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Freedom & Company

Freedom & Company is a Chicago based marketing company that offers high quality consumer products to gun rights and second amendment enthusiasts.

Get Genuine Kattee Concealed Carry Handbags Online From Freedom and Company: freedomcompany. Women feel more safe and secure when they carry their handguns along.

Get Genuine Kattee Concealed Carry Handbags Online From Freedom and Company: freedomcompany

But it is also important that these guns should not be Publicly disclosed. To provide better carrying solutions freedom and company proudly present Kattee concealed carry handbags. They are made of a genuine leather. Easily they can carry numerous sizes of their guns in a safe manner. These bags can be purchased online by clicking on The theme of our products evolves around 2nd Amendment. Kattee Women Hobo Tote Shoulder Bag: Importance of Purchasing Gun Right Doormats. The day 2nd Amendment exists, people of the USA have started feeling safer than ever.

Importance of Purchasing Gun Right Doormats

It allows them to keep and carry a licensed gun, wherever they go. And due to 2nd Amendment, many other relevant things started selling in the market, such as Gun Right Doormats. They are not any ordinary door mats, in fact, what makes them special are the impressive warning words written on them, like never mind the dog beware of the owner, this home is protected by the 2nd Amendment with a gun sign or the door is locked to protect you not me. If we analyze the purpose of these mats, then following are some conclusions we reach at: Lower burglary: As per the figures, those houses who have set the 2nd Amendment doormats on the front of their main door are 80% more successful to stop the burglars from entering their homes.

Benefits of Surveillance Camera For Commercial Offices. Commercial office is the place where a mixture of people can be seen.

Benefits of Surveillance Camera For Commercial Offices

This includes staff who works there and visitors who get their official work done. It is very hard to read everyone’s mind, but there moment’s can be watched. Some commercial offices prefer surveillance camera warning signs and others believe in the original one. Not long ago people were not tending to install these cameras in or out their premises. But since the growth in population, the workload has also been lifted. Secure your premises: As we mentioned earlier, various numbers of people mark their presence in your building. Record Video: The brighter side is if you have missed any live recording and want to get the conclusion ASAP. Access from Mobile: If you are going to miss your office due to any reason and still worrying about managing the things. On body vs Off body carry – Which is Right For You?

Concealed handguns are your true companion, in terms of self-protection.

On body vs Off body carry – Which is Right For You?

By accepting yourself as a citizen of the 2nd amendment and with the permission of local authority you are allowed to carry a licensed gun along. There are only two ways which you can use in carrying. As an example on a body or off a body. Both ways have their own significants and allow their users to pick the option as per their flexibility. But you need to ask a question to yourself? “Training” is one of the factors which you should never ignore. Now, Check Some Essential Points For Carrying a Handgun on Body:

Carrying a Handgun in CCW Purses and Handbags Provides You a Better Safety Option. Carrying a licensed handgun gives you self-confidence, motivates you and boost your strength.

Carrying a Handgun in CCW Purses and Handbags Provides You a Better Safety Option

Because you know that you have the upper hand while carrying it along. Ways to Carry a Concealed Gun. Carrying a licensed gun gives you a protection and keep your confidence level up.

Ways to Carry a Concealed Gun

Numerous tools and concealed carry handbags options are available to select from. But the need is to analyze and understand the suitable method for carrying a gun along. Find out which method suits your personality: Outside the Waistband: Ways to Choose the Right Holster for Your Gun. To conceal a licensed gun, carrying a right holster or CCW handbags makes the thing easier.

Ways to Choose the Right Holster for Your Gun

Many companies are offering their product to gather the attention of their potential customers. But, it is highly recommended that you give enough time to your selection process. Because a single inappropriate selection can demolish the game. How far can you think of a selecting the right holster for your gun? Probably, it has been found that people most of the time remains concerned regards to the price only. Choose the Right Material: 5 Reasons You Should Never Carry the Handgun Openly. Have you heard about the 2nd Amendment?

5 Reasons You Should Never Carry the Handgun Openly

If you have then you would be aware that carrying a gun openly legitimately is not the right choice to make. It's better to keep it in a concealed carry handbag or purse. This will provide the safety to you and the one around you. There are numerous people who are not in a favor of carrying the gun openly but a minority speaks in the favor. Well, this can be the matter of discussion but today we have some valid reason that will spotlight why it is not safe to carry a handgun openly: Intimidating: The desire of living in a peaceful society can only be assumed when each and every citizen of it feels no fear.

Self Defense Tips: Types of Gun Case You Can Have to Carry Your Gun. The right way to carry a concealed gun is either in a concealed carry handbag or in a gun case.

Self Defense Tips: Types of Gun Case You Can Have to Carry Your Gun

As per the 2nd Amendment law, every citizen has the legal right to carry a handgun for self-protection and to protect their family. We should never leave the gun openly because two things can happen easily. First at home, its is hard to control the kids moving around and they get really excited upon seeing anything anonymous. Chances are on a higher side, they might press the trigger and harm themselves or someone else. Second, If the handgun leaves openly then chances are greater that some defect can occur on its surface which may lead to hurdle to utilize it. Aluminum Metal Gun case: Lisa Megan — Warning Signs: Are They Really Helpful to Prevent... Which Way Can Save Your Money While Buying Concealed Bags: Online v/s In-Store. Since the trend of E-commerce websites has been introduced, from that very point people have changed their habit of shopping.

Which Way Can Save Your Money While Buying Concealed Bags: Online v/s In-Store

A mix reaction can be seen, but the majority is bending towards online shopping. Because it is more convenient and seems to be a hassle free job to do. Many things can be procured through online as an example: Concealed carry handbags, Gadgets, Electronic devices, household accessories and so on. Before moving on let’s see some important factors of online v/s In Store IN Store: Top 5 Best Concealed Carry Handbags Available at We are The Freedom & Company ( Self Defense Store) inspired by 2nd Amendment and deals in all relevant products which have a concerned with a self-defense.

We deal in concealed carry handbags and purses, Holsters, Hats, Security Cameras, warning signs, doormats and Gun vault. Our quality products are the backbone of our business which provides the faith to our valuable consumers. Montana west bling: Top Concealed Carry Handbags, You Should Own – Freedom & Company. The beauty about having concealed purse is that they can serve the purpose of fashion and comfort at the same end. Carrying a licensed arm without bothering about the quality concealed carry handbag can lead you towards an awkward situation.

As per the law, we are allowed to carry the gun with careful precaution. But most of the time people ignore some essential elements which can be helpful to stop them committing mistakes. All they need to do is gather the information as much as they can and preserve them in their mind to utilize them for the future. Ammunition Age: Most of you might not be aware of the fact that the licensed pistol you carry needs to have good, superior quality and reliable ammunition.

Air Traveling: 5 Important Things Every Concealed Carrier should know. By Lisa Megan Otaining a Concealed carry bag is not a big challenge as compared to the information which is required to carry it in a safe manner. Tha 2Nd Amendment has given us the liberty to carry a licensed pistol but this doesn’t mean that we should ignore the fundamental rules of firearm safety.

5 Initial Benefits of Implementing Warning Signs at Your Premises. Unpredictable and unwanted consequences can occur at any time without any warning. But we have the potential to divert them with simply implementing some security and warning signs at our premises. They are our true friend indeed and get us to stay protected into our homes. A vast range of warning signs option is available to obtain as per the need. The only thing which we need to retain is how appropriately to procure it according to our requirements to serve the purpose. These signs are capable of delivering the message to the strangers accurately and letting you have carefree living experience. Some Meaningful Purpose of Obtaining Them Are As Under: Provide Protection:Usually, the trespassers or strangers try to pop in those properties where they find it is safe to do so. So, isn't it is better we have something better and secured arranged on prior.

Spread Awareness:You love your family and friends and do all the possibility to protect them from any weird situations. 4 Exclusive Warning Signs to Protect Your Home From Bulgars. We put utmost efforts to provide protection to our home and utterly try our best to keep it safe from trespassers. As security reasons, we install these items: Window grills, computerized door lock, high fences and double lock security doors. But after putting these vast efforts it seems that something is still missing and we are not able to protect accurately.

Is a Concealed Carry Handbag a Good Option For Me? Freedom & Company — 4 Reasons to Buy Concealed Carry Handbags. Every proud citizen of the United States of America, who have a faith in 2nd Amendment, would love to carry their licensed pistol also. This doesn’t mean at any cost that the purpose of carrying is to threat others. In fact, the purpose is self-protection with understanding the responsibility of carrying a pistol. How Safe is to Carry a Concealed Carry Handbag? - Home Defense Gun. This is a guest post by Lisa Megan Women love their handbags more than anything else exists in this world. It’s just not an customary bag for them in fact, they consider it as the essential part of their body. Best Locations to Install Security Cameras in Home – Site Title. Everyone wants their family to be secure and that is why ensures the best safety measures for it. Tips to Consider When Opting for Concealed Carry Bags.

Keeping yourself protected is most important. Nowadays most of the women are self-independent and know how to cope with the critical situations. A Complete Self Defense Store: Doormats Are the Essential Part of Our House: For Various Purposes, It Can Be Utilized. When the word doormat strike in your mind, what first thought you can think of. Well, obviously a suitable mode which helps to keep the shoe dirt out of the house.