapestries #RiMUN. #RiMUN burgerzaal. DT:Serendipity City Trip. MUN circuit encouraged to starting playing. UN - United Nations MUN circuit encouraged/evoked to start playi.

Voxlog: Diplomaten in de Dop