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AynRand. Create. Wanna be wanna see. Bild. Brainiac. Unique Travel Destinations. 5 Routines To Clear Mental Clutter. That smartphone in your pocket? It’s nearly doubling the amount of time you spend working. A 2013 survey by the Center for Creative Leadership found that the typical smartphone-carrying professional interacts with work an average of 72 hours a week. No wonder we’re all so stressed out. "Year after year, people complain of being more overwhelmed than they were the year before," says Scott Eblin, author of Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative "It’s an epidemic that needs to be addressed.

" It started during the financial crisis of 2008, says Eblin. For Eblin, an executive coach and president of the Eblin Group, the impact of stress hit home in 2009 when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. "Managing MS is about managing stress," he says. The entry point to mindfulness is awareness, but Eblin says the endless amount of distractions in today’s world makes it difficult. The opposite of fight or flight is "rest and digest. " 1. 2. What was supposed to happen? 3. 4. 5. My Big TOE. WAKE UP!

Synchronicity. Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not causally related. Synchronicity holds that such events are "meaningful coincidences". The concept of synchronicity was first defined by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, in the 1920s.[1] During his career, Jung furnished several slightly different definitions of it.[2] Jung variously defined synchronicity as an "acausal connecting (togetherness) principle," "meaningful coincidence," and "acausal parallelism.

" He introduced the concept as early as the 1920s but gave a full statement of it only in 1951 in an Eranos lecture.[3] In 1952, he published a paper "Synchronizität als ein Prinzip akausaler Zusammenhänge" (Synchronicity – An Acausal Connecting Principle)[4] in a volume which also contained a related study by the physicist and Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli.[5] In his book Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, Jung wrote:[6] Description[edit] Examples[edit] Criticisms[edit] Unique Travel Destinations. Health-love. Turning the Wheel. Be Happier. ?!. Saudade.

Saudade (European Portuguese: [sɐwˈðaðɨ], Brazilian Portuguese: [sawˈdadi] or [sawˈdadʒi], Galician: [sawˈðaðe]; plural saudades)[1] is a Portuguese and Galician word that has no direct translation in English. It describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves.

Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing may never return.[2] A stronger form of saudade may be felt towards people and things whose whereabouts are unknown, such as a lost lover, or a family member who has gone missing. Saudade was once described as "the love that remains" after someone is gone. Saudade is the recollection of feelings, experiences, places or events that once brought excitement, pleasure, well-being, which now triggers the senses and makes one live again. In Brazil, the day of Saudade is officially celebrated on 30 January.[3][4] History[edit] Origins[edit] Definition[edit] Elements[edit] Music[edit]

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Cannabis Review. MUST SEE - Documentaries and free share sites. Matryomin ensemble set the world record for the "Largest theremin ensemble". Coincidence is an Illusion - What is Synchronicity? All Coincidences Have Meaning Nothing Happens by Chance Have you ever experienced a coincidence so incredible that it left you stunned? If so, then you have just taken a step into the amazing world of Synchronicity. What happens in most people’s lives is beyond their control. Think about it, no matter how carefully you design your life, you cannot know how that design will be affected by a single random event. One small detail can and will change everything. Your most carefully planned project can be ruined by a single chance event, but a seemingly ridiculous idea could be a huge success due to chance!

Your decisions are based on logic. Cause and Effect are an Illusion How much has chance played a role in your life? It isn’t enough to just plan your future. Chance Will be the Defining Factor in Your Life Don’t believe it? Johnny Depp the American actor went to an audition with a friend. Why don’t people believe in chance? Control is not the answer. Chaos Theory Your thoughts are immortal.

Synchronicity Synchronicity : A look into some synch stories from around the world | BEN ROBINSON'S ILLUSIONGENIUS.COM. Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence – An Interview with Dr. Kirby Surprise. The experience of meaningful coincidences is universal. They are reported by people of every culture, every belief system, and time period. Traditionally these synchronistic events are made acceptable by ascribing them to outside supernatural forces such as divinities, or in modern times, impersonal archetypal influences.

Dr. Kirby Surprise demonstrates that synchronistic events, based on the activity of the mind, are actually caused by the person who perceives them, and reflect many levels of their consciousness. His research reveals that what we believe and the way we look for patterns in the world generates synchronistic events that mirror our own assumptions. A licensed psychologist who makes his living assessing, diagnosing and treating delusions and thought disorders, Dr. His groundbreaking new book is titled Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence, Change, and Unlocking Your Mind (New Page Books, 2012). New Dawn recently spoke to Dr. NEW DAWN (ND): Dr. DR. “OK,” I said to myself. COINCIDENCES, CONNECTIONS, AND SYNCHRONICITIES.

Children of Hags: photographer captures heterochromians with different-coloured eyes – Llamas' Valley. By Llamas' Valley | “Heterochromia – Children of Hags” is a conceptual photography project by Amsterdam based Lithuanian photographer and Llamas’ Valley contributor Maria Cavali. The photographer keeps looking for people who have differently coloured eyes and photographs them. The project started as a conceptual idea of an identity project. It continued as mythological research and now it has developed into something extremely adventurous. Maria says she feels absolutely in love with all the people she photographs and the amazing stories she’s been able to hear and share. For her it’s an absolute blessing to meet so many beautiful and unique personalities from different parts of the world. The website of “Heterochromia – Children of Hags” is coming soon. 7 Beautiful Mutations: Which Ones Do You Have? If I wasn’t a writer, I think I’d like to be a genetic researcher.

I know, they seem like totally unrelated fields, but hear me out. The thing that interests me most in the entire world is why people (or characters) are who they are, and what makes them tick. And one of the things at the very bottom of what makes people tick is in their genes, and I think that’s why I find genetics so interesting. I love picking out the features that I inherited from my parents (my dad’s eyes, my mum’s cheekbones) as well as those that haven’t appeared for several generations (my hair texture). Since humans are around 99.9% genetically identical, it’s amazing to think that such a tiny percentage difference can result in such incredible variation in our species. And one of the vehicles for that variation is genetic mutation. Unfortunately, we’re not yet mutating the power of flight or telepathy--sorry, Doctor X. Because this is a beauty site, I’ve picked seven physical mutations to write about. No. Yep. Pagan/Wiccan Religion: Eyes, different colored eyes, coloured eyes.

Expert: Labyrinth - 8/26/2009 QuestionI had read a question you had answered about different coloured eyes. I have been experiencing some odd things and I was trying to figure out if my eye colour might have some kind of predisposition towards whats happening. My right eye is deep brown while my left is a green/hazel (it was born blue and has hanged around since birth) I had heard that in some old legends from wiccan culture there are references to this and was wondering if maybe you could elaborate?

(if you know of any...) Sorry to ask so many questions but i've always been interested in paganism but have been unsure about what is truly is, and after hearing that eyes an have meaning, I was very intrigued. My grandmother says that two colored eyes means the person has enhanced spiritual sight...meaning that they are 1) more likely to see a variety of points of view 2) that they will be able to see between the lines and 3) that they will be better able to interpret visions.

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Writing. Misc. Delicately Cut Handwritten Letters. California-based artist Annie Vought is passionate about the written word and the impact that handwriting has within a historical context. Vought says, “A letter is physical confirmation of who we were at the moment it was written, or all we have left of a person or a time.” As we shift into modern day communication styles like emails, text messages, instant messages, and Twitter, the intimacy, personality, and visual beauty of penmanship slowly withers away.

As an artist, Vought works to preserve the tangible, handwritten letter. This collection of sculptures includes recreations of notes and letters that Vought has found, written, or received. The final results are these fragile, yet somehow strong, flowing lines of letters and words, sentences formed together by others and kept intact by Vought. Annie Vought’s website via [Wicked Game] 10 Questions: On Finding Your ‘Soul-Life’ in a 130-Year-Old Book. Brooke Williams and Terry Tempest Williams are two of our generation’s greatest gifts. Brooke is the author of four books, and he offers deep meditations on wilderness and wild lands, as well as working actively in defense of the pristine, most recently with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.

Terry is legendary for her intensely personal explorations of nature and life and the human resonance between the two, and she’s the author of the critically acclaimed Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place and numerous other books. The couple, who divide their time between Castle Valley, Utah, and Jackson, Wyoming, were in a book shop in Maine when Terry stumbled across a volume called The Story of My Heart.

Recently, I caught up with the two to learn more about how and why The Story of My Heart got under their skin, and what lessons it has for us today. 1. Brooke Williams: The Story of My Heart, I believe, comes from the collective unconscious, into which Jefferies was able to tap. The Ego and the Universe: Alan Watts on Becoming Who You Really Are. By Maria Popova The cause of and cure for the illusion of separateness that keeps us from embracing the richness of life. During the 1950s and 1960s, British philosopher and writer Alan Watts began popularizing Eastern philosophy in the West, offering a wholly different perspective on inner wholeness in the age of anxiety and what it really means to live a life of purpose.

We owe much of today’s mainstream adoption of practices like yoga and meditation to Watts’s influence. Alan Watts, early 1970s (Image courtesy of Everett Collection) Though strictly nonreligious, the book explores many of the core inquiries which religions have historically tried to address — the problems of life and love, death and sorrow, the universe and our place in it, what it means to have an “I” at the center of our experience, and what the meaning of existence might be.

In fact, Watts begins by pulling into question how well-equipped traditional religions might be to answer those questions: Echoing C.S. Ted Hughes on the Universal Inner Child, in a Moving Letter to His Son. Colour my world. Colour does not exist. Not out in the world at any rate. All that exists in the world is a smooth continuum of light of different wavelengths. Colour is a construction of our brains.

A lot is known about how the brain does this, beginning with complicated circuits in the retina itself. Thanks to a new paper from Greg Field and colleagues we now have an even more detailed picture of how retinal circuits are wired to enable light to be categorized into different colours. This study illustrates a dramatic and fundamental principle of brain wiring – namely that cells that fire together, wire together. Colour discrimination begins with the absorption of light of different wavelengths. Colour information only arises by comparing the responses of multiple cone cells.

The L/M system evolved much more recently, due to a gene duplication that occurred in the lineage of Old World primates, probably around 40 million years ago. This has been known for quite a long time now. Foreign Places We want to Go. Culture Blogs and Websites II. And MORE #7. To sort. Esoteric Endeavors. Pineal Gland. Food For Thought. The Walk.

Coincidences. Psychonautica. 10 Book Series So Addictive, You Never Want Them to End. Need a smile? 7 Ways To Discover Your Life Purpose. Written by my friend Amateo Ra| Living a life of purpose is a key essential ingredient for happiness. So many people all over the World are realizing they can’t just work some dead end, unfulfilling job that doesn’t nourish the soul. We are also realizing we perform our best when we are doing something we like and are naturally good at. That’s where your life-purpose begins! It feels good to make a contribution and to feel as though you are doing your small personal part to make the World a better place.

Imagine a World where everyone is living their life-purpose – doing what they love. So here’s a start, 7-Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose: 1) Consider Your Highest-Excitement So often we can get stuck in the motions of life without stopping to consider what truly fulfills us, makes us happy and excites us to our very core. Once you have done that, take a look at your list. I often say, if I’m living my life-purpose I feel like I’m thriving, and if I’m not, I feel like I’m dying.

6 Mind Expanding Movies That Will Make You Question Reality And Life. Some movies are made to touch our heart and soul with an overabundance of sentiment. They make us come in touch with our humanity and empathy. And some films are made to touch our mind, to get our mental cogs working, to awaken and expand our consciousness. They are films that deal with questions that we are all too eager and too afraid to ponder.

It is those films that signal our awakening, and that push us into seeing life and our existence differently. 1. Waking Life, by Rickard Linklater What is a dream, and what is reality? 2. “Samsara” is a little documentary film made in 2011, by the same people who had collaborated on two similar in terms of style and theme films in the last decades, “Baraka” and “Chronos”. 3. “Uncle Boonmee” came out in 2010 and was the first Thai film to win the Palme d’Or. The film was actually the last part of a loosely linked film trilogy, titled “Primitive”, and was mostly focused on a particular area of Thailand. 4. 5. Otherwise known as “acid on film“. 7 cultural concepts we don't have in the U.S. From the end of October through the New Year and onto Valentine's Day, it's easy to forget that the holidays we celebrate are simply cultural constructs that we can choose to engage in — or not.

The concepts and ideas we celebrate — like our spiritual beliefs and daily habits — are a choice, though sometimes it feels like we "have" to celebrate them, even if we don't feel like it. Culture is ours to do with as we choose, and that means that we can add, subtract, or edit celebrations or holidays as we see fit — because you and me and everyone reading this makes up our culture, and it is defined by us, for us, after all. If you want to add a new and different perspective to your life, there are plenty of other ways to recognize joy and beauty outside American traditions. Friluftsliv A hiker sits atop Trolltunga, or 'troll's tongue,' a famous rock formation in southwestern Norway. Friluftsliv translates directly from Norwegian as "free air life," which doesn't quite do it justice.

Hygge. Friends Resemble Each Other Genetically. Quantum Physics Tells Us Separation Is Only An Illusion. Quotes & Poems. So how fucked are we. One Path, Many Mountains - Many Paths, One Mountain. Why We're More Creative When We're Tired and 9 Other Surprising Facts About How Our Brains Work.

Lucid dream. Thought provoking. Contemporary aliens. Alien Structures. Wait but why. Introversion. Stories. Makes Me Think - MMT - Today's Thought-Provoking Life Stories.

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