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Steps For Writing A Second Draft of an Essay

30 december 2019

Steps For Writing A Second Draft of an Essay

After writing the first draft of your essay, you might think that most of the work is done. But this is not the case. You can take rest for a number of days and do not rush into writing the final draft of your essay. In the second draft, the writing can even be more complicated than the first draft. You can think of the second draft as a more detailed and enhanced copy of the first one. The main objective of writing a second draft is to make sure that you have not missed anything and the essay writer keep all these points in their mind

The second draft takes less time to complete as compared to the first one. Because you have already written down the key information. Now your task is to trim it rather than writing it again from scratch. Although, you can write the second draft from scratch based on what you have written in the first draft of the essay. 


In the second draft, you can start paying attention to the grammar, puntuation, and style of writing and some other technical issues that you have ignored in the first copy. If you are done writing the first draft and need assistance with your second draft, here is a step by step guide for writing a perfect second draft of an essay. 

1. Reread the first draft of your essay and examine how each point is expressed. How the thesis statement holds up the information in the essay. Other than that look for grammar, spelling, and puntuation mistakes.  

2. Include the relevant information that you might have missed in the first draft. Include content related to the subject matter and try to expand a little on all ideas that are not fully elaborated in the first paragraph.

3. Take a look at the order arrangements of the arguments and see whether they hold together or not. Make sure the essay flows from one point to another effectively. 

4. Look at each argument and see whether the evidence contains sufficient information and check whether the argument is appropriate to the essay topic and effectively answer the question. 

5. Pay careful attention to the introductory paragraph and the conclusion. Try to include the catchy phrases in the introduction to grab the reader’s attention from the start. And come up with the best way to restate the main points and thesis statement in the conclusion. 


It is important to pay extra attention when organizing the arguments in the second draft of the essay. Make sure the information logically flows and the paper should contain all the supporting evidence.  At this point, you can exclude those arguments that don’t seem credible to you. Lastly, don’t forget to revise your second draft and further improve it before moving on to the next step. 


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